Thursday, February 19, 2015

Left fascists routinely use violence and intimidation to stop speech that they disagree with. Right wingers? Hardly ever.

Face it: the primary venue for suppression of free speech among adults today is at our colleges and universities. We even have prestigious law professors like Eric Posner arguing that colleges have a "duty" to suppress speech in the interests of young adult development (but not sex, drugs or rock 'n roll presumably because those activities don't threaten faculty power). Left fascists violate social norms and perpetrate violence secure in the knowledge that the administration won't punish them. Right groups are often not even allowed on campus much less allowed to misbehave. Here's another example from Asche Schow:

Johnson, who co-wrote the book about the false rape allegation against the Duke lacrosse team, has been trying to bring sanity back to the debate over how college campuses handle sexual assault accusations by explaining repeatedly that accused students should not be convicted based on an allegation, without the ability to defend themselves.
And that’s where the activists disagree.
Protesters showed up to his lecture with homemade signs and t-shirts that said “rape is real” (no one is saying it isn’t) and “sex without consent is always rape” (no one is saying otherwise). They stood up when he was about to speak and blocked the audience’s view of Johnson.

Shut up, they explained.

It's ironic that the other example of administration enabled abuse of the law on college campuses comes from 1930s Germany where the Nazi party became dominant on campus long before they won political power. Like today, sympathetic college administrators back then looked the other way when Jews or leftists were harassed. But this parallel to the Nazis shouldn't surprise anyone because colleges have been the most thuggish, authoritarian and venal institutions in the nation for quite some time.

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