Sunday, April 22, 2018

Even if Donald Trump is Making America Great Again, what comes next?

I thought this piece by Irwin Steltzer was good. It reflects how I feel: 

On international matters Trump is  asserting America's interests. An asshole but our asshole.

Domestically he is asserting for the commercial interest of what has always been a commercial republic. In both cases he is promoting Good Things that for many years but particularly the last 8, have been subordinated to other Noble but in the end, questionable goals.

Balanced against this is his driving out the last little bit of fiscal sanity remaining at the Federal level - I suspect an inevitability so long as we are ruled by a massive central state. And so long as the magic money machine continues to work.

And of course he is a crude, boorish, lying, asshole. But I found BHO to be a smooth, manipulative, lying asshole - plus ├ža change.

The other thing Trump has unwittingly done: By causing an enraged allergic reaction, he has illuminated the corruption at the heart  of the Federal Superstate: its self dealing, its partisanship, its towering self regard and most of all, its abuse of the rules that it holds the rest of us to.

It still shocks me that after 8 years anyone could have argued that the Obama administration was the most ethical and scandal free ever. Or that anyone thought putting the Clintons back in power would be anything but a chaotic catastrophe. At least by being a different kind of ugly, Trump has shaken the complacency of Washington to its core. Which is helpful. 

But the question is this: If the excesses of Obama and the Clinton's begat Trump, what will Trump's excesses beget? You can't weave a bloated, corrupt super state wildly left and right. It begins to lose structural integrity. Absent an agreed to philosophy to unify the two parties' conflict around, it gives the super state's minions the opportunity to create their own faction to serve their interests that may end up more powerful than both the squabbling national parties combined.

And with a diffuse system filled with ways to block things, this is leading to chaos and stagnation that will bleed our nation dry.

Break it up, break it all up. Before it breaks us.

Chick fil a

This is worth a read because it is historical, not political. Best graf:

The sort of simple and open Christian devotion expressed by the supplicants of 1858, and merely hinted at by the cheerful servers of chicken sandwiches in 2018, is always and everywhere slightly out of place."

May I "always and everywhere" be seen as "slightly out of place" for Christ's sake. 

Monday, February 19, 2018

This is Christ's body....

I was minding my own business, drinking coffee before church when my friend Will came up and asked me if I could do communion for someone who didn't show. Despite going to church my whole life, I had never served communion before.  At first I was too young and then later I never felt worthy of the honor. But trapped by the need, I consented. This in spite of what I knew would inevitably  happen.

When it came time, I turned to my partner, Andree and said: "you take the wine"...because I'm a spiller - I spill. I had this terrible vision of dumping a melange of wine and grape juice down someone's spring frock. As it was I was going to have problems with the crackers - I mean wafers. Because what I feared came true as soon as the first customer walked up. As I looked them in the eye and spoke the words the tears began to pool. Each time I said them the pool got bigger. I dared not reach up and wipe them away, that would have just resulted in me serving the crackers - dang! I mean wafers - off the floor.

I prayed "Lord please don't let me blubber" and He didn't but by the end my eyes were so full of tears that I couldn't see much of anything. But sometimes tears help us see more clearly, indeed sometimes we can only see the truth through tears. And my truth came through loud and clear. For while I was saying one thing, another was imprinting on my soul:

This is Christs's body, broken for you
This is Christ's body, broken for you,
This is Christ's body, broken for you,
This is Christs's body, broken

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

On Racism

"And it’s also clear that many immigration restrictionists are influenced by simple bigotry — with the president’s recent excrement-related remarks a noteworthy illustration." Ross Douthat, NYT.

This passage from the generally admirable Ross Douthat illustrates just what is wrong with our elites. We elites like to think of ourselves as more sophisticated, better informed and therefore more rational.  Implicitly we assume that those we disagree with, particularly those lower on the educational and socio economic scale, are acting more from base emotions: fear, hate, bigotry. But this attitude runs into problems:
  • There is no evidence that otherwise normal people of normal intelligence are any less rational than high IQ people. Indeed watching what goes on campus these days I could more easily argue the opposite.
  • Generally the purveyors of 'they're bigoted' have no evidence and wouldn't dare make that accusation in front of a group of people they so happily smear in absentia.
  • To argue otherwise in the immigration debate is to run up against two inconvenient facts:
    • Far and away the greatest opponents of immigration are African Americans who by large margins support lowered immigration levels.
    • A majority of latino Americans support Trump's key planks: Regularize the 'Dreamers, Eliminate Chain and Lottery immigration and implement Canada/Australia style skills immigration.
So are majorities of the second and third largest ethnic/racial groups racists? Of course not. When elites think of racists they only think of those of European descent which is.....racist.

So why do blacks and latinos support a restrictionist immigration regime? It's obvious isn't it?
  • These two groups are the lowest income, lowest skilled groups in the nation.
  • While mass unskilled immigration may be good for America, it's terrible for people at the lower end of the income distribution.
Thus these two groups (and the much maligned working class whites) have solid, rational reasons for wanting a radical reduction in unskilled immigration without having to possess any racial animus. Yet elites on the left and even some urban ones on the right (Douthat, Goldberg to name two) immediately assume that those that disagree with their position on immigration can't simply possess a different perspective arising from their different life experiences but must be evil.

This fact is the first and most important reason Trump has run wild. Because once you've called me racist a dozen times, you've forfeited my respect or even my attention.

And of course the elite insist that Trump's describing a country as a 'shithole' in a private meeting must be construed  in the worst possible light. Even while they insist on construing the foibles of their friends (IRS, FBI, Clintons) in the best possible light. But it is easy for outlanders and untermenschen to believe a country, town, hotel, district is a 'shithole' without applying it to the people unfortunate enough to live there. Indeed many of the bottom classes live or have lived in such places and they know the difference.

But again, calling your opponents racists eliminates the need to think or listen or understand where they're coming from.

Indeed the 'racist' trope used in the immigration debate is among the most bigoted and narrow minded attitudes extant in America today. Which is why more of us every day are dismissing the so called 'elites' with contempt: They are far more guilty of the sins they accuse the rest of us of. Yet they are arrogantly oblivious.

And they're finally getting their comeuppance. More, faster, harder.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Damn Cats

In remembrance of Yanti Ardie 's deceased cat Smoky:

Cats, cats, cats
Damn all cats
They make me sneeze
And scratch the door
They bring dead things
Lay them on the floor

But they're warm in bed
And they purr purr purr
With scratchy tongues
And fuzzy fur
So I love damn cats.
I miss mine so.

Thursday, December 07, 2017

Sabremetrics for Generals - Seriously Cool

Includes an interactive map of generalship and individual profiles. I'm serious. Very cool. Here.

Cracked is dead.

It flipped to "Social Justice" and stopped being funny. It's the classic "turn hard left and die maneuver".

Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Oklahoma City: Pyongyang on the Prarie?

Michelle Malkin says so. And if half of what she writes is true, it's prosecutorial and judicial abuse on an epic scale.

Monday, December 04, 2017

Deep in their blue bunkers, totally out of their minds.

This is a good precis by the "Never Trump" Right of the Trump/Mueller/Russian Collusion Imbroglio

Summary: the goal is and has always been impeachment. But you should read it yourself.

And I confess to be amazed. Because:

1. If it succeeds it will once again gravely damage the Federal government's reputation among half of the population.
2. It will likely provoke levels of violence unseen at least since the nineteen sixties and perhaps not since the eighteen sixties.
3. And the great majority of the people expert at violence are on the right.

The result of this unwillingness to accept an election result by the permanent Federal Elite must inevitably be a significant degradation in the power, reputation and influence of the Federal government and other elite institutions which are already suffering massively from all sorts of trust based scandals.

Personally I and most of the right welcome a significant reduction in Federal and general Elite power, status and reach.

But I presume the left and the DC elite don't . 

Yet they sit in their deep blue bunkers spinning their power fantasies, totally out of their minds.