Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Chris Matthews is channeling Jesus

"The poor will always be with us." was Jesus' response to Judas' cynical proposal to "help" the poor. The modern equivalent is made to avoid dealing with existential evil by focusing on their "poverty". Even Chris Matthews sees through that (at least when there's a liberal Community Coordinator.... I mean Commander in Chief).

The truth is ISIS and AL Qaeda have arisen because the average Muslim has never been better off. These are ideological revolts fueled by people who are flying into the fight from other countries using their Visa (née Bank Americard). They aren't bread riots.

And that's the reason we should avoid getting too deeply involved: this is a war for the hearts and minds of Islam-dom. We can never kill all the radicals so long as the West is perceived to be orchestrating  the "persecution" of the umma. The West spent the 90s "saving" Muslims from Serbs, Croats, Saddamites you name it and the result was 9/11.

We need to quarantine the middle east and let them duke it out. By all means arm and train our friends but don't do their fighting for them. Make sure no nukes get into the fray but otherwise only intervene directly if the world's oil supply is directly threatened.  Then exterminate every roach within 200km and go back to quarantine patrol.  Nobody respects a boy whose momma does his fighting for him. We're momma and we need to stay in the kitchen no matter how painful it looks.

As an aside one could argue that this is what Obama is (ever so ineptly) doing but that misses one key point: you can only practice a Fabian strategy from a resolutely pro American position. Romans did not doubt Fabius' patriotism so he could ignore the cries of cowardice and appeasement cascading down on him. But Barack Obama's courage and loyslties are suspected by most Americans and our allies who rightly question his commitment to any even vaguely pro American or pro ally strategy. And his shallow and vaccilating speechifying has just magnified the mistrust we feel towards him.

Incompetent and anti American is no way to go through life, Mr. President.

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