Sunday, November 12, 2017


Moments come and then they go.
We think they're true and full of hope.
Then we find they aren't meant to be.
And never were.

Faces come with hopeful gaze.
We place our hopes and dream of days.
But we don't really know them.
And never will.

We tell ourselves that it's fine.
There's always more wine.
But we know the bottle's near empty.
And there are no more.

So we search and hope and pray.
With voices that fade more each day.
And we learn our fate face by face.
Until there are no more.

Free Two

I hear what you're saying
I see what you mean
I know what you're doing
But I want to be free

I stood there when she said it
She came straight up to me
So filled with His spirit
So gentle and free

So free to breathe
And  to believe
God gives it to you and me
So we can be free

I hear what you're saying
I see what you mean
I know what you're doing
But I want to be free

I remember when she said it
Talking straight to me
So filled with his love
So beautiful and free

So free to believe
And  free to breathe
God's gift to you and me
So we can be free

So can I have it too?
Can I be like you?
Did he die for me?
Will he make me free?

Free to believe
And free  to breathe
God gave it to you and me
So we can be free

I want to be free.

Teaching Millennials how to think...

....requires they unlearn what they've been taught. I'm not sure this guy could get a job at an "elite" university.

Monday, November 06, 2017

Marxism, Communism and Christianity

Proposition: Christianity has communist attributes but is not marxist. Secular liberalism is Marxist but not communist. Judeo Christian faith is authoritative but not Leninist. Secular liberalism is not authoritative but is Leninist.

Now some Definitions (my own):

Communism: the holding of property in common, the sharing of basic elements for living, the ideal of from each what they can contribute and to each what they need.

Marxism: The idea that there are different groups/classes of people and that there is one group that oppresses the other(s) and that the goal of politics is to overthrow the hegemonic group and usher in equality. The ideal of equality.

Leninism: The idea that a relatively small cadre of determined people define what the society is to be and that their choices are independent of any authoritative source. They are their own Gods creating their own new civilization. The ideal of revolution.

Authoritative (also could be called 'ethical' but that term is more value laden): institution with a fixed set of rules or precepts that pre-exist the institution and that the institution cannot radically change without undermining its legitimacy. The ideal of ethical religion and Constitutionalism.

And the key event that led to this dichotomy was the success of the Liberal project in appropriating 'social gospel' Christianity and unmooring it from it's authoritative religious roots. That allowed the left to innovate in countless ways that we see today.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Identity Marxism is just as deadly as the Leninist Version was

From a review of new books on Lenin and Stalin on Tablet:

It is a terrible reality, noted by Applebaum, that most of the people who condemned Ukrainian peasants to starvation were themselves Ukrainian peasants. They “requisitioned” grain and livestock from their neighbors for many reasons, not just survival but the desire for power and also out of Marxist idealism. The striking truth is that under the Soviet system taking food from a family dying of hunger could be made to seem an act with, to use Duranty’s phrase, a “noble purpose.” This was an innovation in political science. Before the Soviet era, it was human beings who killed each other. Now, under Lenin and Stalin, history itself exterminated class enemies.

Bolshevism was a vastly simplified religion masquerading as science. Lenin said he had solved the formula of history, and so had changed the world. The crimes committed by your rulers are the work of the dialectic, and therefore no crimes at all: For a time Soviet citizens may have believed this gospel or pretended to believe it. But long before Stalin’s death, the Soviet Union had become a realm of cynicism, apathy, and fear. Now it too has been consigned to the dustbin of history, but its lessons remain. We can hear echoes of Leninism not only in Putin’s new totalitarianism, as Masha Gessen has called it, but here at home with a leader who depends on agitprop, scapegoating, and artificial facts. The Bolshevist specter refuses to die off.

Marxist revolutions are defined by their fealty to an "Historical Process" - their 'God', really. That "process" is defined differently based upon the time. In Lenin and Stalin's time it was a class based God whereby the 'proletariat' liberated the nation from the bourgeoisie, the nobility and the peasants.  Today's Marxism is an identity based God whereby the 'woke' liberate non-white racial groups and non heteronormative sexual groups from 'white' and 'religious' devils.

Both forms are equally deadly to society, generating huge demographic deficits either through straight up murder or through the suppression of births. Leading to the death of culture and family. Modern birth suppression Identity Marxism is no doubt much less bloody and cruel than traditional Marxist slaughter but it's every bit as effective in enervating civilization. And radical Environmentalism provides a religious pretext for the Birth Holodomor:  Like the Kulaks, the fecund are evil, seeking to destroy the world. So they must be stopped.

But they won't. Just the Christian ones. And the Muslims will inherit large parts of what used to be called Christendom and will slaughter the remaining remnant of identity Marxists with relish as the fools gape and beg 'but, but we're woke, we're on your side' to the flash of the scimitars.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Why we shouldn't tear down monuments.

The best 2 arguments against monument destruction I've seen. It seems to me that the universities and media are in the throes of "The Great Identitarian Cultural Revolution". At the link.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Is Science just becoming another form of religious dogma?

Another field where "scientistic" claims are made as religious dogma, blighting countless lives. By Puritans left and Right. 

"In McKune v. Lile, a 2002 decision that upheld a mandatory prison therapy program for sex offenders, Kennedy said "the rate of recidivism of untreated offenders has been estimated to be as high as 80%," a number he called "frightening and high." He repeated that claim the following year in Smith v. Doe, which upheld retroactive application of Alaska's registration requirements for sex offenders. As of 2015, according to a reviewpublished in Constitutional Commentary, Kennedy's phrase had been echoed in 91 judicial opinions and the briefs filed in 101 cases.
Yet there was never any evidence to support Kennedy's assertion, and research conducted during the same period when it was proliferating indicates that it is not even remotely true. As Feige notes in a commentary that accompanies his video, "Nearly every study—including those by states as diverse as Alaska, Nebraska, Maine, New York and California as well as an extremely broad one by the federal government that followed every offender released in the United States for three years—has put the three-year recidivism rate for convicted sex offenders in the low single digits, with the bulk of the results clustering around 3.5 percent." Studies covering longer periods find higher recidivism rates, but still nothing like 80 percent, even for high-risk offenders."

Science is just the religion that people who think they have no faith have faith in. But vanishingly few of them actually are willing to make the effort to treat science as science. It's just the New Jesus.

And since far more people on the left think they have abandoned 'superstition' for science, the superstition of 'scientism' is much more virulent there. And unlike Christianity, Scientism neither acknowledges it's religious basis nor has had thousands of years to build up protections against its vicious oppression of unbelievers.  Like other modern cults (socialism, national socialism, maoism) it is raw and brutal in its intent.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

California: Mexico del Norte

San Diego has a hepatitis epidemic because so many people are homeless and defecating on the streets. San Fancisco publishes "poo maps" highlighting pockets​ of ordure.

It's all so very progressive.