Friday, February 27, 2015

Imagine a road network where bikes, semis and Porsches all pay the same price to go the same speed. Now you understand Net Neutrality.

Only it's worse: Mr. Porsche would gladly pay more to go 80 as he does on some Texas tollways but Ms. Bike's top speed is 20 so that's the top speed. And Mr. Semi would happily restrict his driving to low traffic times for a lower road use fee but that w
ould be showing him favoritism.

Net neutrality pretends that all Internet traffic has the same value and urgency. The reality is that there is an ever expanding range of uses for the net each with its own unique value, timeliness and quality profile. Barack Obama has just announced that creepy lawyers like him will decide which uses are more valuable or timely or need more quality.

Pure stupidity paired with left fascist greed.  More discussion here.

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