Monday, February 09, 2015

The Democrats are bleeding middle American voters at an astounding rate

To get funded by the leftward rich you must subscribe to a set of social policies including abortion extremism.  The result is:

Just five years ago, 110 pro-life Democrats were in the House, around a dozen in the U.S. Senate. Today, fewer than five are in the House, and two in the Senate.

Just five years ago, coincidentally, Democrats held majorities in both chambers.

They lost those majorities because they lost touch with their districts.

Yes, gerrymandering played a part. Yet that is far from the whole story, a story no one talks about — or, if they do, they don't address the problem. The fact is, Democrats are losing or excluding evangelicals, blue-collar types, Jacksonians and moderates, not only from feeling welcome in the party but from filling the Democrat bench to run for or to hold local offices.

That is happening not just in Ohio but all across the country.

So while the story is told, over and over, about how the extreme right wing of the Republican Party is pushing people out, you never once hear the word “extreme” associated with the left or progressive wings of the Democratic Party.

Is it because those wings' values are shared by many in the press who report on politics, so they view any move to the left as normal and sensible? Probably.

Is that good for Democrats? Probably not, because it forces them deeper into their party's coastal, urban and academic enclaves, and further out of touch with Middle America.

Eventually, if not already, that will make them the party of the elite.

Washington can't see this. Big-money Democrats can't see this.

But Yvonne, the Youngstown Democrat, can see it — and so can a lot of other Yvonnes and their families, neighbors and co-workers, all across the country

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