Tuesday, February 24, 2015

"A sad example of unreasoned decision making"

There was a time when Democrats freed markets from crony rigging leading to rapidly falling prices and improved service. But Barack Obama is no Jimmy Carter.

No, Barack Obama in his reregulation of telecom (for all telecoms are the internet) is imitating his "hero" FDR. An imitation that in its massive and inept manipulations of the finance, healthcare, education and now telecom sectors has stunted economic growth and crushed innovation almost as much as the "Great Depressionater" did.

But happy days are certainly here again. If you're a member of the DC Bar, that is. But as Tallyrand might have said had he watched such thimblerigging: "it's not just a crime, it's a blunder".

America's parasite class has apparently forgotten the first rule of good ticking: never suck so much blood that you weaken the host. Of course it's the rest of us who will pay. Obama, our new Jesus, is on his way to at least a $200 million fortune if the Clintons' grasping greed is any indication. But Democrats with lots of political power almost always end up plutocrats. After all, they have no moral objection to using government to better people's lives. And they're people aren't they? Well? Aren't they?

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