Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Our drug laws have turned the police from our best friend into our worst enemies

I could post one of these every day and still miss most of them. When did we vote to allow police to become home invading thieves? Evil creeps like Bill Bennett defend this official government behavior. And people wonder why more and more conservatives just hate the government full stop.

Thomas Williams, a 72-year-old, retired carpenter and cancer patient who is disabled and carries a medical marijuana card, was alone that November morning in 2013 when police raided his rural Michigan home, wearing black masks, camouflage and holding guns at their sides. They broke down his front door with a battering ram, handcuffed him and left him on the living room floor as they ransacked his home, emptying drawers, rummaging through closets and surveying his grow room, where he was nourishing his 12 personal marijuana plants as allowed by law.

They did not charge Williams with a crime, though. Instead, they took his Dodge Journey, $11,000 in cash from his home, his television, his cell phone, his shotgun and are attempting to take his home. And they plan to keep the proceeds, auctioning off the property and putting the cash in police coffers.
According to his lawyer: “Mr. Williams is disabled and lives alone. They took the man’s cell phone and his car, and left him out there alone. He doesn’t have a landline. He was stranded out there for three days until somebody stopped by."

I would be embarrassed to wear a badge. That most police aren't is frightening.

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