Thursday, February 05, 2015

Even at the University of Chicago students are asking to be muzzled

The enthusiasm that supposedly "elite" college students have for left fascist control of what they say and think is depressing.  It is evidence  that the left's long, destructive  March through the institutions is paying dividends.

Some public censure was, however offered. The editors of the Chicago Maroon (the student newspaper) upbraided the faculty committee for failing to exempt what it called “hate speech” from the protections offered to speech in general. Against the faculty’s absolutist tone, the students sided with the principles announced by the university’s ”Vice President for Student Life and Student Services” instead:

The report specifies that the University can still regulate speech that is unlawful, libelous, or threatening, calling these categories “narrow exceptions” to a policy of general free expression. However, labeling these types of speech “narrow exceptions” minimizes the seriousness and harmfulness of this kind of speech. What is more concerning are the University’s apparent inconsistencies on this issue. In an e-mail sent on November 24...Vice President for Campus Life and Student Services Karen Warren Coleman reiterated the University’s “commitment to a diverse campus free from harassment and discrimination.” Given the University’s stated commitment to eradicating hateful speech on campus in the past, it is disappointing that it has failed to maintain this strong stance in its most recent report.

It is depressing to think that sentiments such as these might represent the authentic voice of a younger generation that, having heard hardly any other message from the culture in which they were reared, has come to fully embrace the gods of political correctness.

It is even more depressing when one considers that even the most apparently-secure fruits of the Enlightenment are never more than one generation away from extinction if they are adhered to only by the older generation but despised by the younger. 

Even bright kids can't stand against 17 straight years of authoritarian indictrination.

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