Friday, January 30, 2015

And people wonder why I don't trust the media

Another AGW survey "proving" that everyone who is anyone "believes"  that "global warming is caused by human activity" turns out to be shoddy, goal driven crap.

This is getting old, gang. Keep it up and people might think you're biased or something.

Time believes that climate change causes volcanos

And from that inanity it's a short step to say that the people's sins have caused the crops to fail. Wait...they're already saying that. Global warming is a wonderful religion because it absolves it's practitioners of any responsibility to understand anything. They just shout "hot, hot, hot".

God help us every one.

Peter Beinart accuses Jindal of "bigotry" for stating the obvious

Bobby Jindal points out that unassimilated Muslims are a threat to our nation's peace and tranquility . This is so obviously the case as that it takes a true left liberal like Beinart to deny it.  The left sees Muslims as "victims" and therefore useful in their never ending battle for more power and wealth.  And their electoral logic is impeccable: absent change there will be more and more Muslim victims to make into clients.

I think Mr. Beinart and his team don't really care what kind of society they live in so long as they are in power. They really are corrupt, aren't  they?

More corrupt ranting here.

The tragedy bus that even a lot of left wing Jews really don't mean never again.

The problem with ideological left liberalism is that it is a solvent thar destroys all organic connections of family, faith, ethnicity in favor of the will to power in the name of a generucuzed "humanity" shorn of all that is human except for certain useful racial or gender categories. But Israelis? Or European Jews? Why they're all capitalists or Kulaks or Racists or...well Krauthammer explains.

Amid the ritual expressions of regret and the pledges of “never again” on Tuesday’s 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, a bitter irony was noted: Anti-Semitism has returned to Europe. With a vengeance.

It has become routine. If the kosher-grocery massacre in Paris hadn’t happened in conjunction with Charlie Hebdo, how much worldwide notice would it have received? As little as did the murder of a rabbi and three children at a Jewish school in Toulouse. As little as did the terror attack that killed four at the Jewish Museum in Brussels.

And therefore in the New Heaven and New Earth they are expendable.

Virtuous competition between the states

Stephen Moore notes that the dominance of Republicans at the state house level is leading to aggressive competition on taxes, labor laws and regulation. State after state is cutting its top marginal income tax rates with a few ambitious states targeting complete repeal. At the same time state after state have implemented "right to work" laws and tort reform which have the happy coincidence of both promoting growth and eviscerating leftist anti growth funding sources. The spread of pro producer  governance is great for the nation but a challenge for  deep blue and disproportionately fiscally troubled states.

The competition for jobs and wealth is getting much tougher for those that look at wealth creators as sheep to be shorn or slaughtered.

It's hard not to consider the entire Ethanol Industry a criminal enterprise

The massively subsidized and mandated diversion of food into ethanol production has spiked food prices and hunger around the world. Never have the farmers' image of being noble yeoman been further from their sordid, venal truth. Here's an example of the evil corn ethanol hath wrought.

An evil I might add that was ushered in by progressives who made it acceptable for the politically powerful to line their pockets via Federal regulation. Before the proggos came along, evil and corrupt people stole from the public in the traditional way, shorn of any "public interest" propaganda. Now stealing from the people has become a liberal sacrament necessary to "save the planet" or promote "equality". And the faithful sure are chewing a lot if wafer these days.

The Hollywood black list narrative is all left sided.

Important new books demonstrate that 1. Many of those accused of generating pro Soviet propaganda in fact did so and 2. The most effective and long running black list has been the anti conservative one initiated in the 1970s.

Instead he follows his métier as a journalist (Ryskind is a long-time editor of Human Events, the same journal his father once contributed to), the old fashioned kind who wrote what actually happened. He researches, and digs up facts in a bi-partisan manner (much of the damning sources he uses against Hollywood Stalinists comes from liberals and socialists and even anti-anti-communist historians).  His effort is truly counter-cultural but he is not the first.

In recent years, as the Left Coast narrative has spread and burrowed into the general culture, there have appeared works by those such as historians Ronald and Allis Radosh that have invalidated what they call “the bedtime story Hollywood tells itself every night.”  More than just exposing Hollywood communists as totalitarian hypocrites, the Radoshes have also validated the mandate of the House Un-American Activities Committee, which was to investigate attempts by communists to not only insert agit-prop into films but also to takeover the industry (i.e. a particular vicious strike in 1945 against the studios was masterminded by union leader and communist Herbert Sorrell; thankfully a non-communist union leader named Ronald Reagan was able to stem the tide).  Even to the most objective observer there was a tide of movies peddling Stalinist propaganda during World War II.

Party member Richard Collins penned a portrait of dancing, nail-polished Kulaks in Song of Russia.  Lillian Hellman turned their villages littered with corpses years before the Nazi invasion by Stalin into a more prosperous version of the Walton’s. The most notorious example, and one that galvanized Ryskind’s father into assembling anti-communists into a group, was Mission to Moscow (1943), which supported the rigged verdicts of the Purge Trials as a needed antifascist action against such “Nazi-loving fifth columnists” as Leon Trotsky.  Perhaps the most high profile of anti-anticommunists, Victor Navasky, mocked anticommunist use of this film by stating that its screenwriter, Howard Koch, was not a Party member.  But as the Radoshes have unearthed, and provided in more detail by Ryskind, Koch was a communist in everything but membership.  And his technical advisor, Jay Leda was a Soviet spy currently being monitored by the FBI.

Ryskind doesn’t follow this established trajectory of anti-communist literature to the letter, however.  He goes where others have not or have glossed over. He focuses on Blockade (1937), a film dealing with the Spanish Civil War written by the leader of the Hollywood Communists, John Howard Lawson.  Others have accepted whatever propaganda message Lawson intended was diluted by conservative studio heads (Lillian Hellman attacked the film’s apolitical nature by stating she couldn’t tell the Loyalists from the fascists).  Ryskind, however, sees a pro-Loyalist slant but one strictly for those under Soviet control.  He rightly spends as much time on Ninotchka (1939), a highly successful comedy, as a rebuttal to those then and now who asserted that anticommunist films were crude and unprofitable. Director Ernest Lubitsch (who was so horrified by what he witnessed in 1938 Russia that he refused to remain a member of the Hollywood Anti-Nazi League unless communist members resigned) attacked the Soviets through the vehicle of the screwball genre, and, more effectively, than later more action-oriented entries exposed the joylessness and inhumanity of communism. Indeed, the State Department showed this film in Italy before the 1948 elections, and credited the communists’ loss at the polls to its effectiveness

At some point you've raised enough money - college fundraising breaks record

Charitable Donations to Colleges Reached All-Time High in 2014 ($38 Billion). With rich universities getting their kargest share ever.

Perhaps Congress should cap endowments, and enact some other schemes to spread the charitable wealth around. I think everyone’s better off when you spread the wealth around.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

This of course is the moment Facebook Fascists ban them.

You stay anti Amerucan, Zuck.....

Americans now support Mohammed cartoons.

People are noticing that the Campus Rape hysteria is very much like the 1980s child rape hysteria

1. Fanned by activists and lawyers with something to gain from it being true? Check.
2. Alleging horrible crimes? Check.
3. Wild, unbelievable details? Check.
4. A demand that we suspend critical faculties and just believe the accusers? Check.
5. Treating the victims as children having  no agency, power or responsibility for the outcome? Check.
6. Kangaroo courts led by crusading women? Check.

One of the most glaring modern instances of a moral panic is probably the alleged great ritual satanic abuse cases at preschools such as Fells Acres andMcMartin in the 1980s, in which presumably competent adults suddenly began to believe obvious confabulations by young children being incompetently interviewed, which ranged from unlikely in the extreme (a sexual assault that took place in a hot air balloon) to obviously physically impossible (children being driven through nonexistent underground tunnels beneath a school). Families were arrested and put on trial in these bizarre cases and, in the case of the Amiraults of Fells Acres, put in jail for lengthy periods. Even after people woke up to the obvious problems with relying on the extensively coached testimony of 4-year-olds, and a Massachusetts parole board recommended 5-0 that Gerald Amirault have his sentence commuted, prosecutor Martha Coakley (yes, that Martha Coakley) lobbied to keep him in jail, and then-acting Governor Jane Swift denied the commutation.

I'm not too worried about this happening in red states but in places like Massachusetts (McMartin), Washington (Wenatchee) and south Florida (the people Janet Reno railroaded to propel herself onto the national scene without ever apologizing for the travesty and abuse of power that she sponsored) you never know.

In these perennially bigoted districts young men are liable to get similar treatment as black men accused of rape in the Jim Crow south or ugly unpopular women got in Salem (once again MA). As with the racists back then, being feminist and left wing means never having to prove anything against the class of people you hate.

Now I'm sure you're saying "Hang on a tick: My good man you go too far! The crusaders in this case are progressive college women, not toothless hillbillies." Which forces me to point out that the formal "separate but equal" doctrine in the south did not arise in the libertarian 1870s but in the oh so progressive 1890s with Plessy v. Ferguson (1896) and the rise of eugenics and "scientific racist" notions  championed by liberal patron saints like Margaret Sanger and Woodrow Wilson. Jim Crow back then was seen by these liberals as a rational, progressive and (dare I say it?) "Scientific" response to the "pollution" of "the race" in the south. And today's unreasonable rape hysteria has its basis in modern academic feminist theory.  Feminists I might add that consider Margaret Sanger their patron saint.

Progressivism has some very vile and hateful threads. And because progressives are never required to account for or repudiate them  (Hillary Clinton headlined a star studded beatification of Margaret Sanger and Woody Wilson the segregator of the Federal government is a Democrat demigod for crissakes) they keep popping up to poison our social discourse.

Maybe we should put young college women into day care. We are treating them like toddlers anyway. Megan McCardell has more here.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

So WHY IS it OK to say "person of color" and not "colored person"?

Benedict Cumberbatch did the unspeakable: he 'nouned' instead of 'adjectivized' racial identity. And the thought police have Grammared him hard. It sure is easier to promote word change than real change isn't it?

On its own terms, political correctness is self-defeating. It drives away potential supporters, and substitutes linguistic change for social change. It replaces the desire to reform society with the desire to reform manners, and fails to understand that practised hypocrites and seasoned manipulators can meet the demand to observe correct form with ease. Indeed, they will welcome political correctness because it gives them new opportunities to intimidate and control.

How Marine Le Pen is winning France’s gay vote The Front National now has the support of a quarter of Paris’s gay voters – and only 16 per cent of the straight ones

The problem with modern left liberalism is that the identity politics at its core end up being mutually exclusive. Being "yay muslim" guarantees that over time you will lose the support of gays, Jews and Feminists.  It takes some time but eventually the losing identities tire of their status and begin walking away. Which is why a very Right Wing (in the French formulation of that word) party is attracting so many hip urban gays and Jews.

Kirsten Gillibrand: raping the truth about rape will only help rapists harm their victims more

By wildly exaggerating the incidence of rape she devalues real accusations by real victims. By implying that a huge proportion of men are rapists she alienates the strongest force available to protect against it: other men.

Once again Feminism is eating it's tail. Can't be much left of it by now...

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Zuckerberg and Facebook are fascist tools

But Zuckerberg is an Obama tool so you already know he's a fascist one too. It's ironic that a Jew would be an Islamic boot lick. But the excessive love of money is at the root if much cowardice no to mention evil.

More here.

Conviction integrity one piece of the puzzle

Because we have an adversarial legal system  prosecutors have often confused winning with justice . However  prosecutors in enlightened places have established conviction integrity units to identify miscarriages of justice. Brooklyn NY and Harris County (Houston) are leading the charge.

Conviction integrity is one key to recovering our criminal "justice" system from the government crooks that have hijacked it.

Dubai overtakes Heathrow

Great example of making the most of your limited assets. Its Middle Eastern location and dearth of inclement weather (if you can call 110F with high humidity "clement") make it the perfect spot for a hub linking east and west Eurasia.

This is the sole example of a Middle Eastern country that is not Israel successfully innovating their economy rather than waiting for the oil companies to show up. Of course it's totally dependent on western technology and subcontinent talent to operate.;_ylt=AwrBEiGWxsdU0hgAD2LQtDMD

As Climate hysteria soars so does weather hysteria

Particularly in the shrieking hysteria capital of the world: NYC snowmageddon turns out to be a damp snowy squib.

What is it about urban liberals that makes them so prone to stampedes of hysteria and panic?

Company towns were the opposite of exploitative

One of the hardest things to do is distinguish truth from propaganda. And in no place is this more true than the oft derided "company town".

I've visited several oil camps in the Sumatra jungle that looked like small south Florida towns replete with golf courses (mandatory closing at dusk due to tiger infestation), supermarkets, schools. Indeed I lived in the Phillips 66 compound in Abu Dhabi where the company provided the housing, power, water, roads, and schools.

It wasn't a rip off.  And neither are company towns. Instead they are  enticements to encourage skilled labor to live in harsh places. Another area where rhetoric and reality diverge.

Take company stores. Why did mining companies often own the town store? The standard answer: to squeeze every nickel from the workers so they would “owe their soul to the company store.” But that lyrical argument makes no sense and the truth is actually closer to the opposite. The mining towns were isolated geographically but they weren’t isolated from the national labor market. The number of workers in these towns moved up and down in response to the price of coal and the workers often traveled long-distances to work in the mines, sometimes from other states or other countries. The company towns were isolated not because the workers couldn’t get out but because few people wanted to live where coal was abundant. As a result, workers had to be enticed to travel to and to live in these towns. Oil rigs are similarly isolated today and once on board the workers have nowhere to go but the company restaurant, the company theater and the company gym but that hardly means that the workers are exploited.

These days new truths are almost always bad news.

For example this off hand comment from Canada.

'Canada seems in many ways less regulated than the sclerotic, bureaucracy-choked republic to the south.'

I never thought I'd live to see the day the US's governance is o the left (wrong) side of the Canadians.  President Obama is sure delivering on that 'fundamental change' he promised, isn't he?

This is what happens when you elect a Democrat as President

Democrats are dominated by intellectual elites, government employees and the poor. They are hostile towards anything that smacks of traditional development . Good examples are single family homes, new pipelines, oil production on government land, new power plants and now existing energy infrastructure like hydroelectric, coal and the Alaska pipeline. But if course Barack Obama looks down on us bible and gun clinging rubes. The sneers in the faculty club are epic. 

As the WSJ  observes:

The pity is that in his ANWR announcement Mr. Obama didn’t express as much concern for Alaskans as he did caribou. An estimated one-third of Alaskan jobs are oil-related, and the oil industry accounts for some 85% of state revenue. Shutting the pipeline would be a terrible blow to the state. New Gov. Bill Walker has said he may accelerate oil and gas permitting on state lands to compensate. Yet the vast majority of the state’s untapped reserves are below federal lands that Mr. Obama is now blocking.
The ANWR land grab is another classic of executive overreach. Congress in 1980 passed the Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act, a grand compromise that put vast tracts under protection, in return for a clause declaring “no more” wilderness designations in Alaska unless approved by Congress. Yet the Interior Department plans to use the President’s recommendation of a new ANWR wilderness designation as a license to lock up the land.
The decision also ignores the environmental protection that is possible in light of new drilling technology. Most of the refuge is already protected as wilderness, yet Mr. Obama’s order includes the 0.01% of barren, coastal wasteland that was up for drilling discussion. Innovations like directional drilling would allow the industry to tap those vast reserves with minimal surface impact.
In his State of the Union address, Mr. Obama again claimed credit for falling gas prices, but the truth is that every advance in oil and gas drilling has come without his help or despite his opposition. Mr. Obama may figure he can get away with this now that oil prices have fallen and the need for new oil supplies seems less urgent. His power play is nonetheless a blow to U.S. energy security, and an especially nasty blow to tens of thousands of Alaskans.

The danger of "reenchantment"

It's a French word for the retreat from reality and enlightenment values into some sort of political or religious utopia that magically resolves all the conflicts and paradoxes of modern life. Fascism, Naziism and Communism were the 20th century's reenchantment challenges.

Radical Islam is ours. More Frenchified philosophizing (in a good way) at the link.

Leave your kids the hell alone

Safety hysteria is wrecking childhood and stunting the emotional maturity of adults. If you love your kids then give them the space to master themselves and their fears. And keep the helicopter grounded.

At the link.

Monday, January 26, 2015

2014 was one of the 300 coldest years in the last 10,000

Of course the scientific and media establishment didn't say that. They said that 2014 was the hottest year ever recorded. But records only go back about 120 years while ice core temperature samples go back ten thousand or more years.

The IPCC just thought it wouldn't be "useful" to share. Tim Ball has a comprehensive critique of this truly dishonest claim at the link.

So how do you know what you know? On climate change you'd better not be counting on the IPCC and alarmist establishment.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

The Grexit looms as the Greek government falls and the newbies plan to "do the Argentina"

Which is like the Macarena except when you're finished everyone is broke.
I say let slip the Cerebuses (Cerebi?) of economic war and watch the entire rotten bureaucratic shambles come crashing down. The wails of the bien pensants will be tragically entertaining to behold.

I've bought a whole case of Orville Redenbacher in anticipation of just this denouement.  Because the only way we can find our way back from the venal state technocracies that we've become is economic catastrophe. 

Naturally, I prefer for the US to learn by watching the EU Kraken roar and flail. 

God what a bloody mess our Lords and Saviors have msde.
Faster please.

Mass Grexiting at the link.

It turns out that the only thing Davos man can do well is Davos

Kevin Williamson explains that while one Davos man by himself tends to be a thoughtful, intelligent leader all Davos men (and women) together are a stupid, blundering mob that sees salvation only in more stupid Davos style blunders.

I like Kevin because he provides  fresh perspective on the diversity and knowledge problems of our civilization.

Of course Kevin hails from West Texas: the fons et origo of all wisdom. And if you say that to a West Texan they'll kick your ass.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

It's not that rich liberals are hypocritical about lifestyle choices, it's that they lack elementary self awareness of what asses they are making of themselves.

A prime example:  hattip

LEFTY BILLIONAIRE GETS OFF PRIVATE JET, SAYS AMERICANS HAVE TOO MUCH STUFF: “Billionaire property investor Jeff Greene recently spoke at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, saying he believes people in the United States need to stop aiming so high and start living with less. . . . The only issue Americans took with the 60-year-old’s opinions was, well, everything, given he owns a $195 million palace in Beverly Hills, which has 23 bathrooms and a rotating dance floor, as well as four other blue ribbon properties, and is famous for throwing wild parties on a 145-foot yacht.”

Keyword content analysis of States of the Union Speeches vs. BHO

I'd question this data except that it's consistent with the value system of this President.  Liberty and constitutionalism are simply obstacles to the ushering in of the New Jerusalem.  Sigh.

Obama's Vocab copy