Saturday, February 28, 2015

If a clearly non English speaking unarmed man walks towards you and several other armed policeman and fails to stop, what do you do?

If you're a brave Grapevine, TX policeman you shoot him down in cold blood.  There was no scenario where the policemen were in any danger from this otherwise law abiding illegal immigrant.  It was simply an act of cowardice and cold blooded murder.  Police do this too oftenin this country and then try to tell us how hard and dangerous their jobs are.  Not nearly as hard as being a hard working man with no record who is scared of the cops and did not understand your command to stop.....why wouldn't he be scared of the cops.  I'm scared of them.  They can kill anyone and get away with it by calling it 'self defense'.  They can steal your car and all the valuables on you and call it "asset forfeiture".  They can charge you with any one of hundreds of crimes, some you may not realize existed. We have stacked the deck in law enforcement's favor way too much and it's leading them to get lazy and arrogant. 60 million Americans have been felonized and these people are out of control.

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