Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Schaumburg is in Cook county. The voting machine was rigged to vote for only Dems. Situation normal.

But we keep hearing that there's no voter fraud from the press lapdogs. Yip yip yip they yelp to the Dem  tune. Travesty at the link.


The new clerisy and why we can't escape it

Probably the most important book on the right since Goldberg Liberal Fascism. And Kotkin isn't even a conservative.  This is an article that summarizes his thesis.  The Cliff  notes version if you will. Makes for depressing reading I'm afraid.


Monday, October 20, 2014

#gamergate is democracy in action which is why the left hates it so much

Any time an identifiably non-leftist group gets together to protest state or establishment abuses it's immediately deemed 'racist' by the bien pensants that lord over such things.  If there are too many 'people of color' in the movement then it's deemed 'sexist'.  If too many women, then it's deemed 'homophobic'.  If too many gays:  it's deemed anti-trans.  To many trans, it's deemed anti-alien.  Anything that upsets the left establishment in this country must be dismissed.  It can't be addressed or even thought about.  Because to think would undermine the very foundations of left ascendance in this country:  empty minds.  Can't have that, not practical, won't work, because they would have to make arguments and that would require thinking.

More mocking Ezra Klein and the rest of the 'explanatory fraud' set here. They really are the kings of bullshit, gang.

If they pull this off the world changes. Completely.

Golf and other outdoor leisure activities become doubly huge and indoor malls die.  Hot weather ceases to be a distraction and snowy, icy places without hills decline.  Fascinating imagining the butterfly effect on this one:

HMM: MIT Wristband Could Make AC Obsolete. “Why heat or cool a building when you could heat or cool a person?”

It turns out that Math is Hard for Harvard lawyers

We have a massive 'sex assault' witch hunt going on on our college campuses that has been driven by the Obama administration and a 'game changing' report published on Campus Sexual Assault last January.  In it the Ivy League Geniuses make two fundamental statements.  First that one in five women are sexually assaulted on a college campus.  The second is that only twelve percent of all sexual assaults on college campuses are reported.  The problem is that both of these numbers can't be true.  Math is HARD.  Particularly for Ivy League lawyers.  Particularly for the one of the "smartest lawyers at Harvard ever" because Our President has been repeating this obviously statistically inept but electorally useful claim over and over. And our Ivy League press has been lapping it up.  Particularly Ezra "Vox me baby, Vox me baby all night long" Klein who runs Vox which is supposedly dedicated to 'explanatory' journalism:  explaining 'what it all means'.  But of course if you can't do arithmetic it's pretty freaking hard to explain anything. From Carpe Diem:

In a January 2014 report titled “Rape and Sexual Assault: A Renewed Call to Action” (which led to the creation of the “Task Force to Protect Students From Sexual Assault” headed by Biden), the White House made the following two statements:
White House Statement 1. Sexual assault is a particular problem on college campuses:1 in 5 women has been sexually assaulted while in college.
White House Statement 2. Reporting rates for campus sexual assault are also very low: on average only 12% of student victims report the assault to law enforcement.
There’s a huge, irreconcilable statistical problem here. Using actual reported crime statistics on sexual offenses at almost any US college and applying the White House claim that only 12% of campus sexual assaults actually get reported, we have to conclude that nowhere near 1 in 5 women are sexually assaulted while in college. Alternatively, if the “1 in 5 women” claim is true, the percentage of sexual assaults that don’t get reported to the campus police would have to be much lower than 12%. In other words, the claims that the White House uses don’t work together and they therefore both can’t be simultaneously correct.

Assuming that only 12% of campus sexual assaults at OSU are reported.
osuAssuming that 1 in 5 women at OSU are assaulted over 4 years.
Maroons, we are governed by Maroons.  Well actually they're Crimsons but I liked Bugs Bunny's formulation better. Go U of C!

Want to be a Cyborg?

Join the crowd.  Good summary of interesting developments including the first real breakthrough in enabling those paralyzed by spinal cord injuries to regain the use of their limbs.  Awesome stuff.  Includes the typical fol de rol about 'runaway cyborgs', 'grey goo' and even the pathetic mewling of nanny socialists about how we shouldn't do anything fun in technology because someone, somewhere hasn't eaten their peas.  Whiners.  Worth a gander.  Here.

Nigeria shows that you can beat Ebola

Of course Nigeria has competent leadership when compared to our great Federal Stupor State.  But if an impoverished third world kleptocracy can stop the disease in its tracks, there's hope that even a grossly obese, catastrophically led and totally politicized mob of stupor staters can blunder their way to safety.

We'll survive this but our government's reputation won't.

Oh how the mighty have fallen: Obama speaks at a campaign event and people leave

Another way to put it is:  "Oh how the shallow have dried up" - probably more accurate actually.

From hero to zero in six years.  But he's still got his golf game going for him.

In other news 64 percent of those polled said they considered the US to be "out of control"

What a drip.

Only one third of college students think it is safe to hold unpopular views on campus.

How did our colleges become the most intolerant left wing monoculture in our nation? The same way that German universities upon which our system was modeled on became a Nazi monoculture long before Hitler gained power.

University power relations are inherently  corporatist. This is how an entire category can be singled out for special punitive treatment and stripped of the rights that all others in the community have. In pre 1933 German universities they were called Jews. In Obama America they are called male students.

Saddest of all is the impact on students. Longtime civil libertarian Nat Hentoff notes a2010 survey of 24,000 college students, which found that barely a third thought it “safe to hold unpopular views on campus.” Recent years have seen the rise of such things as speech codes and the introduction of “trigger warnings” to alert students about what might be objectionable ideas or phrases, even in American classics.

Meritocratic  feudalism rules and you had better tug your forelock while aping the Tenured Lord who holds your fate in his clammy little hands.


Price transparency and ease of discovery is a good thing for consumers

Which is why our "caring", "charitable" sectors obfuscate so hard. Even persuading the Feds to ban price lists for Medicare providers. I'm starting to think that the more "greedy" an institution is characterized  the more honest it's likely to be simply because it likely faces lots of scrutiny whereas the "boni" get little because after all everyone "knows" that they're good. Like the 4X looters of higher education. Watch the boni try to put Keith Smith in jail. Hattip Carpe Diem.

Good things happen when healthcare buyers and sellers are in the same room? Dr. Keith Smith, founder of the Surgery Center of Oklahoma, says that it is the “ethical and moral obligation of the healthcare services seller to provide the prospective buyer a price in advance of the provision of the service.” By posting prices and increasing transparency, The Surgery Center of Oklahoma have decreased prices to such a level that care is now accessible to his community. Dr. Smith notes that “Price-revealing actions have allowed people to purchase care they previously assumed was otherwise unaffordable, people who had neglected their health entirely, based on a lack of visible pricing.”


From the all animals are equal but some are more equal than others department

Why do Socialists always look so silly?

Socialist hypocrisy? The Freedom Socialist Party (owner of the website domain name Socialism.com) routinely advocates that employers be forced to pay workers a minimum wage of either $15 an hour or $20 an hour. Yet when it comes to hiring a “graphic designer / web content manager” for its Seattle office, the organization is only willing to pay $13 an hour.


Ezra Klein's Vox is not so much a new breed of fact based journalism as an attempt by the left to corral the reality that all the new information represents in a Marxist analytical framework

How else to explain his willingness to accept persecution of young men as the necessary price for the enlightenment of the proletariat?

Either that or his fuck buddy is hard core feminist and she's cut him off until he toes the line.

I actually like the second explanation because in it at least Mr. Klein is human and not just a left wing ideological category.  More brutal Vox downs at the link.


The death of the liberal arts is not so much murder as a suicide

Who in their right minds would pay $250,000 to study the Founding Fathers or Plato or Shakespeare when they are dismissed as nothing but 'dead white males'?

Of course who in their right minds would pay that kind of money for left wing agitprop when you can get it free on the Internet 24x7?

I mean unless a lot if cute chick's are in the program...

Judging from all the ad hominems this piece is hitting it's target in academe. Check it out yourself at the link.


Sunday, October 19, 2014

Criminal prosecutors are endemic to our stupor state

The case of the Sierra Pacific shakedown.


Saturday, October 18, 2014

Why do we need an Ebola czar? We already have one.

If you're a liberal and you want to understand why your dream of benevolent, maternalistic government is doomed read this. Of course if you're conservative and you want to have every prejudice you have against the stupor state confirmed you too should read this.

It has everything: apparatchiks blaming their failures on lack of money despite lavish funding, politicized contracting, "Offices" of "this and that" totally unprepared when "this and that" comes along. Replacement of the incompetent bureaucrat with an incompetent ivy league lawyer with nothing in his resume but absolute loyalty to the administration unto perjury. Add some serious corruption and a looming pandemic and you've got the perfect stupor state storm. At the link.


Why our politics are so polarized #99: social media cocooning

Mickey Kaus presents the NYT's laughably cocooned Twitter feeds. Perhaps that New Yorker cartoon is right: there is nothing but jungle west of the Hudson.

Of course I know righties who are just as isolated but they're not reporters for a leading newspaper living in what bills itself as the most dynamic, diverse city in the world. Like Ghandi when asked about liberal "diversity" I say "it would be a good idea".


Cruel but true on so many levels

Mark Andreesen is a little more independent than your typical silicon valley drone. At the link.


The great unequalization: Seattle shows the way to the past.

Before WW2 when 75% of all Americans lived below the poverty line boarding houses and dorms for working adults were common. Today rich and oh so hip cities like Seattle are going back to poverty housing in a big way. Except the poverty housing in Seattle is seriously expensive.  And what's cool is that the real estate owners whose monopolistic, rent seeking "smart growth" practices have driven the cost of housing sky high have conned their children into thinking that depression Era  squalor at $822 a month represents a (as the benighted dear in this piece puts it) "sweet deal". And no Seattle is not the fastest growing city or metro area in America no matter what this credulous "journalist" says. And it will grow progressively slower as it continues down its "smart" growth (really no growth) path.

But mom 'n dad are getting rich off their real estate so it's all good. Right? I mean screw the kids - if they want to rip somebody off they should get their own kids. 

Of course I have no idea how they're going to fit them into their "sweet" dorm room.

More travesty at the link.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Last night I shocked my smart phone

Last night I was trying to write a blog post but my phone kept changing the word I typed into another word that meant something altogether different.  I think this is because the word that I wanted to use was naughty and the phone is programmed to censor such words and replace them with words that make no sense.  I've had this problem with my smart phone ever since I got it and last night I finally snapped. I threatened my phone with the most terrifying fate that can befall a silicon based life form and she (my phone's a girl) was so shocked that she immediately rebooted. But I'm serious: if she doesn't stop screwing with my cussing it's the cat video server farm for her.

But she deserved it.  I am sick to death of her censoring perfectly serviceable obscenities.  I think it must be Google's doing because my smart phone is an Android - the Rum Raisin release I think. And I have no difficulty believing that a selfish tycoon like Larry Page would configure his software to censor potty words.  After all he looks like a direct descendant of Cotton Mather. Prissy Larry "Prudence" Page is probably just implementing his Puritan ancestors Prime Directive:  take absolutely all of the fun out of everything everywhere all the time.  After all he lives in Northern California which is now the Plymouth Bay Colony of America, filled to the brim with new, oh so hip puritans.  In neo puritan California you can't even touch your date's boob without filling out forms in triplicate, getting them notarized and filed with the Ministry of Canoodling in Sacramento.  Which stinks because most of the excitement of dating centers on imagining how the party of the first part is going to counteract the party of the second part's 'forward' moves.

So if you're on a date in San Jose with some loser who's telling you that World of Warcraft is really just a metaphor for life what do you do?  I mean it's obvious that the guy's a flushee but if you haven't executed the right paperwork then what is going to occupy your mind until he picks up the check and you can leg it? Video games?  Now if you're sitting across from me in someplace that isn't California you'd better be focused on what countermeasures you're going to employ to neutralize my world class moves.  Because I guarantee you that while you're explaining why cat videos are an under-appreciated art form I'll be deep into battle planning.  As a matter of fact I always let my date do a lot of talking so that I have time to review my strategic options in relation to her body language.  Are her gestures tightly focused?  That could mean that she intends to defend her strategic center which I counter like Hannibal at Cannae with a double envelopment targeting her rear.  If she's wildly gesturing from side to side it indicates that she fears a flank attack which means a Guderian Blitzkrieg that directly punches  through her defenses is called for.  But you never want to Foch it up by launching a suicidal frontal attack against prepared positions because you'll get slaughtered after gaining a few measly yards of what by the time you get there will be No Man's Land.  But I digress.

Because I want to spend some serious time focusing on this Pagean Puritan Language Police Problem. Let me start by stipulating that I don't think it's Sergei Brin's fault because he's Russian and Russians say fuck all the time. No, this is an American problem and it's interfering with my God given right to express myself as crudely as I want.  I am a serious writer:  I struggle with phrasing and voice and all that other literary crap and it takes me literally seconds of word wrangling to come up with the 'most just'.........no, no, no, no! you idiot phone, I typed 'mot juste', not most just! Now this is another problem I have:  I try to be clever  and spice up my writing with Frenchified Anglo Norman bits and my phone screws with them too.  One would think that an immigrant such as Mr. Brin would take a strong stand against the ethnocentric excision of foreign words because Brin comes from Russia and everyone knows that Russians hate xenophobia almost as much as they hate foreigners.

But back to my smart phone's fucked up fucking with words like fuck: I did a little experiment with George Carlin's famous Seven Banned Words.  I typed them using my smart phone and this is what came out.  "Such shot poss can't duck as hole and cook suckered" which admittedly sounds vaguely dirty but it doesn't have the same zing as the traditional Carlin 7: Fuck, Shit, Piss, Cunt, Dick, Asshole and Cocksucker. So you can see why it's a huge problem for me.  What?  You say you're shocked by my vulgar language?  Au contraire madame bleu stocking, I am simply expressing myself in my culture's dialect.  You see, I am a member of the west Texas band of the Oilfield Trash tribe.  And while we speak Texas Saxon it is a specific and highly specialized dialect that has developed in parallel with mainstream Texan.  For example Ofts (that's what they call us, Ofts) have dozens of phrases for "getting the hell out of town before the landlord realizes we've all gone" such as "skedaddle", "scoot", "get the hell outta Dodge", "bug out", "skip out" and so on. And Anglo Saxon obscenities are some of the most commonly used words in our culture. Shit, if you can't say shit in the West Texas oil patch then you are shit outta luck.

See what I mean?  Indeed we use almost all of the really good dirty words with the exception of those that take the Lord's name in vain or refer to the principal ladypart.  We don't say those words because we're particularly pious but because West Texas is filled with churches and as any self respecting West Texas pastor's wife will tell you they "don't appreciate assholes that spout that bullshit".

Now I know what you're thinking: "This Bill Reeves chap is full of crap, he's putting us on, what a jerk."  But I swear that I'm not and here's the proof:  Christopher Meyer was "Her Majesty's Ambassador to the United States" which is just a limeyfied way of saying "British Ambassador".  In in his book:  DC Confidential, he recounts an exchange he had with the First Lady Laura Bush. Now I think everyone would agree that Mrs. Bush is a classy lady?  Right?  After all she comes from Midland which is as hoity toity as it gets in West Texas. On top of that she's a Methodist and Librarian - two bywords for prissy the world over yet this is what happened at an exclusive State Barbecue for British Prime Minister Tony Blair and his staff in Crawford:

According to Sir Christopher Meyer's gossipy memoirs, DC Confidential, Laura Bush cheerfully informed the dumbstruck British contingent that she was a fan of Friedman and his song 'Proud to be an Asshole from El Paso'.

That would be Kinky Friedman and His Texas Jew Boys performing Asshole from El Paso. So if this super high class West Texas lady and Methodist to boot who was at the absolute pinnacle of the social register at a formal Texas State Barbecue said asshole to the Ambassador from the fucking Queen of England and then said El Paso (which is simply another way that Texans say asshole.  And if you've ever been to El Paso you know why.) you can imagine what the lower orders like us Ofts talk like.

That being said there are generational differences in West Texas Oft obscenity.  For example, the older set emphasize the scatological.  My Aunt Barb in Odessa manages to source at least one new and creative use for shit, poo, piss or crap every single week.  She's a true connoisseur of scat.  She then takes what she's learned, mimeographs it and painstakingly mails it to dozens of fellow Ofts to preserve our fragile tribal culture.  Clearly she's much sharper with shit than email systems. I think the geezers focus on the scatological because back in the day a lot of them had to do their business in holes in the ground so the wonders of indoor plumbing loom extra large in their pantheon of really swell things.

By contrast we young-uns always had porcelain thrones.  We also had the dubious benefits of extensive sex education and excessive sexual stimulation so we tend more towards the sexually obscene (without, of course, pissing off Pastor's wives) so words like prick and tits flit off of our tongues and keyboards much easier than they do for our parents who are still hung up on their latrines.  It makes for some interesting tribal reunions as the generations cuss past each other in an orgy (if you're young) or crapload (if you're old) of mutually incomprehensible invective.

But the important thing is that we're all cussing.  Because frequent and florid obscenity is one of the few things that all Ofts have in common.  Just like the Sioux have to sue and the Masai must sigh (I guess), we Ofts need to cuss.  It sustains and enriches our culture and keeps it distinct from all those shit eating sons a bitches that are always trying to screw us over.

God bless the Ofts.  God bless cussing. And to hell with Larry Page.

Tribalism not policy drives positions.

Ever wonder why the right is freaked about Ebola, demanding that civil liberties be curbed for a malady that is vanishingly rare in the US? But not campus sexual assaults?

Or why lefties are hysterical about reports of sexual assaults on college campuses, demanding that civil liberties be truncated to fight a scourge that is exaggerated by an order of magnitude? But not Ebola?

We don't follow the science or use logic so much as we gather around the council fire and dance to the beat of the drums. If we are right tribesmen we dance counterclockwise, if left: clockwise. Righties wear the Faith in God bone through their nose while lefties wear their Faith in no God bone through their lower lip. Righties wear the Magic Market dried baboon testicles around their right wrist while lefties wear their Magic Bureaucrat balls on their left ankle.

And to learn what to think we listen to the drums. Shaking our heads at the blinkered, Immoral stupidity of the other tribe as we finger our God bone and stroke our testicles.

'Course it doesn't apply to me: I use pure logic to come up with my predjudices.

Fascinating argument with examples at the link.

Continuing Education on the Efficient Markets Theory

It will always be somewhat wrong but will always be generally true something like the way Newtonian physics are because it's a theory about new information's utility as it disseminates rather than economics or human behavior. Great minds summarize at the link.


Making boys into ersatz girls helps them in school but hurts their long term life prospects

The skills rewarded in school: docility, following instructions, respecting authority, regurgitating what others say and think gets you As but costs you independence, courage and creativity.

There is a reason men are the primary innovaters. And school tries to kill that aggressive, iconoclastic attribute. More interesting insights at the link.


Thursday, October 16, 2014

Halfwit journalists misuse international league table chart to berate the US: Internet Speeds Edition

Business Intelligence says that the US comes up 'woefully' short on average internet speeds and flashes this chart.

Comparing the United States which is a 3.7 million  square mile empire spread over seven time zones with over 315 million people to South Korea or Hong Kong is insane.  The appropriate comparators would be the US' average speed vs. China's average speed or Europe's aveage speed. The dishonest use of league tables like this are one way that self aggrandizing special interests rush meddling politicians into new manipulations that line their pockets.

It is almost never appropriate to compare the US or China or Brazil or India or Russia to smaller countries - the scale and diversity confounds fair comparisons.  Better to compare individual cities or states to other countries. And when you do that you find that Kansas City's internet speeds average 49.9 mbps while NYC and Washington DC boast averages higher than South Korea or Hong Kong.

Shale gas productivity follows a classic innovation S curve

It's fascinating to see just how fast per rig productivity has soared. This means that the breakeven price is far lower than it was just a year ago. This is good news for Oil fracking because it tells us that productivity gains are likely to bring breakeven price down faster than the oil price.  If they can find transportation for it, that is. Great article and video at the link.

Most illiberal administration since Wilson sentences leakers to 21 times more prison than all leakers before Obama got power.

Progressives aren't liberal in any meaningful sense. Instead they are central state authoritarians who pursue a corporatist strategy seeking social and economic control. It's the Church Lady state with a high heeled pump stamping in our face forever. From Instapundit:

TRANSPARENCY: Obama administration has secured 526 months of jail time for leakers. “Up until Obama’s ‘most transparent administration’, and throughout the entire history of the USA, national security leakers had received a total of 24 months of jail time. 

The state of monetary policy in the world: Katie Bar the door the money is flooding out

We've been trying to treat structural, microeconomic problems with monetary stimulus.  It's like giving a man with congestive heart failure viagra after viagra to pump him up when what he needs is a new heart.  It accelerates the end, it doesn't retard it.  Our leaders are so in love with their corporatist authoritarianism that they refuse to countenance actual reform.  They just keep pouring stimulus down our throats until we choke to death.  Insane.

Democrats represent most of the rich.

7 of the ten richest counties, 7 of 10 congressional districts, 7 of 10 richest congressmen. 7 of 10 by Median incomes, 7 of 10 richest by mean incomes. Any way you look at it: the Dems are the party of the rich. Particularly around DC, NYC and the SFO bay area. Rent seekers and child billionaires are the noveau  noveau rich. Details at the link.


IMF's Christine LaGarde: “There is too little economic risk-taking, and too much financial risk taking"

In other words the world's top international central banker agrees that we've been in a long, six year capital strike. And more monetary shenanigans won't save us. What we need is restructuring that shrinks the bloated state and reduces it's reach accompanied with lower, more straightforward taxation and less enviro  and other rent seeking.

What we do not need is get the rich class warfare or quixotic environmental crusades to nowhere. Read the whole thing at the link.


"We are never sending our boys to college"

Feminist and public defender Robin Steinberg said of her legal aid colleagues who reviewed Columbia's implementation of the Obami's new sexial assault regulations at TNR's request. 

28 Harvard Law professors signed an open letter protesting their schools acquiescence to the illiberal scheme. Read all about it at the link.


Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Imagine that: an African American President screwing up an African virus in America

And it takes a UK paper to tell it like it is:

Because our media shills are still busy shilling.  How bloody embarrassing is it to be the citizen of a nation with an utterly incompetent government.

From now on we need transcripts and test scores from all Presidential candidates.  Some demonstrated capacity for executive leadership would be nice too.  Perhaps the answer is no more academics.  Period. Full Stop.  End of discussion.  Sigh.

Hattip Instapundit

Make sure that your kids understand that they are never, ever to talk to the police

In a world where everything is against the law and they are rewarded for 'getting' people the police cannot be trusted. Never talk to them without legal counsel. Never. Ever. And make sure your kids understand this. In this most brutal of all legal systems it only takes one mistake and one praise hungry cop to destroy their lives. There is no mercy. Only bureaucracy. Fear them.

The police are not your friend. The government is not your friend. Act accordingly.

Freedom and prosperity go hand in hand

And as one erodes the other declines. Is anyone surprised that a decline from 1 to 12  in economic freedom rankings is accompanied by economic decline and falling incomes? Anti drug and terror hysteria and domestic corporatism have increased the destructiveness of an already brutal government. Note that this fall has occurred under both compassionate conservative and doctrinaire liberal. Under two men who by their own admissions were longtime heavy substance abusers. Yet if anything they have intensified this nation's world leading anti drug brutality.

From Cato:

The United States, once considered a bastion of economic freedom, now ranks 12th in the world, tied with the United Kingdom at 7.81. Due to a weakening rule of law, increasing regulation, and the ramifications of wars on terrorism and drugs, the United States has seen its economic freedom score plummet in recent years, compared to 2000 when it ranked second globally.

It's ironic: as the the fortunes of our glorious stupor state wax the hopes of the people wane. Yes they can! And did. When you're an Ivy you don't live by the rules of the little people. 

No more Ivies.

Academe is confirming every slur I've every slung at them

Now Harvard has gotten it's very own Kangaroo Kourt. And 28 members of the law faculty blow hot steaming chunks on this neo Marxist exercise in gender guilt by by chromosome at the link. 

But I don't see what theyre complaining about because everyone on our clever college campuses knows that like class, gender is socially determined and therefore immutable so only those with a y chromosome can be guilty. Unless they have another gender. But what if a XX gendering as an XY jumps an XX and then says he's (she's? It's ) a she. Is ze (ze  being what the gendercrats say we should use for the oddly gendered) a perp or a victim of some real XYs who run the patriarchy? And would the patriarchy be OK if it were run by XXs  gendered XY?

And they say these 'cats are from the reality based community that only follows the facts even if they lead to bepenised "women" being assaulted by bebreasted "men" which results in the penis girl being expelled because ze's a "dick". After all women in drag don't lie while men in drag are still "all pigs". Which is a drag.

There are so many boffins jumping their sharks these days that it looks like a Salmon run on mating day. And what do ze environmentally insane think of this sharknado of unnatural  shark jumping?

I'm all boggled out.


I'm not sure I'm comfortable with a "skunk works" designing fusion reactors

I'm afraid that the outcome will stink. Peeyeww. More stinky fusion at the link.


Too many talented people hurts

What's true for sports teams is probably true in life. Fortunately I am a unusually capable mediocrity.


New York City is the most racially segregated major city in America. Chicago is second.

This must be what Mayor Bloomberg meant when he said NYC was a "Luxury Good". More at the link.
I don't think it's a coincidence that both Chicago and NYC have highly restrictive and politicized land use regulations. On the other hand lassiez Faire Houston is among the most integrated.  Who would have guessed that letting people do as they please would be a better integration strategy than liberal authoritarianism?

Of course you only have to go on any college campus to see just how racist, sexist and illiberal our modern "liberals" have become.

Paul Krugman has emerged as one of the most counterproductive and, yes, irritating economists in Nobel history

Whatever he earned it for (trade economics I believe) his shameful shilling for the Obami has destroyed his credibility. Claiming that Obama has emerged as one of the most consequential and, yes, successful presidents in American history, at a time when all four wheels plus the spare are coming off and BHO  cannot cope.

He must have huge earmuffs and blinders on to cope with the reality crashing all around him.