Monday, June 18, 2018

Sad to see Mike Hayden humiliate himself.

Someone who lives him should intervene.

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Why is Bill Clinton still a headliner? Power worship.

Dems would get a lot better hearing from social conservatives if Willie 'Lolita' Jeff Clinton wasn't still humping his dessicated body all over the fruited plain.

But the party of state power worships  power. So Willie's Willie runs wild with no consequences.

What a dick.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

More Evidence of California Gnosticism

The Gnostics were a loose group of (mostly) ex-Christians and Jews who believed that the key to spiritual enlightenment was the discovery of special hidden knowledge (Gnosis) inside of each of us. It tended to lead people in strange and irrational directions, following their internal urges rather than dealing with external reality.

It seems that the 'progressive' movement and it's leading American polity: California has a bad case of Gnosticism. The CA legislature keeps passing policies that viewed economically are insane. One is its mandating of 100% 'renewable' electricity generation - primarily wind and solar. The result has been constantly escalating retail electricity prices (by contrast Texas, CA's biggest competitor has retail rates around 7 cents).

And the tragic (but for a conservative like me, funny) thing is that careful economic analysis in Germany (which is also beset by wild energy Gnostics) shows that the 100%  goal is unachievable. Well at least by an economy that wishes to remain 'advanced' and 'wealthy'. This is in spite of the grand announcements that 'renewables' are getting cheaper than even natural gas. The problem of course is that 'renewables' aren't reliable. So to deliver reliable electricity every MW of renewables must be backstopped by a MW of quick starting natural gas generators. Or many MWs of even more wildly expensive and environmentally dubious 'storage'.

But why let reality invade the fantasies of Coastal California? Where electricity is probably less important than any other place in the world. Warm winters and cool summers seem to breed madness. Or at least self centered cruelty.

California doubles down on crazy with a solar panel requirement on all new homes

Aaron Renn explains just how crazy California governance has gotten.

California, where a modest, burned-out home in San Jose just sold for nearly $1 million, well above its asking price, is in the throes of a housing-affordability crisis. The state’s latest response to the housing crunch: a mandate that builders install solar panels on every new home in the Golden State.

It’s tough to overstate the high cost of housing in California, even relative to the state’s high incomes. In San Jose, the average home costs 10.3 times the area’s median income, according to Demographia’s International Housing Affordability Survey.

This high ratio is not due to some local bubble—it’s 9.4 in Los Angeles, 9.1 in San Francisco, and 8.4 in San Diego. Elsewhere in the country— even in relatively prosperous cities with high growth—housing is more affordable. In Columbus, Ohio, and in Atlanta, for instance, home prices average only about three times the median income. Even New York City, considered “severely unaffordable,” scores just 5.7.

Policy gnosticism is a rapidly spreading disease that will flourish until the God's of the Copy Book Headings return. But the rich Lord's will not pay for their folly, only the poor bystanders will.

Thursday, May 10, 2018

At least 70% of the most important scientific "findings" can't be replicated

The National Association of Scholars has issued a report that shows the immense scope of the scientific reproducibility crisis. Academe and the scientific establishment have become so corrupted by the huge sums thrown their way that they've abandoned the focus and humility that earned them society's approbation in the first place.
It will surprise no one that the masses of corrupting money come from Uncle Sam and our children's futures.

Governments are terrible producers

This just in: The corrupt and incompetent regime in Venezuela has almost destroyed it's crude oil industry, resulting in spiking oil prices.
Perhaps the most underrated reason for the surge in oil prices after 1973 was the fact that most global oil production was nationalized on or around that time. "National" companies whether they be steel mills, banks, airlines or oil companies, are terrible at producing. So the result was long term supply shortages as corrupt and incompetent apparatchiks in dozens of kleptocracies did what they do best: obstruct, steal and destroy.

Tuesday, May 08, 2018

"How is it that we hear the loudest yelps for feminism among the worst exploiters of women?"

With apologies to Samuel Johnson who first coined the phrase as:  "How is it that we hear the loudest yelps for liberty among the drivers of Negroes?"

Scneiderman, Spitzer and Weiner Oh My!

State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman called his Sri Lankan girlfriend his “brown slave” and wanted her to refer to him as “Master,” the woman says.

And when you recall libido in Chief Bill Clinton moved to NYC as soon as he left office it hits you: NYC "progressives" are sure regressive when it comes to their sex lives.

That's the male celebrity left in general, something on the order of 99% of all the credible #metoo charges out there are against men (and the occasional woman) of the left. (Eric Greitens the new, embattled Governor of Missouri seems to be the lone exception - well then there is an almost 40 year old accusation against Roy Moore made during an election campaign).

But the real question is why did all those supposedly "feminist" women tolerate so much abuse from so many powerful people for so long? Why were feminists willing to overlook the obvious abuses (including all the time  Bill Clinton spent on a convicted and imprisoned pedophile's  Lolita Express and Lolita Island)?

Power. I have long argued that the Democrats have ceased being the party of the "little guy" and in fact are simply the party of state power. And the deal for the party of State Power is that the powerful people that congregate there get what they want.

Indeed Donald Trump was a long time Democrat until his lust for power (and pornstar sex) combined with circumstances to cause him to flip and run as a Republican.

To my way of thinking the reaction of Dems towards his victory is more than just anger at losing, it's the rage of a party against the traitor or apostate. And the paradox is that the rage has driven Trump - a natural wheeler dealer power maven - to betray his natural constituency.

And where are Republicans and conservatives? As Bush partisans used to chant "home in bed with their wives" and with their modest, power-lite agendas.

But can you blame all these men for choosing to be Democrats? Until recently it offered them a shot at power and sex with few constraints or downsides. And becoming a Republican? Booooring. Because if a Republican trips up or hurts or heaven forbid kills a woman (Ted Kennedy) there will be no prestigious feminists to shout "it's just about sex". And the press, my God, the press will crucify you.

"How is it that we hear the loudest yelps for feminism among the worst exploiters of women?" Isn't it obvious: "that's the way you get the most action".

Lord forgive me but I find it all so very funny. Schneidermanpalooza here.

Saturday, May 05, 2018

"UNEMPLOYMENT HITS 3.9% UNDER TRUMP AND, RIGHT ON CUE, HERE’S SLATE: “The unemployment rate is meaningless."

The lack of self awareness among our press is epic. Then again most of them are ”27 year olds who literally know nothing".

Friday, May 04, 2018

California SC Kills Gig Economy in CA

Historically California's legal regime has facilitated its amazing success in generating new world beating businesses. But now the states rapid turn towards anti capitalist 'progressivism' is beginning to bite into that edge. The State Supreme Court has found that independent contractors are actually employees, eliminating the flexibility that small, nimble companies have used to get to velocity quickly. This makes it much harder for these small companies to do business in CA. Our software company already avoids doing any development out of our Cupertino office.

Other states are hungrier. And less arrogant. We Texans look forward to another prosperous decade feeding off of the beached whale that CA is increasingly becoming.