Sunday, February 08, 2015

Because of "Climate Change" Reality ain't what it used to be

And probably never will. Here is an investigation of the land temperature record in Paraguay. The "actual" temperature record has been contrasted with the IPCC sponsored record which the Climatistas have "normalized".

I've previously posted on how Kansas and New Zealand records among others have been found to similarly manipulated to make the past cooler so the trend numbers will come out "right". They can only do this with surface data. Remember this when you hear that the "warming pause" has "ended" except for the satellite data sets which I assume they working assiduously to discredit and/or disable as we speak.

For the statist reality is what State Agencies say it is. And everyone else should just shut up. After all unofficial opinions aren't real are they?

It's amazing how much progress Authoritarians can make with American liberals if they dress up their tyranny in UN and Environmental robes. But my leftward friends keep telling me they are so very "scientific".

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