Tuesday, September 30, 2014

“For all the talk of feminist revolution and male resistance, it seems that women are in some ways more traditional than men when it comes to marital norms.

CATHY YOUNG: What Women Still Want In A Husband.

Of course because they're the practical ones because they have to be because they get left holding the bag with the baby in it.

Hattip Glenn Reynolds

One way the populist worm may turn.

Lots of incumbents are vulnerable to this type of ad.  It's a powerful piece.  I don't think I've ever seen anything quite like it.  Worth your time.

Killed for looking at a BB gun while black and male.

There is an epidemic of bad Samaritans in our nation. People who put the worst interpretation on what they see and immediately call the police in which in this case got an innocent young man killed by trigger happy SWAT-holes.
Neighbors don't treat neighbors that way.
Details at the link.

Monday, September 29, 2014

My Top ten books

General observations.  When choosing best books we are dominated by our circumstances:  I speak English and live in the early twenty first century.  I detest academic tomes and books where people presume to tell you how to live. Prose style is important to me - if it's not well written it can't be important.  I also cannot understand how you can have a greatest book list with no fiction, poetry or drama on it.  Aside from the Bible it is literature that struggles with the eternal questions.  A non-fiction life is flat, lacking in the things that truly make life worth living - as an example:  the 'great' non fiction books as a rule aren't funny and you gotta have funny.  Therefore my first three books are fiction, first, Drama:

Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare - JC is my favorite of all his tragedies.  Caesar was a great man who because of his pride destroyed everything that he cherished.  It reminds me that even when we are within our rights we can make horrible destructive choices for others. It also reminds that we must choose which side we're on.  There are no neutrals in life.

Poetry: The Waste Land by TS Eliot - First of all Eliot is from the 'Lou (woo hoo) but even more importantly TWL is a piece of secular prophecy - it reflects the cacophony, alienation and despair of what in 1922 was the looming deluge.  This honor, belief and dignity destroying 'modern' civilization continues to tear at our souls and with each passing year fewer and fewer of us even understand what is happening.  Eliot the High Church snob saw this and despaired. Even his disjoint and disorienting modernist style serves to communicate the roaring bedlam that the world has become.

Prose Fiction: Huckleberry Finn by Samuel Clemens: HF is a book that reminds us that when we flee our problems we often are simply driving ourselves deeper into the heart of darkness.  That to try to live rightly is agonizingly difficult and yet the only option if we are to keep our selves.

The Protestant Bible: While not fiction it is not truly non fiction either because it speaks of things that depend on our faith.  It's about God and our relationship with him and all that foofera but I treasure it because of the incredible characters that fill its pages.  This was the first truly human book - the first to treat human beings as persons rather than symbols or categories. It remains the greatest explanation of why we are here and why we're  important. It was through this book that mankind first received the gift of dignity.

There are a couple of popular science books on my list.  Genome by Matt Ridley and Quantum Reality by Nick Herbert - The Genomic/Evolution and Quantum Mechanics theories are the two most culturally influential ideas of our age regardless of how accurate our understanding of them turns out to be.  The Genomic/Evolution theory has pushed God from the center of the action to the edge (though not necessarily from the center of reality) while the Quantum Theory has dethroned certainty.  You see ripples of these ideas everywhere.  These books are a bit old but the point is not the details but the impact on the lens that we see the world through.

Modern Times by Paul Johnson.  Johnson ties together the anomie of The Waste Land (#2) with the dislocation driven by the theories underlying Genomic/Evolution (#5) and Quantum Reality (#6) with a Catholic sensibility (#4 minus apocrypha) into a coherent narrative that explains how we have gotten here and what is happening to us. And he's a damn good prose stylist to boot.

The Blank Slate by Stephen Pinker is a brilliant summary of what science knows about our natures.  In it the atheist Pinker surveys over one thousand studies confirming the traditional 'tragic' view of human nature as imperfect and unperfectable creatures while adding lots of fascinating detail to the picture.  It rubbishes all utopian fantasies whether by Marxists or Church ladies. A word of warning:  don't look at his photo on the back page because his perm will give you nightmares. Woof!

The Road to Serfdom by Fred Hayek.  Not really economics but  instead true moral philosophy of the highest order without the miserable aridity of academic philosophy.  A U Chicago man (my fair school) as well.  The anti-Krugman and anything that gives Pauly K conniptions has to be good.

Liberal Fascism - I agree with David Shane.  Jonah Goldberg's book explains our politics and specifically why the pursuit of power for its own sake in our world is so dangerous. Much of what our elites are doing from Rape hysteria to Climate hysteria to Redskin hysteria is inexplicable without understanding what Jonah has laid out.  Completely and totally freaked John Stewart of the Daily Show out - which is always a good sign.

Okay, that's my ten but I demand the right to add one more:

Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams - Actually three very good books (four and five are much weaker), The Hitchhiker trilogy reminds the arrogant part of each of us that no matter what we invent, write, build or achieve, sometime in the future someone is going to make a rude joke of it or use it in naughty ways.  And if that doesn't give you humility, nothing will.  Eventually everything becomes funny, particularly us.

Also, this exercise reminds me why I try to avoid being challenged to do things by gosh darn academics - it takes so much time and it ends up making you sound pompous as hell.  Darn you David Shane!

The many trahisons des clercs: Catastrophic Global Warming Edition

Katabasis is a mainstream climate scientist who has become horrified at the dishonesty of the proponents of Anthropogenic Global Warning.  The tentative, incomplete and heavily caveated conclusions of the scientists are wildly exaggerated by the politicians and politicized scientists.  Katabasis particularly holds climate scientists who are 'keeping their head down' and avoiding confronting how their science and reputations are being exploited by power mad authoritarians. Here is his conclusion:

Cook, Mann and many of the other members of ‘the team’ are wilfully deceptive. They should have been laughed off the stage, not applauded. I’m not willing to accept the ‘Noble cause corruption’ narrative and neither, it seems, are some others.  This isn’t just individual failure, it’s institutional. And that’s where it really sticks in the craw for me. And it drives much of my anger, as well as that of the people who I have successfully introduced to climate scepticism/realism. 
The wellspring of that anger deserves proper articulation. There’s a quote attributed to Martin Luther King that I have always liked that is apposite:
In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.
If any of those reading consider themselves part of the ‘climate mainstream’, then I urge you to meditate on the above carefully when reading what follows as it applies to you on several levels.
When I am introducing someone to the sceptical range of views an exercise I often use  is to give them a link to the IPCC WG1 report (now AR5, previously I linked them to AR4). I then invite them to pick three chapters at random – any three whatsoever (other than the Summary for Policymakers (SPM)) – and skim them (or read them in full if they have the time) and come back to me with their impressions. I experience the same response every time and indeed, it matches my own. Reading the report’s individual chapters (sans the SPM), one comes away with the impression of a scholarly, ponderous document. Lots of caveats, uncertainties, doubts, gaps and so on are clearly articulated. In short, it is what one generally expects from academic output. Then the anger flows in. It is a painfully sharp contrast to the mainstream narratives. Within those there’s disaster lurking at any moment, around every corner. It’s always ‘worse than we thought’. The climate science establishment are unanimous in agreeing that thermageddon is imminent – they’re 95% certain, in fact! About every aspect of the topic!
At this point the brakes screech. The red lights start flashing. As I get older each year, the people I introduce to sceptical books, blogs and insights become ever younger.  They move ever closer to that group of young men and women just entering adulthood who have not seen global warming for their entire lives. Yet they’ve been indoctrinated right from the very start. Many come out of our education fearful for the future, as our host has amply demonstrated.[6]
They are told incessantly that the world is dying, there isn’t much hope without urgent and extreme action, and it’s all their fault for living with some creature comforts.  We’re drowning in something, but it isn’t rising sea levels. It’s prognostications of doom in a legion of screaming litanies that continually fail to occur as advertised. Why hasn’t action been taken? It’s those evil ‘deniers’ and their tobacco/oil/[insert idiocy] industry backing spreading doubt and preventing action. Except it isn’t. The ‘mainstream’ of climate science is chock full of doubts, including about the hysterical prophecies of the reverend Al Gore and sychophants. The heart rate rises, respiration increases. A state of low level adrenal emergency is entered.  Why didn’t they tell us? Why have our school teachers, our media, our parents, our climate science establishment not reined in the irresponsible activist-scientists and their supporters in advocate groups? Angry? You bet.
And that’s just among the general public. What of those of us who have, or have had, a continuing relationship with academia? Some of the reactions I’ve witnessed there have eclipsed even my white hot reaction.
Of my friends and family who take an interest in sincere discussion on these issues, those with a more political bent I sent to Pointman’s blog.[7] Those of a more philosophical to Ben Pile’s.[8] For those of my friends pursuing academic careers however, I sent them to Duarte’s holdout. Duarte does two things particularly well – he provides a comprehensive and scholarly critique of recent Cook and Lewandowsky offerings. He also proffers a very particular kind of outrage. That of the academic betrayed.
I felt exactly the same when I turned fully to climate scepticism/realism. As I discussed this week with Barry Woods and Richard Drake, I was working in a lab at the time. I still regarded the scientific and academic establishments as the last hold out for hope. It didn’t matter that political and economic wrangling was hopelessly fragged. Science and the quest for an ever clearer insight into the ways of the world, led by paragons of integrity, would see us through. Or so I naively believed.  Discovering that a substantive area of science had let itself be presented in such a monstrous form in the public eye was an extremely bitter pill to swallow indeed.
I discovered that being a climate sceptic in the ivory towers was dangerous. It’s why I maintain a veneer of pseudonymity still. I can’t express the anger or bitterness at the sense of extreme betrayal in the written word, though I’ve often burst my top with expletives on the subject online and off. To find that the bladder bursting conniptions of our literati concerning our imminent doom as a result of our carbon sins is in fact an exaggeration of the facts off the scale even when compared to the famous UK ‘dodgy dossier’ on Iraq was, for a budding academic, the worst betrayal.
I didn’t sign up for this. Duarte didn’t sign up for this. Nor did any of my friends and colleagues in my age group who planned a career either in, or closely related to academia. The covenant has been broken. It’s precisely this kind of hyperbole that they should exist in order to rein in, to let cooler heads prevail. But there’s no ponderous pontification here, the overheated chicken littles run the roost whilst the ‘mainstream’ of climate science appears to sit comfortably, keeping eggs warm for the future.  I’ve met a few of you in person now. You tell me, quietly, that you don’t agree with the hysteria at all, and that it’s clear from your published work.
Not good enough.
Some of you may remember from my report on the ‘RSclimate’ event that I challenged Mat Collins on this issue.  That’s the same Mat Collins who is the Joint Met Office Chair in Climate Change.  When I asked why he and others didn’t attempt to rein in the hysterics, who do not represent what the IPCC actually says, he said it wasn’t his responsibility. More recently, at the Walker Institute annual lecture, on climate change communication, myself and Barry Woods questioned none other than the government’s chief scientific adviser himself, Mark Walport. I put it to him that AR5 did not support catastrophic conclusions with any certainty. He responded that when he said climate change was going to be ‘bad’ he did not mean ‘catastrophic’. He failed to provide a definition of ‘bad’. This was the keynote lecture for a climate change communication outfit. If he can’t communicate something so important that is so very easily misconstrued into the worst case scenario to someone like myself who is relatively well informed on the topic, what hope the general public?
In short, there seems to be no stomach amongst the ‘mainstream’ climate establishment to do anything very much to counter the incredibly pernicious effect of our Cooks, Manns, Lewandowskys and Hansens. You don’t seem to realise that the public already lumps all of you together and some of us who know better are at the end of their tether in trying to maintain that distinction.  The effort is a law of diminishing returns – why should we attempt to lift you out of a hole you continue to keep digging deeper? History won’t care what your inscrutable paywalled article actually said. Neither will the general public. They’ll care that you didn’t speak out when you should have. That you allowed everyone who raised objections be painted as part of some shady conspiracy funded by billions in filthy lucre.  That you allowed their children to be terrified by a vision of monstrous and hopeless futures. The anger is going to continue to grow until a significant portion of the climate mainstream steps up to the plate, and would be well advised to do so before the leash well and truly snaps.
Whilst I’m loathe to use a Socialist Worker Party slogan here, this one is entirely apt:
If not us, then who? If not now, then when?

Gins berg is no longer being pushed to resign, she's being shovef

Bitch needs to go now because diversity, feminism, power, whatever. If she goes Reid will take the nuclear option to pack the court. Because rules are for the other guy.

The statists are about power. Nothing more, nothing less.


South Park is obnoxious and beautiful

Almost no one will challenge the new liberal Victorianism. Except South Park God bless 'em. Why is it that our left leaders preach diversity and enforce orthodoxy? Trey Parker and company hold a mirror to the self righteous ogender, race, class and language bigots.

In the first episode of their 17th season they take on the pathetic Redskin con artists. Long may they skewer.


California now regulating young adult sex

The proggo left believes that they can manage people's lives better than the people themselves. This breathtaking arrogance now extends to sex on college campuses. There is a reason why California is one of the poorest states in the nation.  Details at link.


Sunday, September 28, 2014

The authoritarian statists will use any excuse, any opportunity to grasp more power and truncate liberty

It's who they are, it's what they live for.  Imagine a world run by self righteous blue stockings and you're in our 'progressive paradise'.

THE WHOLE POINT OF A TRAGEDY IS THAT IT OFFERS AN OPPORTUNITY TO CRACK DOWN ON TROUBLESOME MINORITIES:Sandy Hook Commission Calls For Government Crackdown On Homeschools. “The onerous new rules for homeschooling families somehow make sense in the minds of commission members because Adam Lanza massacred 20 young children and six teachers at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn. in December 2012 — when he was 20 years old.”

Unfortunately these proto fascists are experts at the artful non-sequitur.

What makes for a creative society?

Ross Douthat has a provocative piece that ties cults to the underlying creativity and ferment of a society.  Some argue that fewer fringe groups implies a lack of experimentation and adventure in the society.

It seems to me that increasingly intolerance of anything but social liberalism and the concentration of more and more power in a centralized administrative state supervising an increasingly nominal market capitalist economy are signs of stagnation and fear.  Our elites fear change so we don't get the creative destruction we need to move foward.  Whole sectors of our economy and society have been subsumed in a deadening miasma of regulation, law and subsidy, leading to stasis and fear rather than dynamism and courage.

God help us every one.

It's time that police violence gets as much press notice as criminal violence. 150 paramilitary assaults a day on American homes is both evil and insane.

And so it came to pass: a nation founded to escape arbitrary punitive government has created perhaps the most arbitary and punitive criminal justice system in the world enforced by an immense array of heavily armed thugs who assault people's homes and maim and kill their family members and pets without ever being held accountable.  The English Lobsterbacks were never, ever this arbitrary, brutal and lawless.

The war on drugs would have been impossible for the government to wage for the last 40 plus years without support from the media. Earlier this month, a DEA agent shot a grandmother reaching for her child during a raid that found no drugs. In the summer, a SWAT team in Georgia threw a flashbang into a baby's crib, critically injuring it. There are more than 150 such raids each day in America, so there are a lot of horrifying stories that come out of that, on a regular basis. Rarely, if ever, do such stories break out of the local news and into the national news cycle. But, writes Ed Krayewski, that's changing.View this article

The media is finally waking up to the out of control enforcement state. Remember:  Don't trust law enforcement or the court system.  They're not on your side, they're on their side.

Gail Collins Religious Nut in the Church OF the CO2 Sky Monster

She makes so many false assertions that she must be reading from scripture rather than science.  With each passing year the 'elite' beclown themselves more on these issues.  The good news is that they are rapidly destroying any credibility they have.  Here's was Silly Gail says:

The results are awful. The penguins are dwindling. The polar bears are running out of ice floes. The cornfields are drying. The southwest is frying. 

Only these assertions aren't supported by the facts:

Penguins dwindling:  if they are it isn't because it's not cold enough or there isn't enough ice because the extent of sea ice around Antarctica is at an all time record high since records have been kept.

Polar bears running out of ice floes.  Not likely given the North pole's ice cap has expanded by over 60% in the last two years and is now more extensive than it was in 2007.  By the way, Polar bears lived in the prehistoric north when there was no ice cap.  And their numbers are at a modern high.

The cornfields are drying: NOAA and everyone else says that the droughts being experience or other extreme weather events cannot be attributed to global warming.  They are just weather.  As if we didn't have droughts in, say the 30s?  

The Southwest is frying:  I live in Texas and Texas has had a cool summer.  Was extra hot and dry a couple of years ago but again, weather.

I thing Gail Collins may be as ridiculous as Ezra "We're all going to burn" Klein of Vox (he really did write that in a serious piece).  Perhaps if they read more widely or consulted someone not handing out the koolaid. But then they might lose their authoritarian, coercive faith and they would be lost.

A rational nation would consider the following chart and act accordingly. Us? We're insane.

Hattip VOX

Saturday, September 27, 2014

And of course "tolerance' is really about intolerance of ideas that they find threatening

From Glenn Reynolds:

I THINK THE TOLERANCE POLICE PREFER TO TARGET THEIR DOMESTIC POLITICAL ENEMIES: “If we’re giving no quarter to intolerance, shouldn’t we be starting with the mutilators and the honor killers?”

The thing to remember is that talk of tolerance and diversity is mostly just a political weapon for white people to use against other white people. It’s not about actually helping anyone.

The Dems War on Women rhetoric is a joke isn't it?

I mean ludicrous lies like one in five rape fraud that HBO keeps retailing aren't going to be believed by adults are they?

Not if Jon I Ernst gas anything to say about it.

Ernst is ebullient when campaigning. And the Democratic Party’s single idea — the trope that Republicans live to wage a “war on women” — leaves Ernst bemused: “I am a woman, and I have been to war and this is not war.” A 5-foot-2 grandmother, she is a National Guard lieutenant colonel who served in Iraq.


Horst Wessel would be proud

MARCH IN FAVOR OF TOLERATION AND CIVIL RIGHTS at which attendance is compulsory.

Hood college groups require participation in protest March filled with Freshman who had no idea why they were there.
Forcing people to participate in marches for causes they don't believe in is something that groups with "Socialist" in their name seem to do a lot of all over the world. The Germans were big on this back in the 30s as I recall.

F**k politically correct euphemisms: bring back the Department of War

And while we're at it get rid of "People of Color" and bring back blacks, whites, and yes, redskins.  And screw gender because I never have.  And heteronormative and transgressive and...well just go to any gender or racial studies department and look for words that you don't recognize but sound stupid and stop saying and writing them.  And cruelly mock anyone you know that does.  Remember:  you need to be cruel or they'll fall back into sillyness.

George Orwell had important things to say about all of the 'smelly little orthodoxies' that fraudulent language promotes and protects in his "Politics and the English Language".

The essence of Imperialism.

This from the comments section of Carpe Diem:
In Africa, India and other developing places, 1.2 billion people live without access to electricity, and many more live without an adequate supply. They want a more energy-friendly future with “luxuries” such as light bulbs and clean cooking facilities, not to mention improved sanitation. Energy-starved nations are not well-positioned to take advantage of economic opportunities, better living standards and improved human welfare.

With today’s technologies, greenhouse gas emissions are closely tied to energy production, so the president’s call for lowering emissions is akin to a call for constraining energy expansion in these nations. Such an outcome would have large-scale negative impacts, not only to those directly affected but to the world as a whole.

This is the very essence of imperialism. The environmental left, having the good luck to reside almost exclusively in wealthy Western countries which can afford their boutique energy schemes, seeks to keep other nations poor and energy starved while the benefits (a supposedly cleaner environment) flow to them.


The end of Braille?

App can read any text out loud. Prediction: government subsidies for braille books will be larger in real terms in 20 years time than they are today. The Federal Stupor state rolls on. Until the collapse, that is.


NYT commits fraud on income distribution by using Picketty and Saenz's fraudulent data

One thing both the fascists  and communists have taught us is that if you control the "facts" you control reality. And since the US has experienced massive tax changes that have led to more reported income some proportion of increasing upper income distribution is spurious. Not that gutter Marxists like the NY TIMES will ever honestly admit that. Instead they will continually repackage fraudulent statistics in new and creative ways in their quest for more power.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Eric Holder turned the Department of Justice into the Department of Obstruction of Justice

And as Nick Gillespie says in Time:

Holder exists to protect the president and his policies. Worse, his successor will almost certainly take up exactly where he leaves off.

Or as he so eloquently puts it in the his column's title:

Eric Holder’s Legacy: Duplicity, Incompetence, and Obliviousness

Another thing that men with guns are good for: Shooting crazed head hacking muslims before they kill again

Stopped by “a good guy with a gun.”

Lewis confirms that Hufford was stabbed several times and that Nolen “severed her head.”

At that point, Lewis claims Nolen met 43-year-old Traci Johnson and began attacking her with the same knife.

Officials say at that point, Mark Vaughan, an Oklahoma County reserve deputy and a former CEO of the business, shot him as he was actively stabbing Johnson.

“He’s a hero in this situation,” Sgt. Lewis said, referring to Vaughan. “It could have gotten a lot worse.”

Hattip Instapundit.com

FBI upset at Apple/Google for new encryption that "places people beyond the law"

There was a time in this country when people had both liberty and privacy. The progressive fetish to ever more minutely manipulate our lives has put paid to liberty and the proggo shock troops in law enforcement trample privacy so the can ensure that we are not breaking any of the hundreds of thousands of rules.

Which don't seem to apply to the government or its proggo masters. The New encryption is just the people fighting back against the statist thugs.


Beheading at Oklahoma plant being considered ‘workplace violence’ and not terrorism

Just like the Fort Hood murders were.  Perhaps we need a new category:  murder by muslim to reflect their penchant for slaughtering infidels.  Islam is a dead end that has failed to cope with modernity so they've reverted to a perverted medieval fantasy world that allows them to lash out and murder in the name of God.  It is nihilism masquerading as faith and it is destroying Islam by destroying it's legitimacy in the eyes of the world.

And when the collapse comes it will come with terrifying swiftness for the followers of Allah - it will suddenly become obscene and unacceptable to be a muslim in most of the world.  Which will be a good, healthy thing.  Like a healthy body rejecting a deadly virus.

Hattip Twitchy 

The Fed caught working for those it is supposed to oversee - NPR

I am shocked, shocked to find regulatory capture going on in the banking industry.  Of course the regulatory environment in the US has gotten so lunatic Ober the last six years that it is literally impossible to abide by the regs. Which is catnip for the  politicos who extract rents for issuing regulatory indulgences.


Glenn Reynolds on the "Campus rape epidemic fraud"

Campus sex hysteria is an engineered moral panic. Its purpose is to justify targeting, punishing, and isolating the people the panic-engineers don’t like. Nothing that counters the chosen narrative, however sensible, can be tolerated. Because it’s not about helping women. It’s about demonizing and marginalizing men.

Let me be clear, as a great man likes to say: This is not a case of good intentions gone wrong. It is a case of bad intentions given free rein. Forbes should be ashamed to play the role of useful idiot here.

Colleges really are the most cynical, amoral institutions in our nation. Places where nothing matters but power and sex. They certainly are not bastions of liberty.

I used to think Forbes was different but their just like all the other feminist cowed mouthpieces

Bill Frezza was fired for writing a column that told the truth about drunk college women and was fired for it.

With one stroke they've destroyed the reputation that Malcolm Forbes spent a lifetime building.  Steve Forbes must be a real schmuck to let this happen.


Texas is on a deregulation jag.

And Greg Abbott intends to radically cut back the thicket of anticompetitive licensure requirements for certain fields. Texas goes from strength to strength.


The shale revolution is following the standard innovation S curve

..where it consumes a lot of investment for little benefit until the tech and process are perfected sufficiently to reliably cahflow. Then tons of people pile in and experienced and scale economies take over along with hundreds of refinements in the tech. The result is almost vertical gains in productivity for a time until all of the obvious innovation extensions are exploited and the innovation rate slows down.

Fracking is at the steepest sweetest phase of the curve right niw and it's a wonder to behold.


The most frightening consequence of the Current Administration is that it has led China to conclude that the US won't fight

The rather aimless, poll driven and wishful Obama foreign policy threatens to lead China into the greatest miscalculation of US resolve since Pearl Harbor. China is widely reported as believing that the US won't intervene to save it's friends in Taiwan, Japan, and Korea - an impression they did not get from George W Bush.

The real threat is that China's miracle economy stalls and retrenches causing mass unrest and China's rulers are panicked into foreign adventures to rally public opinion to them. Call it the Galtieri Gambit after the General in charge of the Argentine junta who invaded the Falklands to divert public opinion away from his faltering rule.

Only if China does so it will be a disaster the likes of which haven't been seen since WW2. God help us every one. As Kissinger said:
As Henry Kissinger says of the Korean War, “We did not expect the attack; China did not expect our response.”  Of such miscalculation, devastating wars are made.

Read the whole frightening thing.


Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Andy Griffith Show ca 2014


Groundhog dropped by de Blasio died a week later

A metaphor for the City of New York?

God help them every one.


It's a weird feminism that encourages women to think of themselves as weak.

For some reason our society valorizes the weak and sanctifies failure. Not a good sign for the future. It's probably why the Chinese believe they can beat us in a war.

What if it's the very trendy liberalism of modern western society that is the very signal to the world's predators to begin their rampage? What do our "smelly little othodoxies" really cost us?


Sign that the End is Nigh

One broker reported that parents interested in living near their boarding-school children now represented over 30 percent of her business.

Hattip Marginal Revolution


Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Jon Stewart is a manipulative highly ideological liar. Don't go on his show, don't watch his show.

Megan McCardell documents a litany of lies and broken promises, dishonest editing and the worst form of gutter journalism. He gets away with his unethical behavior because he claims he's not a journalist and the Daily Show isn't news. But millennials treat it as news and Stewart encourages them. Read the whole thing at the link.


They're fighting back against police and prosecutors theft in Philly

Asset forfeiture is a crime committed by our stationary bandits: the police, prosecutors and judges.

What happens when those charged with enforcing law become criminals? Link.has details.