Wednesday, February 25, 2015

If Barack Obama loves America then why so many close America hating friends?

Would you describe a man who shouted "God damn America" to his 1000 person congregation in a sermon as your "spiritual mentor"? If you had political aspirations? Well you would if you were Barack Obama and were campaigning for liberal votes.

If I called for God to damn negroes would anyone doubt that I hated them? And would any of you call me your mentor if I did? If I asked God to damn Africa?

Liberals can pretend that their contempt for America "as is" is "patriotic" but do you really love anyone if you only are proud of them when they do what you want? That smacks of the love for a mule, not a person or a nation. Of course the left is wont to look at people merely as racial subcategories or means of production so perhaps it makes sense to their reductionist view of humanity. For if people have no souls what is there left to love?

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