Saturday, April 20, 2019

Empty Suit

....nice shoes, though. H/T Instapundit

CNN: Mueller’s report looks bad for Obama.“The partisan warfare over the Mueller report will rage, but one thing cannot be denied: Former President Barack Obama looks just plain bad. On his watch, the Russians meddled in our democracy while his administration did nothing about it.”

But to be fair, he did mock Mitt Romney for worrying about the Russians.

If you think Trump is bad....

Trump is a product of half the country throwing up their hands in frustration to the inert, corrupt, self validating Federal technocracy. The superstate responded by using their power illegally to first smear his campaign and then attempt a soft coup.

But Bernie Sanders was the first to be screwed by this anti MAGA megastate: BHO allowed the Clintons to buy the DNC and install their own loyalists at the top, turning the Dem primaries into a travesty. For a time Bernie's team couldn't even get access to the DNC's polling data that was suppose to be available to all candidates.

And now Bernie's back and the central state, badly wounded by its coup failure is bleeding credibility while its boosters desperately try to change the subject back to "orange man bad", shrieking for "impeachment".

This piece argues that what happened to Rs last time could happen to Ds this time.

So when it does will all of the corporatist boosters of the superstate suddenly become strict Federalists?  Or do they cut a deal with Bernie? An erstwhile ally of.....the Russians? 

I'd like to believe there's just some things they won't do but I never believed they'd go this far. Power is so corrupting.

Friday, February 22, 2019

Interesting information about the 1918 pandemic and recent US flu deaths

We're still waiting for the next "Big One".

The Federal state's attempted putsch.... pushing large numbers of people like me off the fence, makes Trump's reelection far more likely.

Absent this travesty, Trump's crude behavior would be the story among swings like me. But nothing Trump has done or conceivably will do can match the Secret Police and Ministry of "Justice's" partisan abuse of their power.

Of course all of this simply accelerates the slide to elective monarchy. But Dems don't care about that, they openly long for another FDR and New Deal, when the President was all but unassailable and much of the independent (of Congress) administrative state was set up.

Of course FDR explicitly said that he was simply following Wilson's "war socialism" with its political prisoners and lynchings of "enemies".  But we were fortunate that Wilson's brutal, racist centralism was followed by true liberals Harding and Coolidge who dismantled the regime. 

Sadly, there are no true liberals today. Just different flavors of authoritarian centralist thugs who will make us be "good".

Even the worshipful biographer of the NY Sun is saying so! And he's a Canadian!

Sunday, September 02, 2018

On Art

Written to an artist friend.

Any creative person confronts the need to balance the muse inside with what other human beings need and value. Both the creator and the consumers of the created are free to do as they please. At some level a 'creation' only becomes 'art' or 'literature' or even a 'product' if a another human being values it enough to consume or collect it. Sometimes this transaction occurs easily and immediately resulting in fame and fortune, sometimes it occurs sequentially and fame arrives later, even posthumously. For most writers, artists and creative entrepreneurs it does not come at all. That is the burden of freedom. The right to do what you will encompasses the right to do that which no one else  understands or values. And the right to keep doing it even if it never pays off. That's why artists have muses and not investment managers in their souls. Freedom is a two edged sword, red with the the blood of its adherents.

Saturday, July 21, 2018

The Democrat's biggest problem

Throughout my life the left has dominated comedy: they defined what was mock-able, what was funny. It's helped Dems sweeten their increasingly authoritarian "eat your peas" agenda so voters will swallow it.

But now the Great God Identity deems most humor to be blasphemous. And without it what is left of the left is mostly  stridency and hectoring.

It's not a good look. 

Did SNL really do a funereal lament for HRC's defeat? What a....non joke.

Republicans have become the insurgents the anti-establishment

Monday, July 16, 2018

The Cultural Marxism underlying the NYT's latest Trump Critique

Read this NYT editorial. In particular note the following sentence:

"Just a few hours after President Trump doused expectations of extracting any confession from President Vladimir V. Putin on Russia’s election meddling when they meet on Monday"

​I imagine a meeting of the "Hard Ones Club": Stalin, DeGaulle, Churchill, Golda Meir and so on. The NYT Editor in chief is there and he says the above. They start snickering, then giggling, then guffawing, they bend over, put their hands on their knees trying to catch their breath, the tears streaming down their face. Harold MacMillan catches his momentarily and says "but my dear boy, stealing each others secrets and meddling in their affairs is what nations do".

Then the sweet 27 year old naif who 'literally knows nothing' continues:

"his own Justice Department issued a sweeping indictment of 12 Russian intelligence agents for hacking the Democratic National Committee and the Clinton presidential campaign." to renewed peals of laughter and "please, please stop, you're killing us boy!".

Stalin wipes the drool from his mouth and says "Imagine that! Indicting your enemies, Rooshvelt!: you should have sued Tojo for all he's worth! FDR shoots back "Yeah and old Adolph would have been a nightmare of a deposition, har, har!". 

It is really hard to take seriously anyone who thinks like this.  In the real world one expects one's adversaries to do what they can to discover your secrets and discomfit you short of a shooting war. It is the responsibility of the 'adults' to take precautions to ensure that that result is minimized. Something that the DNC, John Podesta, Hillary Clinton and BHO did not do. Adults when confronted with the Russian actions would have never admitted them....running around squealing 'we got an owie from that mean man!". They would have worked on countermeasures and payback.

But there's more to this than simply a childish response to serious nation state contention. The whole "Trump colluded" imbroglio is fundamentally a post modern event.  Think about what's going on in our Universities: it has been a long time since there has been any meaningful amount of traditional racism, misogyny or homophobia yet the obsession over such has never been more hysterical. Of course there's lots of racism and female and gay hatred on these campuses but it's done by people who are considered victims so it can't be anything evil. Which is so very post modern. Recall that Foucault and the other postmodern literary theorists asserted (and have been swallowed hook, line and sinker by Academe) that the meaning of texts (words to you and me) is defined by the audience, not the writer/speaker. I used to get so upset about this because it was used to pervert the messages that great authors had sent us but I wasn't thinking nearly big enough.

You see the Foucaultian revolution in language and thought means that crimes are only crimes if I - meaning the established power base - conclude they are. It's the foundation of the Critical Legal Theory school of law so heralded by Harvard. Harvard said: isn't it outrageous that the powerful define what is evil and illegal and with crocodile tears their administration and the  minions of the State said "oh yes, so sad".

Which is how you can get Halloween costumes mocking hillbillies while banning sombreros. You see one is a funny critique and the other a moral crime.

And I think it is this Foucaultian revolution or more accurately inversion that has bubbled up into the ranks of the Times and the elite of your Party. The inversion of words and deeds. In a world where there is little or no physical conflict among the privileged, words become more real than deeds. The fact that BHO and the Dems negligently allowed the hacking is less significant than the words that Trump uses to denounce what after all is the nation state norm.

I'm sure you've seen the black clad Antifa protesters doing their thing. What strikes me about them is how many women are in their ranks. Because in any real violent confrontation blows that would level a man will maim or even kill a woman. Yet they pretend that there is no difference. I was at a French Caribbean bar called "Under the Volcano" for Bastille day. I was with - among others - a young Nigerian Data Scientist from Church, she was describing to me how she was taking Karate and how her Sensei was emphasizing that violence was to be used as a 'last resort'. 

I'm afraid I'd had a couple drinks so I was a little blunt. I said: "But you're a woman, your upbringing and biology lead you to always treat violence as a last resort, indeed your normal response to violence should be to flee it. Your challenge isn't restraining your violent impulses or some lack of technique, it's the difficulty (absent having a child to protect) you have in generating a violent response when that's what's needed. You have no experience with violent confrontation. By contrast I grew up in a world where violent confrontation between boys was common: I haven't fought since I hit my mid teens but I know what I would do and know that I can do it if I were put in a situation needing it. Frankly no matter how much training you have in Karate, my real experience, social and biological predisposition and superior muscle mass and density would almost guarantee me a first punch victory."

Yet she is constantly told that she doesn't need to even consider men as she goes about her life, that she can go where she likes, dressed as she likes and if any man takes advantage of that it's wholly his fault. There is a great old Bachrach piece called 'Wives and Lovers" it's a man giving advice to a young wife that she needs to try to keep the attentions of her Husband because 'men will be men'. We used to have an entire infrastructure to restrain 'men being men' it was imperfect and in some ways oppressive to women but it recognized the fundamental biological reality. Today we've swept all of that away and in it's place we have college seminars to fight "Toxic Masculinity" as if biology can be rectified by lecture.

But that's what so much of what passes for social discourse has become. It's cultural Marxism. Recall traditional Marxism: it attempted to reorder economic relations to fix socialist theory resulting in immense chaos, waste and poverty, not to mention mass murder. So we've jettisoned it. In its place we have cultural Marxism which has its own religious set of beliefs such as Men and Women are equal unless in our Postmodernism it benefits women to be different.

I interpret this Cultural Marxist academic world to be a place where the real risks and contention in biological and geopolitical world are superseded by the local battle for political power.  And as I've feared, the triviality of academic political discourse has seeped into our 'End of History' geopolitics. The piece you sent me was a Cultural Marxist masterpiece:  the enemy in the Editors of the NYT's mind is not and never has been Putin or Russia - for if it was they would have vigorously criticized BHO's supine response (indeed his open mic grovelling to Putin's lackey) to Russian aggression. But they did not - they've spent 18 months screaming "we've got an owie! and it's that bad man Trump's fault".

Nor did they hold BHO and co accountable for allowing the 'hacking'****. Their goal isn't protecting the nation from Putin, it's deposing the current occupant of the Eagle throne. This assumption that there is no world out there worth worrying about and that all the real action is in Washington is very late Roman Empire. Because of course it was all of the chaos and damage from battle after battle for control of the center that progressively destroyed the Empire's ability to fight off mass incursions into its domains. Eventually the incursions became migrations and were so great that the migrant groups became active participants in the dynastic contention. At that point, stripped of it's economic and military dominance and having no cultural coherence, the Western Empire fell.

History doesn't repeat itself but today's news sounds a whole lot like that Roman Funeral Orchestra tuning up.

May God have mercy on the United States of America.

And that's what I think about that.

****And How in Hell can the FBI know there was Russian  hacking of mail servers that it never examined? Because the Dems never let the Feds have them to examine in first place. The Feds never charged anyone with obstructing justice for destroying Hillary's campaign or the DNC's servers. Destroyed them while loudly claiming that partisan crimes had been committed on them. 

The Federal state's lifeblood is credibility. It is bleeding out rapidly. Perhaps this is Jeff Sessions and Robert Mueller's goal: pretend to be saving the beast while surreptitiously opening more veins.

Monday, June 18, 2018

Sad to see Mike Hayden humiliate himself.

Someone who lives him should intervene.

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Why is Bill Clinton still a headliner? Power worship.

Dems would get a lot better hearing from social conservatives if Willie 'Lolita' Jeff Clinton wasn't still humping his dessicated body all over the fruited plain.

But the party of state power worships  power. So Willie's Willie runs wild with no consequences.

What a dick.