Tuesday, February 24, 2015

If you strike me down I shall return stronger

The sheer hysteria of entitled government apparatchiks and favored racial groupings towards measures that most people consider common sense drives middle America rightward. Which is Scott Walker's genius.  I think it's a great strategy for a right populist: instead of giving stuff to middle America, take away entitlements and privileges given to state favored groips. Watch as they go hysterical and drive normal, reasonable America deeper into your corner. The left, government employees and minorities have become so self righteous about their ridiculous privileges they would almost be guaranteed to overreact.

I'd like to see him go after Amnesty and open immigration. If he did, the left and immigrant groups would respond with rioting and violence and middle America (including the kids and grand kids of immigrants) would respond by closing ranks and immigration would be restricted for a generation. Which ironically would go a long way towards achieving left wing goals. The 1960s - the great period of  income equality and expansion of minority rights came after a generation of very limited  immigration - people at the bottom faced far less wage competition and felt less threatened so the minority poor could agitate with less blowback from an unthreatened working majority.

But of course we all know that the the left isn't interested in the "little brown babies" - if it did it would oppose the clearly genocidal abortion regime. It simply wants as many automatic victims as possible. And for that any poor minority immigrant will do.

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