Thursday, February 05, 2015

There is ignorance and then there is wilful ignorance

Neville Chamberlain could have plausibly claimed he didn't know Herr Hitler would go so far - he should have known but his naiveté is conceivable.

And George III could have plausibly argued that he could not have anticipated that a  few niggling taxes and tariffs would lead to the loss of the greatest empire in world history.

Nor could Abraham Lincoln have forseen that his election would set in train a series of events resulting in 600,000 dead and half his country in ruins.

But Barack Obama will have no such excuse when (and it us only a matter of time) the Mad Mullahs of Iran get nukes. And when the equally eschatalogical Saudis and rapidly Islamifying Turks respond in kind it is only a matter of time before one of the constantly metastatizing millenerian mullah  movements gets a hold of these new apocalyptic bombs. And then our open, free, "progressive"  civilization will be replaced by naked authoritarians  who promise to save us from terror incineration.

And tragically, the latest "compromise" informally mooted by the Obami can only  hasten that outcome. The deal in the middle east has long been that so long as the United States was a credible protector against existential threats none of our regional (exceot Israel but even the Saudis know and expect that the Jews will behave responsibly) allies would get nukes. This was partially undermined by Pakistan's acquisition of the bomb in response to India but aside from Afghanistan the Pakistanis are (thankfully) innocent bystanders in the Islamo-Arab wars of reformation.

Imagine if ISIS had a clutch of tiny 100 kilotonners.....say a nice round million tons of TNT equivalent. Of course looking on the bright side, Barack Obama's place in history is all but assured.

My God, my God why have you forsaken us?

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