Saturday, December 20, 2014

My favorite part about the Obama era is all the racial healing.

Follow up tweet: Either that or lowering the sea levels...

The stunning insult at the center of Grubergate.

Jonathan Gruber famously claimed that the ACA was structured in a complex, opaque way to do fool "stupid" voters into supporting it. And who is Mr. Gruber calling stupid? Why the people who supported the law: the heart and soul of the Democratic coalition. The press, academe, unions, government workers, single moms, minorities, liberals and the poor. Gruber says that these people are stupid and easily deceived and manipulated.

But he is also implicitly saying that some other people aren't stupid. Specifically: tea partiers, white evangelicals and devout Christians, conservatives, business owners, private sector workers, Republicans.

Amazing isn't it? The technocracy is so arrogant, so sure of itself that is will blithely refer to and treat its supporters as stupid dupes.

But give Gruber credit where it's due: While he gets Zero for one hundred for style he gets full marks for accuracy.

Stupid is as stupid gets stuff done to it....more at the limk.

A CA forcing the car TeliaSonera of physicians which drives down productivity and drives up costs.

Depending upon the study, self employed physicians are ten to thirty percent more productive than employed ones. So at a time when "reform" is rapidly expanding the demand for physicians (at what the best evidence tells us will have zero impact on overall morbidity or mortslity) "reform" is also herding independent physicians into employment.

Why would the Obami do something so obviously perverse? Particularly when the President has already asserted the "right" to unilaterally rewrite the ACA. Why didn't he get rid of this stupidity?

He's a corporatist. He does not like people to be independent because they're hard to control. He wants to sit around the table with the power players and do deals.

And if access to physicians by the poor has to decline for him to reach glory? Well the losers at the bottom will vote for him regardless. As Obama's key consultant said over and over: Obama's voters and press enablers are stupid.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Microagression is all the microintelligent, microbrave can handle

Anyone who understands how true achievement happens knows that it requires courage and a thick skin. Yet our elite universities are creating a generation of bright cowards who cannot bear contradiction or adversity.

It's this hot house fragility of the young left that gives me hope for the future. For these men without chests - to steal CS Lewis' formulation - lack the fortitude to see their revolution through.

"Give me some men who are stouthearted men who will fight for the right they adore!
Give me ten men who are stouthearted men and I'll soon find you ten thousand more!"

Not on an Ivy campus you won't. Instead: "whiners to the left of me quitters to the far left. Here I am stuck in a proggo nightmare again."

We are at peak left, thank God

Walter Russell Mead observes that 2008 was the left's dream scenario with failed wars and a crash pinned on Republicans and now politics are shifting back to the middle. But the left doesn't understand this and they are enraged.

Stupidity and progress in St. Louis' predatory policing

St Louis police forces are more predator than protector: using fines as a substitute for a tax base. Ferguson is far from the worst offender in this regard yetet after predatory harassment for fines led to catastrophe we find Ferguson'so finest doubling down on stupid. Apparently the "most unpopular police force evah" plans to close a million dollar budget shortfall caused by stupid, exploitative policing by turning to more stupid exploitative policing, namely increasunget fine revenue by a million dollars. Sigh. 

On the  the bright side (if you can call anything MO Democrats do "bright") the state AG is prosecuting 13 St. Louis county municipalities for excessive fines. But not Ferguson...hmm. Alex Tabarrock has more here.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Vermont gives up on single payer system, citing ballooning costs

I'm not surprised because the ambition was always nuts.  I am sad though, because it would have been fun to watch one of the least dynamic, poorest, most left wing (but I repeat myself) places in America try to impale itself over and over while yanking hard on it's own petard and screeching "righteousness".  The train wreck would have been epic and educational.  Sigh.

In Northern Europe, the 2000 year trend is cooling

New research just published takes the long view.  From this dataset's perspective it doesn't look like the Anthropogenic signal is strong enough to overcome that climate trend thus far. Note the variation at the very end of the period is small relative to prior fluctuations.

Does political diversity need to be protected by law?

In light of the venom of faculty members and mob violence against conservatives at Michigan Glenn Reynolds asks:

If I were a Republican — or even Republican-curious — student at the University of Michigan, I’d feel unwelcome there. If I were a Republican governor or legislator in Michigan, and I think they have some of those, I’d be finding ways to encourage Michigan to be more inclusive and diverse. Especially given that — perhaps because of incitement caused by faculty views such as those above — the University of Michigan has already seen mob violence against conservatives. Perhaps Michigan lawmakers need to add political discrimination to their state’s civil rights code — at least as relates to institutions of education — especially in light of Cass Sunstein’s recent argument that political hatred is a serious problem in our society.

Michigan department chair: "It is scientific to hate Republicans"

An English professor opining on the "science" of acceptable hatreds in a national magazine. A great example of the  academy choking on its own bile.

We assumed that Presidents would always be pro American

Silly us. 

It is clear that a lot of our immigration and national security laws were written with certain assumptions about the Chief Executive in mind, assumptions that no longer hold. -Glenn Reynolds

Cali's new rape law turns women into hookers

Until now only prostitutes negotiated their sexual services up front. Now all women are expected to.

ASHE SCHOW: Defining nearly all sex as rape. “California’s ‘yes means yes’ law turns the idea of sexual consent upside down. Suddenly, nearly all sex is rape, unless no person involved reports it as such.

Hat tip Instapundit

Wisconsin won’t admit it, but its new egalitarian policy leads to grading quotas

Boy I gotta hire me some of those Wisconsin poindexters. Their education is racially balanced.

Academe: another venal, corrupt left wing institution collapsing before our eyes. More at the link.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

School research confirms a key evolutionary prediction

Evolutionary theory asserts that as environmental variables equalize the remaining differences between populations will tend to be derived from parenting and heredity which from an evolutionary standpoint are almost the same thing. Thus it is found that in poor countries with very unequal access to nutrition and schooling, investing in schools narrows achievement gaps because more funding pays for school meals and more instruction. In rich countries nutrition and access to instruction are much more equal but parental inheritance isn't. Hence the finding that more inputs don't help in richer countries.

It's instructive that this was known and downplayed in 1966 by the Federal Coleman Commission tasked with assessing education equality. And Americans have been blowing greater and greater wads of money ever since in a vain attempt to equalize that which is already largely equal to remediate that which money can't fix.

Of course the bureaucrats and their union and Democrat party friends have turned these lies into gold. Which us why they're still being told. Details at the link.

Yes Hollywood is filled with cowards

Hackers have caused Sony to wet their pants and cancel the Interview - a well timed mockery of the homicidal midget that runs the Nork asylum. Typical Norks. Typical Hollywood.

Obama is right: normalizing relations with Cuba us the right thing to do

The more Cubans are exposed to us, the sooner the Castros will be swinging from a lamppost. Faster please.

Michelle "Oh": racism, it's all racism these days sib

Poor 5'11" dear was "undercover" and was asked by a short honkey to help get something heavy off a top shelf.  Clearly racism.  She and Oprah will have soooo much to talk about. I lived in the Obama's Hyde Park neighborhood and the racism of the Chicago's black elite in the time of Harold Washington surprised me. The affluent matrons were the worst.

A different explanation is that somebody mistook Michelle for someone who was tall, athletic, and gave a shit. And hey, two out of three ain't bad.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Beware the Labelers of Destiny

A response to a friend who admired my father's exquisitely organized garage:

Oh my friend you are toying with powers beyond your ken. You do not engage my father to organize, you submit to the cleansing power of His Truth Which Organizes and Can Find All. You are then integrated into his ReBorg. My brother and I have escaped the ReBorg only by living totally disorganized and random lives. We have spent the last three decades tracking down the Three Labelers of Destiny: One to find them, One to Index them and One to Label them all. The first was discovered next to the dead body of the last Director of the Library of Congress who had labelled all 37 million items the third letter in each of their names and was in the process of doing the same using the fourth when he died of apoplexy. The second was found on a Yakatori stand owner in the Ginza,Tokyo, Japan. He not only had labeled everything he owned and every piece of food he sold, he also labeled every bit of every ingredient in each piece of food which is why we found him starved to death. My father is the Labelmaker and he holds the third labeler. This winter's solstice my brother and I will take the three Labelers of Destiny to a special field where we will chant special chants and will waggle our asses in special waggles - well Todd will, he has a big waggly ass, mine's to damn small and pert. But if he does and we succeed we will do nothing less than save Entropy from destruction. For if the Labelmaker wins, everything will stop decaying, things will stop going to hell in a handbasket and all the crap that you or I ever made that we're glad is gone won't be. As I was told by my LabelBorg Fighting Mentor as he gestured towards the New York skyline: "If we fail then this all goes on forever and I don't think I could take that". And neither could we. So pray for us and for the restoration of every Man's God Given Right to a disordered, slovenly, half assed life.

The Democratic left: Racist, sexist, hysterical liars who don't care about anything but power

Why else would they repeat lie after lie after lie after lie about campus sexual assault? Why would they bandy about a fraudulent survey done by activists at two colleges claiming one in five women is assaulted when the government's own brand new data from the Justice Department says one in fifty six?  Why would they tell us that we are not to worry our little heads about what is true and what is not?  Why are human beings made pawns in their political machinations?  Why do they hate men so much? And why would the President of these United States endorse, nay promote their vile calumnies?

Why? Why? Why?

I don't know.  But it's ugly and contemptible.

Diane Feinstein rich partisan jerk who produces shoddy biased reports that crap on her country

But Democrats love to dump on their country. It turns out that like the Rolling Stone DIFI and company didn't interview anyone it accused of torture. It took the  allegations as read and crafted them into a partisan "America you suck" repirt. A report that a press that doesn't have enough balance to ride a Big Wheel dutifully shilled into the airwaves to be gleefully taken up by our enemies who really have no scruples.

DIFI: I know the country just kicked your ass but you deserved it. The country did not deserve to be smeared by a self righteous rich jerk like you. Go play with all your money.

America's industrial boom blows the rest of the developed world away

Industrial production (including mining and power generation) is up 75 percent since 85 vs. - 1.5 in Japan and +30 in Germany. Yet employment is way down.

Scott Sumner explains: it's the productivity stupid.

Hemingway does IKEA


"This is what happens, I thought. You might make sport of their meatballs, but in the end the Swedes get the better of you."

Read the whole thing.

Exploding energy costs in New England are the Demo plan

It should be fun to watch the accelerating exodus of all unsubsidized employment. Pretty soon it will just be colleges, banks , governments and Green Energy crooks trying to screw each other. With MA vetoing any new distribution capacity for the region.

And they think they're the smartest people in America.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

From Obama down the left lies about rape and racism and conservatives without consequence.

It's impossible to make a republic with people that have no regard for truth or the rules.

Once again a Euro point of pride turns out to be faked

This time it is auto mileage standards that are fudged. If you don't honestly measure yourself then you can claim all sorts of things with a straight face.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Turns out Blow job Nina Burleigh has been servicing the patriarchy for quite some time.


The Iowa prosecutor who brought this charge should be raped.

Accusing a 78 year old husband of rape for having sex with his alzheimers impaired wife. Sexual hysteria in this country is reaching witch hunt levels.

Tin condos and Fannie's coming. Bubble's going to pop again. I can see the headlines screaming: 3 percent down in O-hi-o

A nationalized but utterly out of control (hey we're the government!) Fannie Mae is ramping up its easy money honey pot to destroy gullible lower income renters by conning them into buying a house they can't afford. It seems the Dems don't have enough pathetic dependents, lawyers bureaucrats and "educators" to ice elections anymore. So let in a bunch of poor illiterate Latinos and wipe out a few millions of the working class' hopes and dreams and "Happy days are here again!", baby.

Government is just something that screws us together.

How many more? How many more?

Exploiting street walkers for fun and profit: the odious A&E's odious new "reality" show

A so called man of God hunts down  hot hookers, cons them into a hotel room and then humiliates  them on national TV. Bet he stiffs them their fee as well.

Christianity always carries a strain of pious brutality. From Salem to the drug wars to mass felonization and the American Gulag the Church ladies cede nothing to the authoritarian left in terms of self righteous, manipulative cruelty.


The most interesting thing about this article is that it describes Dick Cheney getting dicked by Fox News while dickering with Brett Baier

And here I thought Fox was part of the "vast right wing conspiracy". Hmmmm.