Friday, May 22, 2015

This is it, Sarge.

Sarge, I, I've bought the farm. But tell ..tell the boys back at the station that...cough! Cough! Gotta tell ' ain't the dogs that get ya...tell 'em it's it's it's wheeze, gulp,'s the big shiny....stay away...big...shiny....buffalo with rubber feet.

Wapo trashes Rubio because he doesn't get $300k for a 30 minute speech.

I am sooo looking forward to the next election when the .001% Democrat attacks the middle class Republican for supporting the 1% to the hysterical cheers of the 1% press. Koch!

Of course I'm also looking forward to electing someone who isn't an ivy league crony. Anyone. Even a Scott Walker who didn't  (gasp) graduate college. Because we all know that college is far more consequential than reforming "progressive" Wisconsin in the face of public employee riots, recall elections and political prosecutions. Clearly college indoctrination didn't take.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The panic over 30,000 ISIS with AKs and Scimitars continues apace with Ramadi

So the Radical Sunni champion filled with radical Sunnis from Anbar Province have conquered their homeland where all of their families and friends are. And have sat on their asses there since the 'big push' last fall. Big deal.  For ISIS to be a threat it has to overthrow a contending regional force:  it couldn't overthrow the Alawite/Shiite dictator of Syria and it doesn't look like the Kurds are going to fold.  And fortified by the Iranians, the Shiite Militias are sourcing from a huge population with every reason to hate and fear ISIS.  The Sunni Gulf states are quasi patrons of ISIS but only so long as they protect the Sunni homeland and don't upset the applecart. This "Caliphate" has the short leash and fearsome nip of a Chihuahua. Although when they yap heads roll and necks spurt. As dog tricks go it beats "sit up", "roll over" and speak.

The ISIS thing is a testament to the impact gruesome images has on public opinion.  We need to get a stiff upper lip or some stones or something.  Conservatives:  quit shrieking like a Gender activist who has to sit next to Rush Limbaugh.  The ISIS boys aren't going anywhere.  Mark my words.  More hand wringing at the link.

Agents Provacateurs caught fomenting Ferguson riots come from Acorn and are funded by George Soros

A favorite phrase of the left is "by any means necessary" which reflects their total confidence that they are  right and that the arrow of history is pointing straight at them.  It also reflects their hatred and ontempt for those who do not share their 'vision'.  But when you believe you're the future and everyone else are morons, it starts making sense to do evil things like foment riots.

PAUL RAHE: Staging Riots. “Yesterday, Katie Pavlich, Debra Heine, and Ed Driscoll drew our attention to a demonstration, unmentioned in the mainstream media, that took place in St. Louis and eventuated in the occupation of the offices of an outfit called MORE – Missourians for Organizing Reform and Empowerment. MORE is an offshoot of ACORN, and it is funded in part by George Soros’ omnipresent Open Society Institute (which has spent something like $5 billion supporting such outfits in recent years). What makes this particular demonstration newsworthy is the fact that the demonstrators were demanding that they be paid, as promised, for the work they did in organizing demonstrations in Ferguson last summer

Hat Tip Instapundit

Monday, May 18, 2015

“Because Facebook would never secretly tweak its algorithm to influence voter behavor! … Oh wait.”

They said American fascism would be something bland and therapeutic. Fascism with a smiling Wait that can't be right. Can it? The great and good said it would be Republican, you know, right wing corporations that would strangle us.

"Ha ha. Sir makes clever joke. Now if sir would come with me and complete the approved voting template...."

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Bobby Morrisey

With Robert Morrissey: Leading midwestern antiques dealer, savior and chronicler of the Stan Master's collection (quite possibly the most important American realist artist since Andrew Wyeth and Edward Hopper), an underappreciated (as daughter Amelia discovered) expert on 70s, 80's and 90's rock 'n roll and (quite inexplicably) my friend.

He's the one with the haircut.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

What black women know about parenting is dwarfed by what they know about victimology

Here's a NYT piece that purports to "school" 'white' upper middle class women who over nurture their children on the "facts of life". And it's probably good advice. The only problem is that given the catastrophic state of black children and the utter inability of these "schooling" marms to reverse or even arrest it, most helicopter mommies will take the advice as a cautionary tale and do the opposite. The establishment has become so besotted with "victims" that they elevate them to faux sages or divines. I say faux because very few people who write or read the NYT will actually pay any attention to any black parenting advice.

This is a classic example of condescending liberal racism. A potion that has done more damage to black Americans than Jim Crow ever could. Because Jim Crow simply argued that blacks were less capable adults who in fact had to be held to higher standards than whites. Liberals behave as if blacks are "children" who can be held to no standards. Until the police sweep through at which point these "children" are brutalized by the cruelest "standards" in the modern world.

The cynicism of the left has as many dimensions as a theoretical model of the universe it poisons.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Feds want to regulate Internet content as "in kind" donations - Ajit Pai

If the state can take control of the banking, education, Healthcare and energy generation markets by fiat then why not rule the press? It's not like the "liberal" press will object.

3rd Obamacare contractor folds in the face of the irrational, unreasoning Federal borg

Remember this "solution" was supposed to "seamlessly" "integrate" "information" from a myriad of Federal "systems" into a "smooth running" "consumer facing" application delivering a "customer experience" analogous to that of private insurance sites.

It didn't, can't and won't. And the tragedy is that's the least of Obamadon'tcare's problems. Democrats (and half of the Republicans) in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary persist in believing that writing 2000 pages of gobbeldygook and calling it a "law" can "achieve" anything.

Except of course (eventually) dissolving
our persistent and irrational faith in the Federal stupor state. My God they're useless aren't they?

Example is the school of mankind, and they will learn at no other.

Edmund Burke

Politically connected Obamacare Web builder suddenly quits.