Sunday, February 01, 2015

UVA and Dartmouth have gone from in loco parentis to just plain loco

Insanity thy name is the American college. There has got to be a better way to spend 4 years and 200,000 dollars.

First, sorority women at the University of Virginia were banned from attending parties with boys this weekend by their own National Panhellenic Conference. The reason for the ban, which carries undisclosed sanctions if broken, was “safety concerns,” due to sexual assault allegations in the past. . . .

As if the U.Va. ban wasn’t bad enough (it was based off of a discredited rape allegation in Rolling Stone, after all), Dartmouth has decided to ban hard liquor on campus — in part to cut down on sexual assaults.

It was just last year that telling women not to drink so much was considered victim blaming, but now it’s okay?

So the Poindexters have responded to fake rape statistics and a totally fraudulent story by banning boys and booze. Are these education "leaders" on the same planet? Do they have any grasp of young adult behavior at all?

I used to say that being left wing meant never having to say you're sorry for all the carnage from the policies you advocate. Now I think I would say being left wing means never thinking. These loons are leading the charge of liberalising Marijuana laws (quite right imho but a drug that goes very well with sex) while banning booze and boys.

Amazing. Nothing could better illustrate the death of the left liberal mind: libertinism tied to authoritarian thuggery.

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