Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Herd immunity applies to guns as well as vaccinations.

The science has spoken! You should thank a gun nut! 

TRUE! Paul Hsieh: Herd Immunity Applies to Guns as Well as Vaccinations.

From the experience in Illinois and around the country, a relatively small number of armed people can similarly reduce the risk of crime — even for those who aren’t armed.

So if you don’t own a gun but you are enjoying safer nights out on the town or sleeping more easily in your bed at night, give a little thanks to your neighbors who are gun owners. You’re the beneficiary of gun “herd immunity.”

My son now has a concealed carry permit because of incidents like this (Logically all young women should.):

The recent experience of college students Nour Skargee and Sable Nehme support the thesis that guns can prevent violent crime. When home invaders burst into their apartment, Sable “ran to her bedroom, retrieved her gun and pointed it at the culprits.”
Her quick thinking and bravery paid off. The assailants fled immediately. As Skargee noted:
If we didn’t have a gun, it would have been game over. They were bigger than me, bigger than both of us … We had no way of stopping them. The gun was the one thing that made them run.
(My friend Ryan Moore tells a similar story in his interview: “Carrying a Gun Saved My Life.”

The science is settled. You don’t want to be anti-science, do you? Hat tip Instapundit.

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