Thursday, February 05, 2015

All cronies are equal but some cronies are more equal than others

Imagine a President - say someone like Dick Cheney - comes  from the oil and gas industry. And imagine that the oil and gas industry had spent the last 3 decades quadrupling it's cost to serve (what it costs them to find, acquire, refine and distribute oil and gas added on top of the price of the commodity) rather than falling as it has. Pretend that rather than paying income, severance, gasoline and utility taxes the industry was tax free and almost all companies not for profits. And further pretend that the 1000 largest companies had almost all recently built gleaming new headquarters with coffee shops and award winning health clubs and landscaping. And finally imagine that an analysis of oil and gas employment showed that virtually all the increase in cost to serve had gone to a ten fold increase in administration while the number of full time front line oil producers remained constant. The analysis further determined that each full time producer was working fewer hours and that this work deficit was made up by badly paid contract workers with no health insurance  or other benefits.

Oh and I almost forgot: pretend that this industry was also the center of a huge anti American movement in which its employees were prominent leaders. Anf finally imagine that this industry practiced  active and detailed racism including strict administrative segregation and differential treatment of customers and emoloyees by race and gender.

Now imagine that upon inauguration this President nationalized all of the credit card programs of the oil companies and the parts of Visa, Mastercard and Amex that related to oil and gas purchases and then proceeded to loosen credit requirements and lending limits leading to a further surge in consumer prices that only fattened oil company profits. And then imagine that these soaring  prices, total lack of credit management and professional collection efforts resulted in the default rate in the new "Federal Gas Card" to explode adding over 20 billion to the deficit in one year.

Is there any doubt that this "Dick Cheney" and the Oil and Gas industry would be denounced far and wide as corrupt cronies looting the nation and that massive reforms (and probably impeachment of Big Dick) would follow?

And if that would be case for oil and gas then how does Barack Obama and his old cronies in higher education get away with it? No. I really want an answer from my left handed friends.

Being "government" or "not for profit" means being held to far lower performance and ethical standards than private industry. And it shows.

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