Sunday, July 05, 2015

On Iran is Obama a coward, a fool or a traitor?

Even mainstream press outlets like Reuters are (politely) incredulous (perhaps unlike the Obami, Reuters and AP writers love their children even more than their ideology -who knew?).

In the last few days the AP published that the Obama administration’s coziness with Iran is the “new normal,” the WSJ revealed that the administration started secretly seeking reconciliation with Iran almost from day 1, and Reuters assessed that the Obama administration has become Iran’s lawyer. These aren’t neocon opinion pieces. They’re full-blown news articles from top diplomatic writers at some of the world’s leading outlets. The Obama administration will need to somehow overcome these suspicions if it’s going to convince Congress that the White House will enforce an Iran deal. Thus the record has been 100 percent the opposite.

The tragedy is none of this makes a dingoes fetid kidney's worth of difference. Obama never seriously believed that even a Democrat dominated Senate would ratify this madness. But he knows that just signing it will give the world a green light to abandon sanctions, giving the Mullahs all the money, weapons and fissle material necessary to make life a living Islamic hell for hundreds of millions of people.

Attaboy, Barry. Hope and change indeed.

Friday, July 03, 2015

Interview with the guy that makes the little cacti in all those fruity colors

Me:  WTF?

Fruity Color Cactus Promoter:  Yeah, bitchin' innit?

Me:  No, seriously WTF are you doing to those cacti?

FCCP:  I paint 'em different colors so they'll go with people's towels and  sofas.

Me:  But why?

FCCP:  Well to be frank, Mother Nature just wasn't gettin' the job done.  I mean hundreds of species of succulents and they're all green.  Bore-ing.

Me:  Does it hurt the cacti?

FCCP;  Dude, they're cucumbers with pricks, get over it.

Me:  It must be hard to get the paint just on those little tips.

FCCP: Yeah but we've got half of China working it so no problemo.

Me: Who in their right mind would pay money for painted plants?

FCCP:  You got me, I just work here...

Me:  Any plan for patterns?  Stripes, polka dots, paisley?

FCCP: Sure. Our artistry is not constrained by either ethics or good taste.  You want it you got it.  We are not proud.

Me: Do you ever wonder whether your life has any meaning?  I mean painting cacti garish shades of orange and chartreuse is kind of pathetic and tacky isn't it?

FCCP:  Hey buddy, this is America! The rest of the world is counting on us to do the weird new things that nobody else is willing to do.  And when you denigrate Desert Gems Colorized Cacti for being "stupid and tacky" aren't you just putting down creativity?  And when you put down creativity aren't you really bad mouthing the most creative place in the world:  America?  Well I for one will not stand here and listen to you put down the United States of America. Not on the fourth of July.


There no longer is either freedom of conscience or speech.

Oregon fined a baker $135,000 - destroying a family with 7 kids livelihood because they declined to bake a custom cake that conveyed a message that violated their conscience. They did not refuse to serve, anyone could come into their bakery - it's just that they reserved the right to only provide custom services fir situations that they believe in. In this they behaved like countless left wing political lawyers who will only take cases and clients they approve of. And no gay service provider will ever be destroyed for telling the Christianists to fuck off.

This isn't a Republic, it's a leftist lawyer hell.

Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Moderate Democrats: bled dry on the Obama Somme and Barack Marne - "there's no one left"

An entire generation of Democrat pols to the right of Barack Obama eradicated. Democrats stripped of all power in almost half the states. Blindly heading for a general election with the weakest, most corrupt candidate since Tammany Hall and the Ku Klux Klan got together to pick AL Smith. But rainbow flags! And Obamadon'tcare saved! And Lawyers get to loot real estate like they've looted employment law! And environmental mandates and minwage increases that drive costs up, up, up and productivity and employment down, down, down. And cowardice and incompetence overseas so egregious that even Jimmy Carter is condemning it. We've reached peak liberal and an avalanche is coming.

Ever wonder why no interesting center-left Democrats aren't challenging an increasingly vulnerable Hillary Clinton? There aren't any. Nobody. No one.

As Britain and France were bled white by their World War I battles, the Democrats were drained by a series of midterm debacles in which those in swing states were punished by voters, and all but the bluest of blue were cut down. On the altar of healthcare, Democrats sacrificed the fruit of two cycles of party-expansion, the picking of people who could win in red states and red districts, to bolster the party's breadth and appeal.

Now, these Democrats were told by liberal bloggers that it was their duty to lay down their political lives for this unpopular measure that most of their voters despised. As a result, Clinton's most viable challengers are a 75-year-old socialist from deep-blue Vermont, and the colorless former governor of very blue Maryland, who was so weak he could not help to elect his lieutenant governor, who lost to only the second Republican governor in a very long time. The Democrats' bench is not merely weak, it is non-existent. And that is Obamacare's work.

No, it's actually a much broader debacle than just Obamacare. My Dem interlocutors have gone almost silent. On the one hand these mostly white moderate men are frightened to speak out lest they be branded sexist racist homophobes and be marginalized right out of the party. On the other hand they realize that there is no future for them in a party with an intensely racist and sexist  commitment to all identities except....whites and heterosexual men.

The Dems are the Zombie party. Don't think so? Listen to Hillary speak. I dare you. But as this antiquated shambles goes down the enraged roars of all the septuagenarian Pelosiraptors will be something to behold.

Americans are bigots if the don't support same sex marriage but Castro is swell just about sums up bien pensant incoherence

Media bias is not only complete and hypocritical, it's drunk and incoherent.  Hugh Hewitt interviews Politico's Ben Smith who tries to explain but ends up sounding like he needs AA. While Howard Kurtz finally admits the obvious. The left won this week but now no one can argue that our press and institutions are any thing but left wing sluts.

The media is awfully quick to paint Americans as bigots and equivalent racists for having a heterodox opinions on same-sex marriage, but they’re pretty silent about the moral character of regimes that toss gays and lesbians off of roofs as a matter of public policy in order to maintain their supposed objectivity and sensitivity to multicultural concerns. It’s interesting to see where and when the media is willing to allow for two sides on an issue.

So how do you know what you know?

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Puerto Rico: the first blue model "state" tips into the toilet

Tax, spend and borrow, high minimum wages,  corruption and identity politics are poisonous. It's happening first to Detroit and PR because they are weak and vulnerable. Rhode Island or perhaps Cleveland, Chicago or even LA are next.
The left had better whoop up their illegitimate black mummu wins now because it is going to get sooooo ugly in blue land. And all the sneering triumphalism is not going to make the Rs that dominate Congress and the Solvent States of America want to cut them down from their self inflicted hangings. Hell right now I'd just as soon yank on their feet to hear them choke more.

What if the one thing we banned was the list of things we must ban?

Lileks notices that liberals want to ban so very much. So much that there aren't liberals. Of course they never were.

The people who are "liberal" in America are the intellectual descendants of the Puritans. They just worship Gaia and the great and glorious super state rather than Yahweh. God help us all.

Monday, June 29, 2015

The rewilding of Europe, North America and the world - an optimistic take on our environmental challenge

From Jesse Ausubel - a Professor at Rockefeller University and a completely establishment figure.  He extends the message that Bjorn Lomborg made back in the nineties and shows how much progress has been made.  I highly recommend you read this to get the sadly under reported good news about the Earth.

My only concern is for the professor's well being:  the Enviro Religious do not take well to people who bring good news, no matter how true.  The Enviro faith is about human sin and the impossibility of redemption without elimination of ourselves.  They hate good news.

Friday, June 26, 2015

King v. Burwell illustrates the folly of nominating lawyers to the Supreme Court

80 percent of lawyers are left of center.  One hundred percent of lawyers earn their living helping people navigate the ever more complex labyrinth of law and regulation.  This labyrinth by its very nature enriches and empowers the legal profession.  It is clearly too much to ask of career lawyers that they act against the interests of their class and guild.  Yet for America to recover and thrive the legal profession must be crushed utterly.  Perhaps the most important constitutional amendment we could pass would be to ban anyone who has ever practiced law from holding a Supreme Court seat.  So long as there is no check on lawyers but other lawyers the state and its laws will continue to metastasize until it's strangling thievery covers every inch of the body politic.

It was Roberts who helped rewrite Obamacare the first time around, making a penalty into a tax and, for the first time in history, allowing American government to coerce every citizen into buying a product from a private company as part of its power to regulate commerce.

Roberts, abandoning law, laments that Obamacare was drafted in a haphazard and vague way, right before ruling that laws can be implemented in any way the executive branch sees fit, as long as judges deem its intentions righteous.

Once we pass massive pieces of legislation that effectively hand entire industries to regulatory agencies, we are allowing the executive branch to govern in any way it sees fit. That said, it's doubtful that SCOTUS would allow the same rationalizations used for King v. Burwell to be employed for any legislation it found distasteful. Though Republican presidents keep nominating judges who disappoint conservatives, you can be assured that Hillary Clinton would not disappoint liberals with her picks.

Lawyers are human ticks. Squish 'em.

America baby! This is what we do.

The mega blockbuster spectacle. Jurassic world hits 1 billion in box office. Dinodaurs! Explosions!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

The left is in charge of New York for the first time in over 20 years and boy can you tell.

And New York is once again spiraling downward - with crime, union militancy, hostility to business and ultra profligate spending. And to think 17 short months ago DeBlasio's inauguration was nationally televised with Bill Clinton presiding. American liberals lost whatever capacity they had to govern long ago. Now it's just looting.

It turns out that banning bottled water has no positive benefits and significant negatives

The University of Vermont passed a typically leftist, coercive 'feel good' ban on bottled water.  The results:

The number of bottles per capita shipped to the university campus did not change significantly between spring 2012 (baseline) and fall 2012, when the minimum healthy beverage requirement was put in place. However, between fall 2012 and spring 2013, when bottled water was banned, the per capita number of bottles shipped to campus increased significantly. Thus, the bottled water ban did not reduce the number of bottles entering the waste stream from the university campus, which was the ultimate goal of the ban. Furthermore, with the removal of bottled water, people in the university community increased their consumption of other, less healthy bottled beverages.

Leftists seem to have a fundamental difficulty thinking in economically rational terms.  They instead tend to think in lawyer terms:  bans, regulations, restrictions on the theory "if we pass it they will obey".  This isn't true and is getting less true every day as the sheer volume of coercive regulation and law explodes in the name of 'compassion?', 'greenery?', 'equality?' or God knows what.  

Coercion is a bad thing and should be the last option for civilized people.  For our left elites it is often the first option (although on certain social issues the religious right does the same things). The arrogance of of our greedy clerisies, both left and right has no limit.