Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Perhaps the best statement of ISIS' confidence ever enunciated

The ISIS chaps know that they could never beat Texas in a war to the death much less a united West. They are counting on our leaders' sustained self delusion to carry them to victory. In that they assume that the United States will always be led by a Barack Obama or at worst a George W Bush who always, always shrink from the hard blows. But they should peruse photographs of  Germany or Japan circa 1945 before they go much farther. The Islamic state does not pose an existential threat to the Anglosphere. Should it at some point do so by say getting a few nukes and setting one off somewhere then I think the panoramic view of Hiroshima ca October 1945 would be an accurate rendering of any town harboring ISIS gunmen. Here's a quote from the Atlantic article: What ISIS really wants.

But the most interesting comments concerned my story’s popularity among ISIS supporters (referred to below with the shorthand "Muslims"). I was unsurprised to see it shared online by Islamic State fans, at least somewhat positively, but of course I was still uncomfortable about being praised by avowed génocidaires. One ISIS supporter wrote to me to note the peculiarity in all this. The piece, he said,

is grounded in realism, and argues that not understanding what is happening is very dangerous, especially if fighting a war, one must fight the war that is real, not the invented one that one wishes to fight. Perhaps ironically, your [writings] ... are most dangerous to the Muslims (not that it is necessarily meant to be so on your behalf), yet they are celebrated by Muslims who see them as pieces that speak the truth that so many try to deny, but also because [Muslims] know that deep down the idealists of the world will still ignore them.

What stands out to me that others don't seem to discuss much, is how the Islamic State, Osama [bin Laden] and others are operating as if they are reading from a script that was written 1,400 years ago. They not only follow these prophecies, but plan ahead based upon them. One would therefore assume that the enemies of Islam would note this and prepare adequately, but [it’s] almost as if they feel that playing along would mean that they believe in the prophecies too, and so they ignore them and go about things their own way. ... [The] enemies of the Muslims may be aware of what the Muslims are planning, but it won't benefit them at all as they prefer to either keep their heads in the sand, or to fight their imaginary war based upon rational freedom-loving democrats vs. irrational evil terrorist madmen. With this in mind, maybe you can understand to some degree one of the reasons why many Muslims will share your piece. It’s not because we don't understand what it is saying in terms of how to defeat the Muslims, rather it’s because we know that those in charge will ignore it and screw things up anyway.

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