Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Winter's coming: Great Lakes ice forming earliest in 40 years

This AGW thing gets curiouser and curiouser every day. Could it be that our boffins have boffed it up? 


In 162,000 cases, Federal Grand Juries failed to indict in 11

Or about one "no" for every 15,000 "yeses". And about 97% of the prosecuted cases ended in a plea agreement with only 3 percent going before a jury. Clearly the key factor in your being convicted is whether or not the government targets you, not your guilt or innocence. No wonder we have incarceration and conviction rates rivaling Stalin's Great Terror.

Another signpost on our way to banana republic status. Great graphic at the link.


Peter Thiel on how colleges fail us


Obama dumps on close allies Canada, Israel, the UK, Poland and now Australia. While cozying up to Mullahs and gerontocrats in Iran and China.

So much damage so little regard for others or our long term interests. Read about the outraged Aussie reaction at the link. "Unprecedented" gets used.

Monday, November 24, 2014

President Obama's Amnesty was "Worse than a crime. It was a Blunder"

Talleyrand said that after Napoleon had committed some senseless outrage that hurt his cause.  The same holds true for our President's Constitutional "Innovation".  But first let me be clear: I think the current illegal immigrant situation is untenable and immoral.  We need as a nation to resolve the iniquitous exploitation of millions of undocumented and illegal immigrants in a way that is just to them and to the people like my Sister In Law who worked two jobs and spent half her life bringing every one of her siblings from El Salvador legally. Unfortunately our President by acting outside of our constitutional traditions has made solving the problem much harder because:

He has made the issue infinitely more partisan.  Many conservatives and moderates agree with me that we need to solve the problem.  It was hard enough to be in favor of reform when you had Democrats proclaiming that the rise of immigrant groups 'guaranteed' Democrat hegemony going forward. Now the President, in the face of a crushing electoral defeat, without even waiting for the new Congress, freelances a 'solution' that is cynically tuned to provoke a segment of conservative opinion and cause an overreaction.  By acting unilaterally he is repeating the abortion blunder, poisoning the issue for a generation or more.

He has "Taken 5 million hostages". Things that can be 'done' by decree can be undone by decree.  These people's 'amnesty' is not based on law but on the President's  whim and his party's continuing ownership of the White House.  Paradoxically the man these people consider to be their 'savior' is also their jailer.

He has set a precedent that is much more harmful to his party than it is to Republicans. The Democratic party's agenda is very heavy on state solutions to problems that include detailed regulations, subsidies, mandates and 'enforcement'.  It would be easy for a Republican President to decline to enforce these mandates.  I can make a long list of pet Democrat laws that would collapse into nothing if a President Rubio or Jindal simply decided to use his newfound, shiny Barack Obama issued 'prosecutorial discretion'.  The Republicans, being less interventionist are far, far less exposed.  It is unwise for people with glass jaws to throw punches.

He has given a sterling example to the electorate for why they need to elect a Republican next time. Some voters who usually lean left but value the protections that a constrained executive give them will think twice before encouraging this type of behavior.  And people who usually lean left but are upset about immigration (almost every black American and the white working class, for example) will have one more reason to veer rightward. People forget just how quickly black voters switched from Republican to Democrat over a salient issue.

He has shown himself to be a deceitful narcissist.  Wapo has documented twenty occasions where Barack Obama talked about not having the power to do what he now intends to do. He is doing so in spite of the many bad outcomes that flow from it for the worst reasons possible:  to remain 'relevant' and to secure his 'place in history'.  In other words to indulge his prideful vanity.  They really didn't preach much bible at that church he used to go to did they?

He has shown his party to be cowards.  Barack Obama and the Congressional Democrats could have passed any reform they wanted in his first two years.  It would have been easy and completely constitutional.  But they feared losing votes so they chose not to.  The Democrats talk a good game about how they support the President on this but they're in fact cowards who have provoked a constitutional crisis rather than doing what they say is the 'right thing' and taking the political consequences.

The Supreme Court.  Barack Obama has missed his opportunity to replace another aging liberal on the court.  It is unlikely that Justice Ginsberg will make it another six years, much less ten.  The President's high handed action and Harry Reids suspension of the filibuster for Appeals Court confirmations provides Mitch McConnell with all the cover he needs to suspend the filibuster for Supreme Court nominees when President Paul appoints a down the line conservative replacement for Ginsberg or Breyer or both.

I change my mind:  it was worse than a crime and worse than a blunder:  it's a strategic own goal of epic proportions whose reverberations will last for at least a generation. We can be so selfish and short sighted when we think righteousness is on our side.  In a Republic the process and the faith and loyalty it engenders is more important than today's outcome.  Much more important.  Fuck that up and you fuck everything up. Our dear left friends have forgotten that to the nation's sorrow.  This is going to get ugly before it gets better.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

My God what a mess the liberal arts have become

This has to be read to be believed. The raw racialism and misanthropy is toxic on many elite campuses.


Saturday, November 22, 2014

EU wants to break up Google because it's big and American

And that's evil QED.  Very similar to the justification of soak the rich and class warfare. Lefty means never having to justify yourself.

This Caesar has granted a boon to millions and the next Caesar can take it away

Caesarism is the concentration of true power in the hands of the top man while retaining constitutional forms. Rule becomes personal, dependent on the character of the ruler. And one Caesar can take away what another has granted. Rule that rests on one man's whims (and how can an action that he has argued in the past is unconstitutional be anything but a whim?) is inherently unstable,  capricious and ultimately violent.

That's what happens to Republics when the only thing that matters is who Caesar is. Caesar Obama has just made 5 million personal clients whose futures rest solely on his party remaining perpetually in power. People that have been raised in other Caesarist regimes and who have risked their lives to come here are much more likely to resort to violence to ensure that the "Right" Caesar remains in power. Something that a "Constitutional Scholar" must be aware of.

Still, it's surprising that the leader of a party that is so heavily reliant on complex, rube goldberg legal contraptions and coercion to implement its agenda would set a precedent that the executive doesn't have to enforce laws he doesn't like. Try this on for size:

President Rubio, confronted by a narrowly Democrat Senate demands that the 'green' laws that he says are strangling the economy be 'reformed', the Senate refuses. In retaliation Rubio refuses to enforce all green mandates so the entire ethanol industry collapses, green light bulb makers lose billions, all windmill and solar companies go out if business, innovation on electric and hybrid cars disappears and SUV sales soar.

Or how about refusing to enforce Obamacare mandates? Or rules limiting the use of Federal funds for school vouchers? In eight years a whole lot of the institutions that Democrats rely on to sustain their competitiveness could be severely weakened or even out of business. Republicans have a major advantage playing this game because their agenda is much less Federally activist. In this Obama and the Democrats are like a fighter with a glass jaw: if you can't take a punch you shouldn't throw one.

But I think the better analogy is child discipline: Barack Obama, having been spanked by the voters is in the basement sniveling and muttering "I'll show them" while playing with matches amid the old newspapers and oil soaked rags. Very foolish. Very childish.

Robert Tracinski points out that the president hasn't really dome anything except burnish his left wing legacy. He sure isn't doing the immigrants or Dees any favors:

What Obama is doing is creating a class of people—possibly millions of them—who are dependent solely on the favor of the emperor. As Eduardo Alvarez put it on Twitter: “A hostage class is born.” This is the real essence of Obama’s play for the Hispanic vote: they have to keep him or one of his gang in the White House, or cousin Felipe gets trundled back across the border.

This fits the broader pattern of Obama’s administration. By a combination of design and incompetence, he has built a system in which every part of his agenda has been accomplished primarily by executive order and can only be sustained based on the will of the executive.

Even with his signature legislative achievement, ObamaCare, consider how much of the actual law has been changed from how it was written, altered by executive waivers and fanciful reinterpretations. This is what the Halbig case is about. The law as written specifically banned subsidies outside the state exchanges, but ObamaCare needs those subsidies to mask how the law increases the cost of health insurance. So the president ordered the IRS to reinterpret the law to allow them. Without this kind of executive rewrite, ObamaCare collapses.

Aye, there’s the rub. As Stephen Miller asks: “What’s Obama’s historical legacy if everything he does can be undone via executive order?” Look at the bind he has put his party in. If their entire agenda is enacted by executive fiat, then everything depends on an unbroken string of victories in presidential campaigns
The rest at the link.

Gruber demonstrates that being an academic means no real world consequences (for you)

Gruber made ridiculous pie in the sky projections about the cost of insurance going down. Projections that were refuted by Massachusetts' experience - which he should know about as he was its architect.
Who's dumber the President or the press for failing to due diligence this bozo?

Is the lack of black progress the legacy of slavery or statism?

Thomas Sowell - the most brilliant economist to not win a Nobel still living (and I doubt if he ever will because he's the "wrong kind" of black man) points out that black economic and social progress was fastest under Jim crow and slowed dramatically once a "liberal" regime arose. He also reminds us that the salvation of liberals inaugurated a massive and ongoing social collapse among blacks - under Jim Crow black children grew up in intact families and we're far less likely to harm each other than under our welfare state. You can read what he has to say here.

He makes a compelling argument but leaves out an important coincidental detail: the drug war was declared at about the same time blacks were liberated. Historically the drug trade had been centered in black neighborhoods and in effect what our Federal government did was start a massive multi trillion dollar war right on top of a people who had just gotten full civil rights.  The economic effects of aggressive prohibition were to drive the ROI on drug manufacture and distribution sky high, drawing a community already familiar and active with the trade in much deeper at a time when penalties became draconian. The rest is catastrophe.

So it's the same alliance of manipulative, centralized eat your peas  liberalism and the piously hateful church ladies that ushered in the first catastrophic prohibition that birthed its demon incubus: the war on drugs.
But that's not surprising: I've always considered Social "democracy" to be borne of a snobbish moral panic over "what's to become if us sophisticates if the lower orders are allowed to do as they please".
Hell it was invented by Prussian aristos in the late 19th century for just that reason. 

But every time another social Democrat is elected President they're  presented as the second coming of Christ. Which might explain the electoral chaos that tends to follow when people find out that instead of Jesus all they got was another blowhard, venal pol and his pack of unprincipled plug uglies manipulating the body politic in the name of their damned "legacy". "I gave you healthcare", "I gave you prosperity", "Happy days are here again because of me. No look at me, I'm the hero! You're the proles. I demand that you worship me!" (Note the petulant stamp of the foot).

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Without the constitution we would be where the UK is with its new police laws

Of course the past two administration's have been steadily whittling away at its protections . Tonite was a classic example. Blue and red stockings never sleep. More about the earth shaking and truly obscene change in in an English man's relationship to his government at the link.


It looks like the "stupid people" are wising up.

Henninger with one hypothesis for why the Democratic party is in such trouble: it's the Technocracy wot dunnit.

The original Democratic idea was at least benign. In the hands of the Obama-Gruber coalition, it has finally degraded into something else. It has become malign, a politics that has to be faked or crammed down.

The best and brightest of the Democratic left will now fashion legal arguments defending national government by executive order. Too late. It looks like the stupid people are wising up

College fascism watch; Oxford bans abortion debate

SPEECH IS LIKE A TRAIN: WHEN YOU ARRIVE AT YOUR STOP, YOU GET OFF. Oxford cancels student-group-organized debate on abortion. Links at the link. Hattie instapubdit.


Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Under Obama, U.S. personal freedom ranking slips below France

And I was feeling sooooo good about the country before. BHO: our Hugo Chavez without any of the cool Caudillo schtick. Sigh.

Americans' assessments of their personal freedom have significantly declined under President Obama, according to a new study from the Legatum Institute in London, and the United States now ranks below 20 other countries on this measure.

In other news, Americans' "we're so screwed" ranking surged to be higher than 38 other countries, including Kreplachistan and Lower Ruritania.

Obama telling grads to ignore those warnings about Caesarism

Barack Obama is just a slicker version of Hugo Chavez operating in a nation with a much more sophisticated and deep civic architecture.

It's a pity His Fraudulence wasn't taken back to Kenya as a youth because he'd be President for life by now. Course becoming ex President of Kenya makes you dead rather than a lionized centimillionaire golfer.

What a cynical, shallow man.


It's ironic: a movement that has very few children desperately wants the state to impose their morality on everyone else

It's not just morally suspect to enlist the state in service to your religious beliefs about the nature of marriage, it's also practically insane for a self extinguishing minority estimated at no more than 2% of the population to demand that the state do so.
How long do these fools think they are going to remain fashionable? If history teaches us anything its that small heterodox minorities get crushed and slaughtered by powerful states. Rational minorities buttress the libertarian institutions and philosophies that defend everyone's right to do as they please not the majoritarian institutions of state supremacy and coercion.

But nobody ever said modern so called "liberals" were rational. God help them every one.

Samuelson on De Toqueville and the culture wars at the link.


Don't look now but Google explains why it ditched R&D in renewables

In essence they concluded that even the best case rapid global adoption of the best renewable technologies couldn't achieve the goals that AGW alarmists have set for "stabilizing" the climate. In other words if the alarmists are right it's "kiss your ass goodbye" time unless sequestration technogies are massively adopted.

In other words we're doomed. Fortunately the hysterics are clearly wrong. Not that you'll hear that from our so called "great and good".


The problem with Caesarism is all the Rubicons never get uncrossed

Every expansion of executive or judicial authority ends up becoming the norm. This President rewrites laws on the fly to suit his party's electoral needs? Tomorrow the other party will. This President issues executive decrees that last year he characterized as unconstitutional? Next time the other party will. Wapo'a editorial board provides a wonderfull example: 

It is 2017. Newly elected President Ted Cruz (R) insists he has won a mandate to repeal Obamacare. The Senate, narrowly back in Democratic hands, disagrees. Mr. Cruz instructs the Internal Revenue Service not to collect a fine from anyone who opts out of the individual mandate to buy health insurance, thereby neutering a key element of the program. It is a matter of prosecutorial discretion, Mr. Cruz explains; tax cheats are defrauding the government of billions, and he wants the IRS to concentrate on them. Of course, he is willing to modify his order as soon as Congress agrees to fix what he considers a “broken” health system.

Eventually the only thing that will matter in our politics is who Caesar is. And we know that story ends.

What a preventable disaster. Glen Kessler at Wapo demonstrates using the Constitutional Scholar in Chief's own testimony from the past how constitutionally criminal his amnesty will be. At the link.

Liberals to Red State Dems: our religion is more important than your survival

Mary Landrieu's last hope evaporates in the midst of Democrat indifference. Dozens of defeated Red state and district Dems who gave everything for their God must be wondering whether the State Religion is really worth it.

The God of State Supremacy is a brutal Gorgon devouring everything and everyone in its path.

This OECD chart speaks volumes beyond the obvious

Sure the US has the highest marginal tax rates on the top decile but look who's second: basket case Italy.

And look who's lowest? Perhaps the consistently most prosperous nation in the world: Switzerland.
But note the Scandinavians: they tax their rich far less.

Also note that  the six native English speaking countries have the highest marginal rates relative to top decile share of income. Only the Netherlands is as high any Anglo Saxon/Celtic nation. And of course the US is tops in this metric imposing the harshest taxes relative to top decile share in the OECD.

Why is the US so high in top decile income share ? Well when you remember that the US is the white hot center of global technological and business innovation and that the rewards for being number one in a field in the US dwarf those of any other nation it's not surprising income is both less equal and much higher on average than the rest of the OECD.

But remember that the income inequality argument is about two concerns:
1. Cosmic Justice or basic fairness or envy depending on your inclination.  It's a belief that fabulous wealth shouldn't fall to so few for whatever reason.
2. The fear that concentrations of wealth will distort our republic's politics , turning it into an oligarchy.

As to issue one all I can say is that sin will always be with us and since I am convinced that there is no distribution of income that the levelers would deem fair I say why bother? Particularly when we already do more leveling with our tax code than any other nation.

On number 2 my reaction is that the US because of its immense scale, decentralization and the many non governmental loci of power is the country least susceptible to undermining by a rich oligarchy.  Countries like Sweden, the UK and so on have a much greater history of oligarchic rule and yet they undertake far less leveling. Why aren't they worried while we are? I mean if they're so darn progressive?

More at the link.

“It was good being the party of Robin Hood. Until they morphed into the Sheriff of Nottingham.”

What happens when the party of the state needs so much money to keep its operations going that it must plunder it's working and middle class base to stay afloat? And it's still going to go bankrupt!
Sheriff of Rottingham, more like. The story is oh so familiar:

Henninger zooms in on the significance of all this in noting that the Democrats are the party of the state and public sector. “Over a long period,” he writes, “the costs of maintaining the state have risen inexorably, especially in the North due to public-union costs and transfer payments.” The problem is that there isn’t enough money in the public coffers to pay for the governmental structure that is the foundation of the Democrats’ political standing.

Unwilling to restructure government, state Democrats turned to taxes. “First,” writes Henninger, “they raised taxes on large business. Then the ‘wealthy.’ Then came the fees and regulatory costs for smaller businesses. In Maryland and Illinois, companies and the wealthy fled.”

But it still wasn’t enough, so Democratic politicians (and some Republicans, notes Henninger) started imposing regressive fees across the board. Then comes a passage that gets to the crux of the matter:

“Which means the party’s pols are now siphoning cash straight out of the budgets of their blue-collar and middle-class base. That hurts.”

Based on endless television interviews and Obama’s postelection news conference, it seems the Democrats are salving their wounds with two thoughts—first, this is merely the midterm elections and in presidential elections their constituency will come out in force and rescue them again; and second, those troublesome whites are going to be overrun demographically at some point, anyway, so there’s nothing to worry about.

This isn’t a governing philosophy. It isn’t even a philosophy. Many Democratic analysts figured that the demographic changes washing over America would hand them a governing position in the country without a fight. But that isn’t how democratic politics works. There’s always a fight, as the 2014 election returns demonstrate

And despite all the taxing blue cities and states are still circling the fiscal drain: First Detroit and a batch of mid sized Californian cities and soon Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City (pulled forward by six months of truly insane fiscal profligacy by the new 'progressive' mayor) and a host of other oh so blue, oh so progressive garden spots will tip into the toilet.  To be followed by the formerly "great" states of California, Illinois, New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Maryland and so on.  And all the last minute "Tough Guy" moderate Republican Governors and big media shilling in the world won't save Dems from their fate:  to become the party of high taxes, collapsing services and bankruptcy.*

Read the whole thing. Happy days are here again!

*The other stalwsrts of the 'progressive' state are also scheduled to fail for the same reasons: hundreds upon hundreds of colleges and universities and urban school districts will die noisy, messy deaths with their self righteous faculties, staffs and students shrieking about how despite truly intergalactic levels of per student spending they are still being oppressed by honky white bread tax paying America, which will do wonders for the Party of the State's electoral prospects. But you kids go ahead and count on raw, overt racialism to save you.

All of the legislative incentives favor state intervention and deception - How else will the Grubers of the world get rich?

Gruver Ocare payday was at least $1.5 million.

For all the cursing of congressional gridlock, one of the greatest sources of Washington’s evils may be the bias in favor of doing something.
As voices chime in from the major media, from K Street, and from party leadership for the new Republican Congress to do something, it’s worth pausing, taking a breath, and looking at the recent problems caused by this urge — and the less-than-noble incentives that sometimes drive it.
The Beltway media’s predominant bias is that, for every issue, Washington politicians should do something. The simplest explanation for this bias: it gives reporters something to write about. Inaction is bad for readership.
Democratic politicians’ uncontrollable urge to do something is tied up with their view of government’s role as the champion of justice, the wise arranger of the economy and shaper of culture.
But there’s a deeper motivation to do something, and the Republican leadership shares it: When government takes a more active role in the economy, it creates private-sector employment opportunities for the policymakers — and for their advisors, like Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber.
Gruber, the MIT professor who won almost $400,000 in contracts from the Obama administration in a non-competitive contract process, came into the spotlight again this month when a new video surfaced in which he admitted that “lack of transparency” was crucial to passing Obamacare.
My colleague Byron York pointed to a more interesting Gruber detail: After the bill passed, Gruber won hundreds of thousands of dollars in contracts with state governments setting up the exchanges under Obamacare.
Gruber, then, had to mislead Americans (or maybe just their senators) in order to pass Obamacare, and that opened a gusher of lucrative contracts for him. There is no doubt that Gruber sincerely thought the country needed health-care reform. But still, his financial interest in the bill ought to have raised some skepticism about the numbers he was peddling.

“Harvard’s (sexual "assault") policy was written by people who think sexual assault is so heinous a crime that even innocence is not a defense.” - Alan Dershowitz

300 years ago in another Massachusetts town a few miles away a bunch of hysterical bigots went on a irrational panic fueled rampage. Ironic that the so called "greatest" university in the world is channeling 17th century anti woman Puritan bigots. Its alumni must be so proud.

With no sense of fair play or due process, just slavish obedience to the dictats of the Party of the State, America's universities are in the process of writing themselves out of the American story.

Who in their right mind would trust such people to deal fairly in anything? More at the link.


Tuesday, November 18, 2014

What do you expect? Today's Universities are much more Neo Stalinist than Jeffersonian

And remember that Colombia refuses to release BHO's grades while Yale leaked GWB's.  One party Duchies with all the wealth and privileges of a Medieval Dukedom.  And about as much morality and tolerance for dissent.  Hattip Instapundit.com

AIRBRUSHING IN THE ERA OF OBAMA: University of Rhode Island Removes Gruber Video After It Goes Viral. First Penn, now this. You’d almost think that the higher ed establishment is in the tank for the Democrats or something.

And you wonder why conservatives like me hold our institutions of higher learning in contempt. These guys need to be careful or they could write themselves straight out of the American story.  Tax advantaged Duchies are awfully thin on the ground these days....

IRS wants to tax London mayor Boris Johnson because he was born here and left when he was five

In other news the IRS has not acted on the millions of dollars in back taxes that Al Sharpton has owed for more than a decade.

In other other news the IRS was forced to admit under oath that it hasn't even begun to look for the Emails that the IRS illegally destroyed despite Congressional and court subpeonas asking for them.
The subpeonas were to address allegations that the IRS singled out hundreds of conservative groups for harassment that IRS honcho and Dem contributor Lois Lerner took the Fifth to avoid testifying on.

In other other other news it was revealed that the Acting Commissioner of the IRS and its Chief Counsel visited the White House over 300 times in the first Obama term. The number of times they visited the Bush White House in the equivalent time span: 1.

Oh and Boris Johnson is, of course, a conservative. And people wonder why conservatives fear and distrust the Federal government.

The President is insane, isn't he?

David Brooks observes that Mr. Obama is behaving very strangely for a lame duck facing an opposing Congress. He's opting for destructive, Constitution damaging Caesarism rather than Republican modesty and conciliation.

The likely result is a Republican Wipeout two years hence and a more suspicious, anti government electorate.

This guy really, really, really doesn't have what it takes to be President. Brooks at the link.


Ed Rogers points out that the years of obsequious media shilling for Democrats hasn't exactly been good for their long term health

Poor pitiful Dems: shielded from reality by their media friends who don't think they can handle honest scrutiny.

They're probably right.


And these guys are the so called Palestinian moderates.

My God the Pals are insane aren't they? 

In recent weeks leaders of the Palestinian Authority and the Fatah party, both controlled by President Mahmoud Abbas have been calling for violence in Jerusalem. An incitement that has been ignored by Israel's 'friends' in the Obama administration

One wonders what would be their reaction if they really experienced all the depredations they claim. They are like surly teenagers who trash everything their parents do but then expect their allowance. Read the ugly details of official PA incitement.

And Obama: Obama is the most religious President we've ever had: worshipping in the Church of left orthodoxy regardless of consequence. A Church where defending Israelis are devils and terrorist Pals are angels.  Madness, truly madness.