Sunday, February 15, 2015

The left is reluctant to paint ISIS beyond the pale because the Left's goals are transforming America

And ISIS is looked upon by these "citizens of the world" as less of an enemy than a catalyst or stick to drive their bigoted countrymen towards the new socialist dawn. The reason Barack Obama defends ISIS atrocities by citing centuries old Christian history is because in his addlepated left mind America is the big sinner and the head hacking Arabs are victims.

Bill Moyer - a man who has absorbed this bizarre inversion so much that he's become a walking punchline responded in an even more America and Christian hating manner than the President.

Bill Moyers, the White House press secretary under LBJ and now one of the key fist-clenching, head-tilting spokespeople for American liberalism, said he couldn’t sleep after he heard that IS had burned to death the Jordanian pilot. No, not because his mind was swirling with thoughts of how wicked IS is, silly, but because he kept thinking to himselfloo: America did the same shit. He said his mind filled with images of the ‘charred corpses’ of black men lynched in America’s South decades ago, ‘tied to a blistered tree in the heart of the Texas Bible Belt’. He even got up in the middle of the night to Google images of these lynchings. Now there’s some hardcore commitment to self-loathing: interrupting your night’s sleep to search for gruesome old images that might confirm that America’s historical heart is as black as the Islamic State’s.

Moyers says that when he reads about IS’s execution-by-burning, he thinks of America’s own historic burners, ‘our own barbarians’: ‘Homegrown. Godly. Our neighbours, friends and kin. People like us.’ I’m sorry, but if you look into the Islamic State’s flames and see yourself, if your first thought upon watching one of IS’s medieval snuff movies is to think of your neighbours and friends and how they allegedly once committed equally demented acts, then there’s something wrong with you. Your moral compass is bust. Here, American history is not something to study and understand but instead becomes a hairshirt of self-loathing we wrap around ourselves in order to hide from the apparently pesky task of passing moral judgement against a fiery pseudo-state in Syria. Hateful episodes from Western history are dredged up to the cynical end of avoiding making moral distinctions and decisions in the present.

Only the liberal isn't really wearing the hairshirt - he's running behind normal America trying to persuade us to stop long enough so he can bury us in the hair burka he has so hatefully knitted ere these long years. Regardless of what happens or who does it the answer for the Obama and Moyers of the world is "America sucks and it's América that needs to change".

I still don't understand how man with such contempt for his countrymen got elected. I really dont.

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