Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Why Fan boy Christie stands no chance of winning a Republican nomination

Aside from his rather pathetic obsession with Jerry Jones' Cowboys he also (apparently proudly) presides over an increasingly poor authoritarian dystupidia (stupid dystopia). The principled libertarian right won't vote for a man whose acievements consist of making the handiwork of the thuggish left work better.

CHRISTIE’S NEW JERSEY, Where A Flintlock Pistol Can Get You A 10-Year Jail Sentence. “VanGilder is a retired teacher whose career spanned 34 years. He’s an admirer of 18th century artifacts and historical memorabilia and bought the pistol to go with his collection. The pistol featured in Simone’s report is approaching its 300-year anniversary.”

Draconian laws that terrorize compliance with unconstitutional provisions are unAmerican. Let him go play with his cheerleaders.

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