Thursday, February 12, 2015

Hey what's the big deal? Ayers hates America, Obama hates America - see: no problem

Ayers famously was recorded in a NYT interview published on 9/11/2001 bragging of and unrepentant for his past anti-American terrorism while Barack Obama just fielded two of the biggest lies and slurs on America ever said by a President: that 1 in 5 women had been victims of sexual assault and one in four victims of domestic violence.

While the fact that Obama was literally partying with former advocates of violent struggle against the U.S. government will no doubt be taken by his critics as further evidence that he hates America, the most interesting thing about the wedding is the shocking proof it offers that—at long last!—Obama truly no longer gives a fuck about keeping up political appearances.

Of course Gawker describes Ayers and his Hot Hater wife Dohrn as 'advocates' of 'violent' struggle rather than what they were:  active terrorists who in Ayers words were "guilty as hell"* but what do you expect from journalists who have been indoctrinated in an American education system where there are no left crimes? 

Nevertheless Ayers and Obama are unhinged America haters both sitting in their comfortable state funded sinecures. What creeps. Details here.

*Incidentally 'guilty as hell' Billy Ayers got away with terrorism and conspiracy in large part because of his influential father who was Chairman of Commonwealth Edison - the big Chicago utility at the time.  Barack Obama got away with years of heavy marijuana and occasional cocaine use (and no doubt under today's vicious laws what would be considered 'trafficking') because of his privileged status as well.  Laws are for the little people, you see. Ayers and Obama answer to a "Higher Power"

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