Saturday, September 20, 2014

Leftists pervert history to glorify the state and its demigods: The Roosevelts as dieties

Ken Burns doesn't so much report history as manufacture collectivist parables and deities. There isn't much truth in this Republic anymore. Whether it's the fraudulent AP history taught to our brightest students, the ludicrous global warming catechism,  the Choo Choo cargo cult or the drunken keynsianism that passes for fiscal and monetary policy, the things we a told that just ain't so are legion. They cement the bien pensants in power and America in its steady decline into despair.

This is how civilizations die: one convenient lie at a time.

The National Science Foundation finally admitted on Climate Change its the National Science Fiction

They funded The Immensity aka: Climate Change The Musical and just like the real one it flopped. Lousy impresarios, lousy scientists.  Great party hacks, though. More at the link.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Henry Hazlett on Marxism, Progressivism, Obamaism...whatever.

And is it any wonder that people who believe this are unable to foster the conditions for growth and innovation? President Obama: call your servuce.

The whole gospel of Karl Marx can be summed up in a single sentence: Hate the man who is better off than you are. Never under any circumstances admit that his success may be due to his own efforts, to the productive contribution he has made to the whole community. Always attribute his success to the exploitation, the cheating, the more or less open robbery of others. Never under any circumstances admit that your own failure may be owing to your own weakness, or that the failure of anyone else may be due to his own defects - his laziness, incompetence, improvidence, or stupidity.

Henry Hazlitt

If the Efficient Market Hypothesis were false then large institutional investors would be diving into, not bailing out of hedge funds

Just sayin'. More sayin' at the link.

Jewish college students under attack at colleges all across America

You know the Nazi party became dominant on German campuses long before it gained power in Germany. The Nazis were environmentalists, opposed to factory farming and food additives, opposed to academic distinctions and status and in favor of students having a much greater say on campus policy. Jewish persecution got its start on college campuses where jews were heavily overrepresented. The SS was explicitly modeled as an elite force to attract college boys.

Colleges always breed utopian extremism. Which is why we need less of them. Particularly the ones that claim they will mold young men and women. Because the "molds" they use are obscene.

Serve the left, get college credit!

So will negative credit will be given for students who think for themselves ?

Another brick in the wall that colleges are building between themselves and intellectual freedom, true diversity, relevance.....reality.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Left wing rich: anti science, anti vaccination and out of their minds

So why would you give credit to any movement led or supported by so many rich ignorant luddites? These people will even screw their own kids to sustain their superstitions. More at the link about the West LA whooping cough epidemic and the whooping loons who have caused it.

Hand grip strength an indicator of life expectancy

The stronger the grip, the longer you'll likely live - it's an overall measure of strength and vigor.  And strength is a great predictor of health and longevity.  I can tell with my father who is very thin and weak from eight years of Cancer.

My goal is to be come "The Claw"

Apparently Barack Obama intends to run the war as a parody of Vietnam

With His Oneness reprising the role of LBJ:  micro manager from hell.

President Barack Obama plans to exert a high degree of personal control on the targeting of strikes in Syrian territory once the U.S. air campaign against Islamic State in Syria begins. We report that officials have said the targeting protocol might go so far as to require that the military obtain presidential signoff for each strike. Mr. Obama met with his top military advisers in Tampa yesterday, but he hasn't given the green light for an attack on Syria.

You just can't make this stuff up, gang, no one would believe you.

Hattip WSJ

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

For a flaky, weird place Austin has particularly authoritarian cops. Wait, authoritarian is the definition of quirky leftism.

Austin Police Officer Tries To Paint Police Accountability Groups As ‘Domestic Extremists’ In FOIA’ed Emails.

Anybody who has an issue with the gun totin' bebadged is a 'terrorist'.


Evidence that deemphasizing the "canon" is having an impact

New York Times reporters don't know who Shylock was and apparently don't think anyone else does either.  A-effing-mazing. More here.

Here is the beauty part. New York Times reporter Michael Barbaro opened himself up to the rather powerful inference that he is clueless in something like Bidenesque proportions with his tweet below. This whole “shylocks” thing was over his head.

Raise your hand if you were not familiar with the word "Shylock" before it became a controversy in past 24 hours?
He is a Timesman. Hath not a Timesman eyes? Hath not a Timesman brains,
ideas, concepts, senses, affections, a bloody reading list; fed with the same
leftist cant, filled with the same "I Rigoberta Menchu" drivel, subject to the same intellectual diseases, heal'd by the same means, warm'd and cool'd by the same hot air blatheirng
as a Literate man is? If you call him a stupid prick, will he not whine? If
you tickle him, will he not scream harassment? If you poison him with politically correct nostrums will his intellect not die?
And if he gets Shakespeare wrong, will he not denigrate it as old and dead and white and male? If he is ignorant in this, then he will report ignorantly in everything.

Thus Saeth the Bard (with some help)

The Portland model stinks

Everyone says that Portland, Oregon is the 'best' city because it is 'planned' using 'smart growth' techniques, however the 'smart growth' that Portland has achieved has come at an incredible price:  massive bills for choo choos that a smaller and smaller proportion of all commuters ride, absolutely chaotic traffic for a city as small as it is and one of the lowest cost of living adjusted standards of living among major American urban areas.  It turns out that the cargo cult of no building on plains, trains and no new roads for automobiles is a recipe for a not particularly dense city that is remarkably poor.  Attaboy Portland, that's some "Smart Growth" you've got there.  Other cities who are thinking of getting "Smart" like Minneapolis St. Paul should pause before they crash their burgs in the name of this latest great urban cargo cult.  Wendell Cox of Demographia explains in this piece:

Ms. Bosker suggests that China may be poised to follow the "Portland model." A planner is quoted: “Portland is a really great model.” That, I would suggest, depends on your perspective.
The Portland model has its philosophical roots in the British Town and Country Planning Act of 1947. As early as 1973, Sir Peter Hall and his colleagues characterized the Act having had the "reverse effect" an important policy goal, to benefit less affluent households, by virtue of the house price escalation that ensued.
Portland has drawn an urban growth boundary around the city beyond which development is generally prohibited, and within which there is insufficient space to maintain competitive land prices. Portland has also has sought to attract people out of their cars by both building an extensive light rail system and  (being) loath to provide new highway capacity to meet demand.
After more than 30 years of its urban containment ("smart growth") policy, Portland's urban density remains at only 1,350 per square kilometer (3,500 per square mile), less than one-quarter that of China's cities with more than 500,000 population (5,750 per square kilometer/14,900 per square mile). Los Angeles is twice as dense as Portland. Portland's urban density is closer to that of the world's most sprawling large urban area, Atlanta, than it is to that of Los Angeles. Planning whipping boy Houston is only 15 percent less dense than Portland.

And here's the brilliant outcome of Portland's 'transit strategy':

Portland is no model to copy, unless all you care about is inputs (like light rail and not building freeways and suburban housing). The outputs tell a completely different story. In 1980 (the last data before the first light rail line was opened) 65.1 percent of commuters drove alone to work. By 2012, that figure had increased to 70.8 percent. Transit was down from 8.4 percent to 6.0 percent. Approximately one-quarter as many people worked at home as commuted by transit in 1980 (2.2 percent). By 2012, more people in the Portland metropolitan area worked at home than rode transit (6.4 percent).
This is not surprising. Portland's "model" transit system (now with five light rail lines) can get the average commuter to only 8 percent of the jobs in 45 minutes. This is not very attractive in contrast to travel by automobiles, which provides access to virtually 100 percent of the jobs in less time (30 minutes).
Meanwhile, Portland's anti-highway policies have been rewarded with some of the most rapidly increasing traffic congestion in the United States. In the early 1980s, Portland ranked 47th worst out of the 101 US urban areas ranked by the Texas A&M Transportation Institute. By 2011, Portland's traffic congestion had deteriorated to sixth worst, a stunning failure for a city with a population that doesn't even rank the top 20. Meanwhile, Houston, castigated for its wide freeways, has improved from the worst traffic congestion in the middle 1980s to four positions better than Portland (10th), despite adding having added three times as many new residents as Portland.
Oddly it is the American cities that haven't been 'smart' about their growth that have delivered the outcomes that people who come to cities want.  Again from Cox:  
If outputs are more important than inputs (which I suggest is true), then US cities do very well. They have the highest incomes in the world, occupying 36 of the top 50 positions in gross domestic product per capita. They have some of the most affordable housing in the world, if cities following the Portland model are excluded. They have shorter work trip commutes and less traffic congestion than their peers in other high income world nations. And, they are poised for huge progress in environmental protection. The US Department of Energy forecasts large reductions in gross greenhouse gas emission from the national automobile fleet in the coming decades.
Overwhelmingly, the growth of cities happened because rural residents sought higher standards of living and an escape from lower incomes and poverty, in rural areas. Few, if any moved to cities for wise urban planning, for "soulful financial districts" or to commute by light rail. Overall, US city outputs correspond very well with the purpose of cities --- which is why they attracted residents.
But "Smart Growth" city outputs correspond very well with the purpose of planners, politicians and the developers who fund them:  to maximize their power and the value of the favored developer's property.
As you'll note, the high cost of living in Portland (almost all due to high housing costs) results in Portland having the 43rd out of 50 highest median adjusted annual wage: as bad as NYC and almost as poor as massive poverty standouts LA or San Diego. This contrasts with faster growing and equally trendy Austin where the cost of living is 90% of the national average and real median wages are more than 25% higher than in Portland.
Cities that are being pitched this ludicrous cargo cultish mixture of superstition and stupidity should consider very carefully whether they really want to hand power over their children's standards of living to unaccountable bureaucrats and divert billions of dollars from road construction to white elephant trains that with every passing year will transport a smaller and smaller share of all commuters at greater and greater costs.  I mean unless you like to be bullied and impoverished by bureaucrats.

As went the PLO and Hamas so goes ISIS.

Edward Luttwak reviews the sorry history of Arab "victories" against Israel. In every conflict whether state to state or terrorist or Islamist Israel has crushed every force arrayed against it to the point that the front line states of Syria, Egypt and Jordan have resolved never to confront Israel directly again.

While Israel is an impressive force it is essentially equivalent to any competent western military. And ISIS is nothing more than Hamas writ large. ISIS can beat other Arabs on its own Sunni turf but can't sustain an offensive into areas inhabited by other Arab sects. It has no chance against US troops or even Arab troops with US support and organization who after all are defending their own families.

Someone needs to calm down and stop making out ISIS to be anything but who they are: "martyrs" concentrated in a treeless desert for easy disposal.

Read the whole thing at the link.

Why anyone would visit the US and be exposed to our out of control enforcement and wildly disproportionate laws is beyond me

It's really not safe for respectable people to visit anymore. Which what happens when the state slips constitutional bonds and becomes predatory.

I WISH I COULD CALL THAT CRAZY: Canadian News Outlet Warns Canadians That US Law Enforcement Officers Will Pull Them Over And Seize Their Cash.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

At least back.when we had "strategery" we knew what the hell we are doing and why.

With this college boy we get cluelessness elucidated with impeccable grammar.  Give me coarse and clever over smooth and stupid any time. More confused WTFing at Onederboy's onederous confusion at the link.

Fracking isn't aquifer unfriendly. Quite the contrary.

Oil has been produced through aquifers for 150 years. Indeed some of sites of the most intensive production are totally reliant on aquifers. So this is a very manageable problem. Don't let the enviro faithful tell you otherwise. They are so freaked put by their CO Sky Monster nightmares to think honestly.

This makes sense—fracking generally occurs thousands of feet underground, far, far below aquifers being tapped for drinking water. The water tables and the shale rock being hydraulically fractured are separated by impermeable layers of rock—that’s how these aquifers formed in the first place. It stands to reason, then, that contamination of drinking water would have to occur in the vertical parts of these wells that travel through these underground water reservoirs.
Water pollution is a serious issue, and one that certainly deserves ongoing scrutiny. But it seems as if the drinking water contamination issues that greens have pointed to as reasons to stop the shale boom have occurred due to well failures (often because of poorly poured cement casings), rather than due to fracking itself. That’s not to say that there isn’t room for improvement here, but it does suggest this is a manageable risk, rather than an indelible feature of the drilling process.

Besides Fracking, by advancing the science of directional drilling sharply reduces the number of holes that must be punched through the aquifer strata, sharply reducing the risk of contamination. More at the link.

Americans don't believe that Obama will defeat ISIS

After his nationally-televised address Wednesday and a tepid Friday fundraiser talk justifying his belated actions, a new poll reveals that a large majority of Americans says it lacks confidence he can accomplish his stated goals of beating the brutal new terror group that released a video of its beheading of a British citizen over the weekend.”

So feckless cowardice does breed contempt after all. More at link.

Loudmouthed cowardice kills

The wages of electing a shallow, inexperienced 40 something untenured law lecturer with a leftist fantasy worldview and narcissistic tendencies President are death: Of hopes, of dreams of nations. More at the link.

From Benghazi to the Baltic, the world has the measure of Obama. The only people who don't are America's besotted, parochial elite and the deluded electorate who made this man "leader of the free world"

Our ethical news media: Why focus on the private NFL'S Corruption while ignoring the IRS?

Why Focus On Ray Rice Instead Of Lois Lerner? The focus on Ray Rice is to avoid talking about things like Lois Lerner.

Bread and circuses.


Monday, September 15, 2014

Another 'brilliant' school confusing words with reality - effectively expels junior for writing about pot

These vile life wreckers are located in Dallas, Missouri.  Sending your kids to public schools is increasingly looking like child abuse.  God bless the government, God bless the unions, God bless time serving public school apparatchiks.  Pathetic details here.

Why is there so much healthcare cost variation? Because there are no transparent market prices for standard services.

The lack of consistency in the practice of medicine between one town and the next much less across the country can't be explained by any standard endogenous variable like ethnicity or disease load or access to third party payment.  Here's a quote from a recent study.

The authors are also brutally honest, writing, “None of the theories for which there is a lot of evidence can be shown to explain a major part of cross-individual or cross-area variation in treatments.” However, their tentative conclusion is that supply side factors are more important than demand side factors in driving treatment choice

However it's obvious that in a world where you can't tell what something should cost, the product never gets standardized.  Look at markets where price is visible for standard items - practices vary by segment but tend towards standardization around price points.  In a market competitive environment providing extra service that consumers don't want or doing more than the competition for the standard price gets squeezed out of the system - best practice (meaning the best combination of cost, quality, responsiveness, outcome for the consumer) is adopted much faster and much more consistently by people who are losing business to someone else.  And to have that happen there have to be markets with prices for products.

Note that "Supply side factors" is just another way of saying that suppliers (providers), not facing price competition do whatever they damn well want to which often isn't best practice.

Of course O'Care and the Feds ban on price lists in general for Medicare have wrecked this essential mechanism for continuous improvement and cost competitiveness. It's as if these cats don't understand how economies work.

Oh my maiden aunt! How reality bends when liberals get power.

Immoral war resolutions become immaculate conceptions. Liberals have always been big on situational ethics.

JUST GETS FUNNIER: Obama Sees 2002 Iraq War Resolution As A Legal Basis For Airstrikes. More at the link.


So feminism is led by women with more (prenatal) testosterone than men?

No wonder women don't consider feminists to represent them. They don't want another dominant male equivalent trying to boss them around.  This also explains why I have never been attracted to Feminists.  Sigh.

Here's the summary of the (not definitive but oh so fun) study.

In New Hampshire a carpet bagger Republican is tied with a popular incumbent Senator

Boy Barry sure is bad for the Donks isn't he?  Jimmy Carter bad.  And it don't get no worse than Jimmy Carter bad.  Freeoowww!

MEMRI confirms my suspicion: ISIS is a garden variety Islamist group trying to establish a state - western terror isn't in their play book right now

One of the problems with the west and particularly the US is everything's always about us.  Two foolish adventurers get murdered om in private and it's no big deal. But get their heads sawed off on Youtube and we go freakout.  MEMRI has analyzed what ISIS is actually saying and it turns out that they're a very typical Islamist group seeking to establish a Caliphate on core Muslim/Arab land.

Unlike Al-Qaeda, IS Prioritizes State-Building
Although the IS and global jihad organizations affiliated with Al-Qaeda share similar beliefs about the necessity to wage jihad for the sake of Allah and establish a caliphate where Islamic shari'a law will be instated, a major distinction exists between them in terms of the order of priorities for implementing these major goals. Whereas in Al-Qaeda, emphasis is on worldwide jihad prior to the declaration of the yearned-for Islamic caliphate (see Osama bin Laden's February 23, 1998 declaration of jihad against the Crusaders and the Jews), IS doctrine is characterized by prioritizing the establishment and consolidation of the caliphate state as the immediate and overriding objective.[2] This objective is presented by the IS leaders as a matter of survival[3] that warrants making compromises dictated by reality, the major compromise being deferral of the struggle with the West to a distant future. In other words, the IS' doctrine under Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi explicitly puts off the clash with the West to different times, and concentrates in the immediate term on the region where the Islamic caliphate is being established.[4] The IS's English-language magazine Dabiq says that the Islamic State "is a marvel of history that has only come about to pave the way for al-Malhamah al-Kubra [the grand battle against the Crusaders at the End of Days]."[5]

It's the Mohammed playbook straight from the Koran.  Al Quaeda never had the possibility of establishing a core Arab Islamic state so they went straight to terror to get noticed.  ISIS thinks that controlling the empty quarters of Syria and Iraq constitutes a 'Caliphate' that they can run and then expand.  They were mistaken before they embarked on video head hackage and genocide and now that they've poked every lion in the jungle wide awake they really won't succeed.

Ironically being defeated in their bid to establish a Caliphate will make them more dangerous to us in the west because all of the violent fighters who would have gone there to be killed efficiently will remain in the west and constitute a terror threat.  There are worse things than long term intra Islamic war in the interior of the Levant - it soaks up the excess crazies and weakens all Arab regimes, none of which are truly on our side.  So long as it doesn't slop out into the oil fields too much we should nurture these fires for the long run.  Nobody should win.  All should lose.

How did Sweden get to the right of the US on do many issues?

For example:
Sweden has clearly changed in the last 20 years under the governance of parties of both the Left and the Right. In the 1990s, the public sector grabbed 68 percent of the country’s gross domestic product. Today it is on track to account for 50 percent of GDP, because economic growth has dramatically outstripped the growth of government spending, which has increased at an annual rate of only 1.9 percent over the last decade. Sweden scrapped inheritance taxes, wealth taxes, and most property taxes. It cut income taxes and corporate taxes, and, as a result, disposable income has risen by almost 20 percent in the last eight years of the ruling conservative coalition.

The biggest area of failure is letting in way too many unassimilated immigrants which has caused unemployment to balloon. Sound familiar?

So the anti immigrant party just won 13 percent making the right win  52 percent to the left's 44. If they can form a government.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Nigel Farage shows the way?

Politics in America is broken.  In England UKIP is poised to displace the Liberals as the third party and may even challenge the Tories.  Shades of what happened in Canada where the Reform partty defenestrated the Tories,  yanked the Liberals far to the right and now comfortably rules the country. A country I might add that is now doing far better than the US, unlike 20 years ago when it was a statist mess.  Corporations are happily relocating their headquarters and more importantly, tax domiciles there.

Watch the interview here if you want to see what the future may hold for us.  Worth your time.  Honest. Here.

Hillary put Bill through a "Truth and reconciliation" commission process after Monica? OMFG I think I've died and gone to hell

As the author of the piece said:  "Who makes this (shit) up?"  (I added the shit for essential effect).  And you and I both know that the credulous left press will swallow this swill hook, line, sinker and pole. Golly!  More gobsmacking asshattery here.

PsychologiesHillaryWe get a preview of coming attractions in reports of an interview with Ms. Hillary for the October cover story of Psychologies magazine (I’ve never heard of it either), as reported in the British press. The Telegraph and Daily Mail headlines don’t say it all, but they say about as much as we need: “Hillary held truth and reconciliation hearing over Bill’s affair” (Telegraph) and “Hillary Clinton says Bill was subjected to South Africa-style hearings in order to work through his affair with intern Monica Lewinsky”(Daily Mail).

According to the articles, Ms. Hillary claims to have convened “South Africa-style” truth-and-reconciliation proceedings akin to those convened by Nelson Mandela to overcome the effects of the apartheid regime. Ms. Hillary explains that she was inspired by Mandela and that she had to invoke the iintruth-and-reconciliation process with Mr. Bill to avoid a mental “prison” for the rest of her life. Now she is free.

Ok so Hillary's free.  How about the rest of us?  Where do we get off?  Are we to be trapped listening to these solipsistic narcissists drone on until they or (more accurately because I suspect that they're the 'undead') we die?  And what about their demon spawn?  Will Chelsea simply combine the darkest most annoying aspects of both of them?  The mind boggles.  The stomach churns.  The bowels....well nevermind. Who did this to us is what I want to know.  Shouldn't they be punished?  Consigned to a Clintonian buffer zone to shield the rest of us from brain dead duplicity and self serving cant?  Can't someone help us? Anyone? My God, my God why have you forsaken us?

I honestly don't understand how this works. I really don't.

"Friends with benefits" at the link.

Not that it wouldn't be cool along the lines of flying cars or calorie free food but I just honestly don't see how it could work. A couple women I knew pitched it to me after I got divorced (which was really weird lemmetellyou) but I didn't believe them. Not the sex, I assume that was legit...the detachment.

China looks more and more like an enormous, shambolic, incompetent Wilhelmine Germany who will blunder into a catastrophic war that will destroy them

"China considers war with Japan inevitable". The wages of state idolatry are the death of the nation. And a lot of its citizens. More at the link.

On the other hand Arab Christians need to pull their (blood soaked ) heads out

I pounced on Ted Cruz for doing the "has no better friend than Israel" shtick in front of Arab Christians (and for being Harvard law which I will never forgive him for) and it was stupid. But that doesn't mean Arab Christians aren't stupid too. Spengler notes:

Never mind that it is impossible to conceive of any strategic configuration on the Middle East that might help Middle Eastern Christians without including Israel; never mind that Israel’s supporters in the United States are among the first to urge America to act on their behalf; and, above all, never mind that Israel is the only country in the Middle East where Christians can practice their religion in security and safety, and that Israel is the only country in the Middle East with a growing Christian population.\

Stupidly bigoted is no way to survive in the middle east when you're a small minority.