Sunday, February 01, 2015

BLUE MELTDOWNDetroit Seizes Homes to Fund Corruption

I say give Detroit to the unions as full payment for all their corrupt depredations. 'Course the Dems will protect them. Because without government employees and poor minorities the Dems are just an effete academic and urban affluent rump.

This story shows just how bankrupt the Great Society model of urban governance has become. These property taxes are themselves exorbitant, and the structure they help pay for is an unsustainable system of unionized employees. Since the 1960s, Democrats have supported a model that, at its worst, is characterized by corrupt political machines that rule in de facto single-party urban enclaves. They are propped up by state and federal subsidies and show little to no interest in effective management, economically sustainable development policies, anti-corruption efforts, or school performance

Why is every single single party shit hole Democrat? Every single one. Just asking....

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