Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Puerto Rico: the first blue model "state" tips into the toilet

Tax, spend and borrow, high minimum wages,  corruption and identity politics are poisonous. It's happening first to Detroit and PR because they are weak and vulnerable. Rhode Island or perhaps Cleveland, Chicago or even LA are next.
The left had better whoop up their illegitimate black mummu wins now because it is going to get sooooo ugly in blue land. And all the sneering triumphalism is not going to make the Rs that dominate Congress and the Solvent States of America want to cut them down from their self inflicted hangings. Hell right now I'd just as soon yank on their feet to hear them choke more.

What if the one thing we banned was the list of things we must ban?

Lileks notices that liberals want to ban so very much. So much that there aren't liberals. Of course they never were.

The people who are "liberal" in America are the intellectual descendants of the Puritans. They just worship Gaia and the great and glorious super state rather than Yahweh. God help us all.

Monday, June 29, 2015

The rewilding of Europe, North America and the world - an optimistic take on our environmental challenge

From Jesse Ausubel - a Professor at Rockefeller University and a completely establishment figure.  He extends the message that Bjorn Lomborg made back in the nineties and shows how much progress has been made.  I highly recommend you read this to get the sadly under reported good news about the Earth.

My only concern is for the professor's well being:  the Enviro Religious do not take well to people who bring good news, no matter how true.  The Enviro faith is about human sin and the impossibility of redemption without elimination of ourselves.  They hate good news.

Friday, June 26, 2015

King v. Burwell illustrates the folly of nominating lawyers to the Supreme Court

80 percent of lawyers are left of center.  One hundred percent of lawyers earn their living helping people navigate the ever more complex labyrinth of law and regulation.  This labyrinth by its very nature enriches and empowers the legal profession.  It is clearly too much to ask of career lawyers that they act against the interests of their class and guild.  Yet for America to recover and thrive the legal profession must be crushed utterly.  Perhaps the most important constitutional amendment we could pass would be to ban anyone who has ever practiced law from holding a Supreme Court seat.  So long as there is no check on lawyers but other lawyers the state and its laws will continue to metastasize until it's strangling thievery covers every inch of the body politic.

It was Roberts who helped rewrite Obamacare the first time around, making a penalty into a tax and, for the first time in history, allowing American government to coerce every citizen into buying a product from a private company as part of its power to regulate commerce.

Roberts, abandoning law, laments that Obamacare was drafted in a haphazard and vague way, right before ruling that laws can be implemented in any way the executive branch sees fit, as long as judges deem its intentions righteous.

Once we pass massive pieces of legislation that effectively hand entire industries to regulatory agencies, we are allowing the executive branch to govern in any way it sees fit. That said, it's doubtful that SCOTUS would allow the same rationalizations used for King v. Burwell to be employed for any legislation it found distasteful. Though Republican presidents keep nominating judges who disappoint conservatives, you can be assured that Hillary Clinton would not disappoint liberals with her picks.

Lawyers are human ticks. Squish 'em.

America baby! This is what we do.

The mega blockbuster spectacle. Jurassic world hits 1 billion in box office. Dinodaurs! Explosions!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

The left is in charge of New York for the first time in over 20 years and boy can you tell.

And New York is once again spiraling downward - with crime, union militancy, hostility to business and ultra profligate spending. And to think 17 short months ago DeBlasio's inauguration was nationally televised with Bill Clinton presiding. American liberals lost whatever capacity they had to govern long ago. Now it's just looting.

It turns out that banning bottled water has no positive benefits and significant negatives

The University of Vermont passed a typically leftist, coercive 'feel good' ban on bottled water.  The results:

The number of bottles per capita shipped to the university campus did not change significantly between spring 2012 (baseline) and fall 2012, when the minimum healthy beverage requirement was put in place. However, between fall 2012 and spring 2013, when bottled water was banned, the per capita number of bottles shipped to campus increased significantly. Thus, the bottled water ban did not reduce the number of bottles entering the waste stream from the university campus, which was the ultimate goal of the ban. Furthermore, with the removal of bottled water, people in the university community increased their consumption of other, less healthy bottled beverages.

Leftists seem to have a fundamental difficulty thinking in economically rational terms.  They instead tend to think in lawyer terms:  bans, regulations, restrictions on the theory "if we pass it they will obey".  This isn't true and is getting less true every day as the sheer volume of coercive regulation and law explodes in the name of 'compassion?', 'greenery?', 'equality?' or God knows what.  

Coercion is a bad thing and should be the last option for civilized people.  For our left elites it is often the first option (although on certain social issues the religious right does the same things). The arrogance of of our greedy clerisies, both left and right has no limit.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Charleston v. Fort Hood and the moral corruption of a President

One is a politically exploitable tragedy. The other an interference to be elided. Guess which one's which?

Anti American Moral corruption here.

Nikki Haley is a woman of color who's family roots are in Punjab

And the Confederate battle flag was designed by racist white Democrats. It's not the Republicans' flag.

Kevin Williamson on The Great Left Freak Out.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Dems: "2.2% growth is just swell, the best we can do" Republicans: "can you spell 'malaise'? Now how about "Ronnie Reagan"?

Republicans say we can get the economy growing faster, even 4 percent per annum and argue that should be our primary goal as a nation. Democrats say "that's delusional, besides we need to spend the trillions of dollars of investment that would take to save the planet from burning and stopping the rape epidemic that the FBI can't find and getting income equality and providing subsidized health care and free college and double minwage while saving us from transfats and sugar and nasty free speech and micro agressions and big mean 'ol white men."

"Besides", the Donks continue "Its just so hard and everyone is being really mean".

I sort of get their point. I mean with that  agenda the paltry 2.2% real growth achieved since the Great recession's nadir looks pretty darn good rather than the worst since economic records have been kept.

Maybe we need less "hope" and more real change at the top? Let's do it (as the Dems might put it) "for the children".

Monday, June 22, 2015

"the latter is a profoundly evil place."

That would be Anglo American institutions of higher learning who in their grasping greed and utter contempt for constitutional liberties or even fair play are among the darkest, most corrupt institutions in the land.

Steyn here.

Barney Frank cashes in on his regulatory prowess - joins bank board

Big bucks for showing up a few days to rubber stamp stuff.  It's good to be the party hack.  It's a pity his 'reform' is a disaster that makes banking more expensive and at greater risk of contagion.  But the Barn was working his rent seeking game for all the pols and lawyers that make their living sucking the life blood of the country.

Regulation is supposed to stop unethical behavior but what do you call regulation designed to facilitate unethical behavior?  Federal Regulation.

And all this baloney about how Dems 'care for the poor and weak'.  They don't give a damn for anything but their power and perqs.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

So when did making fun of stuff become "incorrect"?

Jerry Seinfeld - reacting negatively to the steadily shrinking definition of what is acceptably funny - is fighting back. It used to be that lots of comedians loved to do College shows. Now many of the best avoid them like the plague.

It is ironic that to mock much if our establishment has become an objectively "conservative" act. Of course our "establishment" is now objectively reactionary.

It seems we have gone from sophisticated, highly literate Popes to one with the politics of a Vassar Womyn's Studies major.

In his incomprehension of economics, his contempt for wealth creation and his idiotic enviro-faith Pope Francis is the perfect Pontiff for our benighted secular clerisy.

Pope Francis frames his argument in favor of a heavy-handed environmentalism around the idea that climate change hurts the poor the most. Yet he seems to have little notion of what has helped the world’s poor more than anything: namely, the march of markets and technology, which has lifted billions out of destitution. Instead, Francis rails against those who “doggedly uphold the myth of progress,” the “modern myth of unlimited material progress,” and the “myths of modernity,” including “unlimited progress.” Yet after levying these warnings against progress, the pope calls for a bigger effort to develop sources of renewable energy. Exactly how will this be accomplished, except through giant advances in technology?

Too much of the encyclical reads like a list of green gremlins cooked up by the most ardent environmentalists. Francis finds reason not to like genetically modified foods because, he claims, wherever they’re employed, “productive land is concentrated in the hands of a few owners” and small farms disappear due to “an expansion of oligopolies for the production of cereals and other products.” This claim ignores the good that genetically engineered food does in boosting production and helping to feed people around the world.

The pope also decries the way humans are depleting the world’s natural resources. Under this heading, he includes a lack of fresh drinking water in some areas. He claims that water suitable for drinking “is a basic and universal human right.” But in much of the underdeveloped world, human overuse isn’t responsible for the scarcity of drinking water; rather, lack of technology to discover, pump, and purify water is the issue. Bringing clean water to Africa’s poor, for instance, has nothing to do with Americans or other wealthy peoples using too much of their own water. Instead, the solution lies in transferring the tools we have developed for ourselves—technologies that have drastically reduced disease and dehydration—to the poor.

The most dispiriting thing about the encyclical, however, is the relentlessly bleak vision of the world this pope proffers. He at times sounds like a survivalist warning that time is running out—and not because the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand. Francis talks of impending, large-scale natural disasters, the breakdown of social life on the planet, and warns, “Doomsday predictions can no longer be met with irony or disdain.” His critique ignores so much—the extension of democracy and rise of the middle class in the Third World, the decrease in wars, the eradication of deadly diseases, and even the decline in pollution in places, thanks to technological innovations like cleaner engines and fuels.

The pope’s assuming of the apocalyptic tone of the environmentalist is, in the end, ironic. It is the Church’s gospel that offers us the true Apocalypse, which is a hopeful revelation of God’s coming and cause for joy among the good. Laudato Si, by contrast, is perhaps the least hopeful, most joyless document to come out of the Vatican in my lifetime.

What a disaster for poor people to have such a shallow and trendy man in that most august of offices. Better not to have one than to have this benighted clown.

Couch burning and the Optimal Prank Nexus

News reports say that West Virginia U has become so vexed with couch burning incidents that it has banned outdoor sofaing altogether.

So why didn't we think of this? The burning, not the ban. I mean we had lots of cheap couches and most of them did need to be burned for sanitary if not aesthetic reasons. Yet we never put "a want and a need into the deed" so to speak. I suppose it was a failure to achieve the critical  "Optimal Prank Nexus". The OPN was a theory of fraternal living that I developed to explain why a group of relatively intelligent young men/older boys would some times come up with absolutely brilliant forms of mischief while at other times we - I mean they - did the most dumbass things.

Your common variety collegiate prank is trivially easy to produce. All you need to do is throw a few kegs and some high decibel Weezer in the midst of a bunch of college kids. Within minutes the combination will begin emitting a "Seemed Like A Good Idea" field from which all prank  mayhem originates.

But the optimal prank only emerges from the fog of a common SLAGI field if several conditions occur at exactly the same time. For example, to come up with the brilliant, high concept prank of couch burning one must have a certain level of excitement underway - say a party or sports victory or even an abortive narcotics sweep by the local gendarmes. Then you need someone with a weak moral sense but a strong eye for fun to be sober enough to generate "the idea". Thirdly, everyone else needs to be sufficiently inebriated  so that something like "hey let's burn the furniture!" seems like a swell idea rather than arson but not so pickled that they keep trying to get the couch out the door sideways and failing that decide to "light her where she lies" in the hall.

As you can see it is these minor variations at the nexus of the deed that can turn the "brilliant" into the "dumbass" in the ten minutes it takes the fire trucks to arrive. Although I suppose West Virginia has a higher concentration of the essential nexus variables than most - which makes them particularly fiery prank innovators. Burn Mountaineers Burn

Friday, June 19, 2015

The future of finance is tied to trust

You trade with those you trust. The challenge is how do you determine who is trust worthy?

This creates an opening just as a new generation of consumers is coming of age in the era of hyper-personalized à la carte services. We’ve already seen some innovation taking place in the personal lending space, where companies like Kabbage and Lending Club are trying to provide smaller loans to individuals and entrepreneurs using algorithms that take things like social network behavior into account when assessing creditworthiness. And though the luster of the bitcoin experiment faded some as early adopters lost money when hackers hit a couple of exchanges, peer-to-peer platforms remain highly promising.

Systematically focusing on markers of honesty and trust worthiness seem like obvious steps for those wanting to distribute products requiring high levels if trust. Both in and out of Finance
True KYC.

The heart of the matter on AGW

Here's humanity's total contribution to greenhouse gases. It's trivial.

So how can that tiny speck constitute a disaster? .034 of .04 of .02 which equals: .0000272 of the atmosphere. Which for a 200 pound man is the equivalent of two postage stamps in his pocket. And this ignores the mass if the sea (1000x atmosphere), and it's heat absorbing capacity (250x the atmosphere). No one one in power will explain. They really don't want to. Their God tells them to extirpate man's sinful industry and fecundity. As it has ever since Marx brought God's Manifesto to the special people. So God's will be done.

You see their God hates people. 

Carly Fiorina is a truly impressive candidate.

I met her briefly when she had just been named CEO of HP.  I wasn't particularly impressed then but am now.  I recommend you take a close look at her.  Here is a very impressive interview with the View.  Wow.

Justice perpetrates injustice and gags its victims so they can't complain about the travesty that the Justice Department has become

Reason reported on the monstrous over sentencing of the the Silk Road founder.  Many hundreds of commenters voiced their outrage at the brutality of our government.  In response, Justice subpeoned the online identities and ip addressess of Reason's commentators.  And got one of their pocket judges to issue a gag order.  So a news publication is being forced to help the Feds violate their reader's first Amendment rights and is not allowed to report or protest.  This happened in the criminally partisan Scott Walker persecution as well.  Along with Civil Forfeiture and 97 to 99 percent of all cases failing to undergo public audit of a Jury of our peers (many, many of these settlements are also gagged) these are indicators that our criminal justice system serves the State and those who support its massive size and constant expansion while it betrays the rest of us. Government is on the government's side, not yours.

And all this intensifying under a Liberal Democrat. This administration has abused power more wantonly than any since Wilson, and he was fighting WWI.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

And New Hampshire is a "low tax state"

In most of America productive people are targeted for punitive taxes. Including NH. Fortunately not in Texas. Which is why it's booming.

THE Feds are desperately trying to "reform" Texas so it won't embarrass the stateist thieves elsewhere.

Marty O'Malley and the statists: zero out fossil fuels by 2050

One thing Obama has done is make the median Dem politico nuttier than squirrel poo. Wonder what the marginal Dem voter will think about that?

It's not so much that Obama understands Jews as that he understands dhimmis

Jews who support Israel accuse the President of condescending to them, sending "court Jews" to pacify them while Israel is sold down the river. I think they're right but the best analogy isn't Christian Europe but the Caliphate.

Obama’s presentation of himself as “an honorary member of the tribe,” which he repeated almost verbatim in his recent speech at Adas Israel Congregation in Washington, echoes the assessment of one of his favorite journalistic interlocutors, Jeffrey Goldberg, who has argued that Obama is the most Jewish president ever. What bothers Obama, the president and his spokespeople insist, isn’t Jews or Israel but specific Israeli government policies, which the president believes are driven by fear. In a recent interview with Israel’s Channel Two, he explained that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s fear—fear of losing his coalition and his job; fear of not finding a Palestinian peace partner, etc.—is endangering Israel’s very existence. And if Netanyahu is too scared to take risks for peace, Obama warned, it would be hard for his administration to continue vetoing anti-Israel motions at the United Nations.

Whether Obama is an honorary Jew or not, the evidence suggests that he keenly understands certain peculiarities of the Jewish communal psyche—survival strategies that distinguish the Jews from other American minority groups. The president’s use of Jewish aides and organizations to advance his policies with the Jewish community shows that Obama is correct in believing that Jewish politics are often motivated by fear, which can range from the existential fear of mass extermination to the more prosaic fear of looking shabby in front of the goyim. And Obama isn’t using his energy and inspiring leadership skills to help these people rise above their fear; he is instead capitalizing on it—masterfully, ruthlessly—by manipulating American Jews in ways that other minority groups would find unbelievably insulting.

Consider recent statements from Jewish aides to the president. Netanyahu is the kind of politician, said David Axelrod, “who run[s] for public office because they want to be somebody.” Israel doesn’t know what’s best for it, Obama’s former envoy to the Palestinian-Israeli peace process Martin Indyk told Israeli media last week. “You are an emotional nation, not a rational nation,” he sniffed. “You work from your gut and not your mind.”

Islam has traditionally accepted minority communities so long as they submitted and paid special fealty to the regime. The minorities were typically (but no always) richer and more accomplished than the Ummah and could bear their disabilities. Any dhimmi could eliminate his disability by proclaiming "There is no God but God! And Muhammed is his messenger!" In leftist America white straight men, Jews and Asians are dhimmis. But as Rachel Dolezal demonstrates it harder to flee dhimmitude in left wing America than in the medieval caliphate.

Of course much of left wing politics - in its denial and hatred of modern economics, it's sexual prudery combined with sexual exploitation, racism, and of course in its deeply reactionary and doctrinaire Gaia worship - is medieval.

So don't worry Jews, you're just The Obami's favorite dhimmis. For now.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Our Federal government at it's best? "A new Pearl Harbor"

The inability of our lavishly funded and paid Federal government to do the most basic things (websites, not politically targeting their enemies, following the law, not having hooker orgies when you're supposed to be protecting the President just to name a few) is the greatest rebuttal to good government liberals I could imagine. Indeed there is no such thing.

But now comes the massive and apparently catastrophic hack of personnel files by the Chinese. My God our boys in bullshit brown are pathetic, aren't they?

The damage is hard to exaggerate. Former NSA counterintelligence officer John Schindler calls it a “disaster” in a column headlined “China’s hack just wrecked American espionage.” Joel Brenner, America’s top counterintelligence official from 2006 to 2009, says the stolen data amounts to the “crown jewels” of American intelligence. “This tells the Chinese the identities of almost everybody who has got a United States security clearance,” he told the Associated Press.

Perhaps it's their belief that America is the enemy that animates their almost deliberate incompetence.

Clinton has been in public life for over three-and-a-half decades and has yet to deliver stirring remarks — or even a memorable turn of phrase

Not so! She said and I quote:

"I'm not sitting here some little woman standing by my man like Tammy Wynette," 

I suppose I could have stayed home and baked cookies and had teas, but what I decided to do was to fulfill my profession which I entered before my husband was in public life.

No she slandered by her man smearing her serial sex assaulted husband's victims as whores and sluts on her way up the greasy pole of power.

And believe you me, those statements of contempt for other women are powerful quotes indeed.

Marco Rubio: Bill Clinton without the stains?

Jon Podhoretz is a sharp guy and no slouch at speaking himself but I would have dismissed his assessment of Rubio had not so many other observers of both parties said the same things.

No, what makes Rubio so frightening to others is, simply, that he is a freakishly gifted politician — and a daring one.

He chose to challenge the sitting governor of Florida, Charlie Crist, for the Republican nomination for Senate in 2009 when Crist was at 60 percent in the polls and he was at 3 — and not only knocked Crist out of the GOP race but then beat him by 20 points when Crist ran as an independent in the general election.
It was an unprecedented triumph, like a rookie pitcher winning 25 games, and only another politician knows just how seriously he must take a rival like that.

But here’s the real thing about Rubio. I’ve listened to him and watched him talk, both in private sessions and on the Senate floor in speeches you can see on YouTube.

He is, without question, the most naturally gifted off-the-cuff political speaker I have ever seen.
His fluency on subjects ranging from conflicts in the South China Sea to flexible community-college credits is, quite simply, dazzling.

His rivals will go after him with the charge that this is all glibness — and they may score with the charge. He’s a talker, they will say; I’m a doer. Still, most of campaigning is nothing but talk.
Speeches, interviews, debates; talk is what they do.

It’s better to be a good talker than a bad talker, and it stands to reason that it’s therefore better to be a surreally great talker than a good one.

I have no idea whether Rubio will prevail in the GOP primaries next year and I have no idea whether, if he does, he will beat Hillary. What is unquestionable is that she and other Republicans fear him above all others.

The best natural politician, guaranteed to win lots more of the largest, fastest growing minority group, guaranteed to carry Florida. Causes huge problems for Dems in states like CO, NV, even NM and IA.

A slick Willie without the willie problems. Who has a chance to change the trajectory of Hispanic voting forever. Hmmm.

No wonder the Statist Borg is scared spitless.

When it comes to sex and drug cases what the judges do is often a bigger crime.

Two teens have sex. The female lies, the male goes to prison.  Judge - Thug, Police - Gangster words that increasingly have no distinction. Charles Murray is right: time for mass nullification. Let's cut their blue balls off. Yes there will be chaos as there was in the American founding. To fail to act is to continue to preside over our nation's death. Fight the statist thugs.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Wapo wholesales the "20% sexual assault" fraud

So once again Wapo is shown to be an ideological fraud. Ergo Bezos is a fraud? Mr. Big 'n Special better supervise his ideological kiddies.

What kind of leader abandons our allies to treat with our enemies

A doctrinaire leftist academic who has no experience of the real world, that's who. God help us everyone.

Read it and weep.

Juan Williams asks why Black Americans support Voter ID laws

Very simply those who have won their rights are the most protective of them. And most offended when people who do not legally have the right steal it. For if a non citizen votes it is as if one citizen was denied their vote.

The problem is that Juan is more of a partisan Democrat than he is a black man. Almost all black elites confuse their career interests with their race interests. It's perhaps the greatest continuity of Democrat party politics: the perpetuation of racial voting blocks.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Press reports are indicating that the deadliest gang in Waco was neither the Cossacks nor the Bandidos but the PoPos.

Of course they are the biggest, baddest gang of all.  And largely beyond the law.  Remember:  they're not on your side, they're on their side.  More sordid details here.

Although the national mainstream media has largely moved on from the Waco story, if critics of the police are correct, the incident represents an unprecedented civil rights violation and media cover-up campaign by the Waco authorities.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

It's a sordid business, this divvy in us up by race - Chief Justice Roberts

The strange case of Rachel Dolezal reflected on here.

So when I heard the outlandish story of Rachel Dolezal, it wasn’t so outlandish to me. The racial left is today built around racial division, race hatred, and racial guilt. It is full of people who see the world through an angry racial lens.

The civil rights movement once held the moral high ground by treating people without regard to skin color. Now the civil rights movement exists to divide Americans by race. It is no accident that Rachel Dolezal would gravitate to an organization like the NAACP.

But none of this should surprise us anymore, after all, a United States senator from Massachusetts did essentially the same thing.

Race is the fuel that runs the modern progressive agenda. It’s 24-7 race. Race is the weapon for the great transformation, for plunking Section 8 housing in wealthy residential areas, for undermining law enforcement and for transforming election laws.

"From the all animals are equal but the Clintons are pigs" department

This just in from Instapundit

SOME WISDOM OF THE CROWD NEEDED: Earlier this week, the Daily Caller published this storyabout a major liberal donor who contributed $5 million to the Clinton Foundation’s No Ceilings women’s empowerment program even as his lawyers were in federal court trying to suppress records related to his long history of sexually abusing women.
Similarly, last July, the Washington Examiner published this story about the same major liberal donor’s former medical devices company killing three people in illegal human testing (we subsequently learned five people died). The story also noted then-Obama senior aide John Podesta’s financial links to the major liberal donor.
Neither story got traction in the national media. Now, I’ve been a journalist a long time and I know these are not nothing-burgers. I’m also pretty sure the results would have been dramatically different had the subject’s last name been spelled K-O-C-H instead of W-Y-S-S. What am I missing here???

Henry Ford is finally right: History IS Bunk.

The new AP history standards represent the foundation and rise of the United states as a white male crime against humanity. More here.

Guess which candidate the AP is shilling for?

Oh my dear God trapped on an island with Hillary.

Kill me now. Please.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

New Article Blasts Feds’ ‘Pseudoscientific Methods’ For Establishing Dietary Guidelines

Of course I believe that virtually he entire Federal government is a pastiche of pseudo science, creepy new age religion and the will to power. What a bloody, obscene mess.

Friday, June 12, 2015

The ugliest American

How the Federal stupor state screws the music business. There really is nothing more perverted than the Federal fetishists who continually enable these thugs.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Half of Germans, French, Italians won't fight to defend NATO allies further east.

It seems we wasted our time and treasure defending Europe all this time. Or perhaps they just need a little taste of tyranny to refresh their regard for liberty. Still, it's hard not to conclude that the Euros have lost the civilizational will to persevere. On the other hand in its revisionist ardor Putin's Russia looks a whole lot like 1933 Germany. With nukes. Interesting bloody times indeed. And us with the faculty club favorite as President. Marginal Revo's take:

At least half of Germans, French and Italians say their country should not use military force to defend a NATO ally if attacked by Russia,” the Pew Research Center said it found in its survey, which is based on interviews in 10 nations.

There is more here, and so every great moderation must come to an end…

This is also of note:

According to the study, residents of most NATO countries still believe that the United States would come to their defense.


Eighty-eight percent of Russians said they had confidence in Mr. Putin to do the right thing on international affairs…

Solve for the equilibrium, as they like to say. It is much easier to stabilize a conservative power (e.g., the USSR) than a revisionist power (Putin’s Russia).

It is also worth thinking about how this entire state of affairs has come to pass.

Nimbies from hell: one reason blue cities are becoming so impoverished

It is increasingly difficult to build new housing which is resulting in spiraling rental costs. Here's an example of a retired "advocate of the poor" behaving like the leftist nimby she is. There is no one more selfish than those that clothe their self interest in the rags of "the poor".

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Here's the ISIS Juggernaut on a map


ISIS controls the Sunni desert interior of Syria and Iraq.  Compare this to a map of religious coverage in Iraq. Essentially ISIS controls a portion of the Sunni heartland and a big swathe of empty desert.

Look at a similar map for Syria. You'll note that the "unstoppable" ISIS "steamroller" controls less than half of the Sunni Majority territory - and it's the emptiest half.

ISIS has made no headway taking areas not dominated by their home boys. None. Any time they've stuck their nose into another sectarian bailiwick they've gotten it bloodied. Indeed it was their steady drubbing by the Alawite, Druze and Shiite dominated Syrian Army that sent them pelting after an easier target in an Iraq abandoned by Barack Obama.  In fact, had BHO not gutted the small US support force aka "key to Sunni Iraq stability" (with the help of a Shiite central government itching to loot them), it is inconceivable that the "Allah Ordained" Caliphate would have risked invasion - it certainly wouldn't have gotten nearly as far.  ISIS only succeeded because the Iraqi Sunni rump, abandoned by a President whose motto is "don't do stupid shit" (meaning dont do shit the faculty club would disapprove of) needed someone else, no matter how unsavory (remember these were the 'cats who formed Saddam's loyal remnant) to protect them against the dominant and vengeful Shiites.

Its inability to thrive outside of "Sunni-land" is the best justification for Barack Obama's passivity towards ISIS: they truly are a JayVee who can't win anywhere where the populace opposes them. In that they behave like every other authentically Arab force to go to war in the Middle East since about 1300AD. And unless ISIS can somehow take and hold hundreds of thousands of square miles of the empty, shelterless desert that lies between them and central Saudi Arabia, they stand no chance of expanding. And even if they did take Riyadh, they still wouldn't control much worth a damn because with the exception of Kuwait, the upper Gulf's oil is in districts heavily populated by Shiites who will fight to the oil field flaming death before they give in to ISIS butchery. And even then without control of the Persian Gulf they won't be able to sell a drop of what they conquer.

Indeed the fact that ISIS has so heinously and publicly murdered so many different minority groups is the best evidence that they never seriously intended to recreate the Caliphate in the first place. Anyone truly seeking to recreate a pan-Arab nation would take great pains to conciliate the various Islamic Sects and ethnicities that they need to control - at least until they cemented their power.  Instead these guys are doing the highly visible and violent things guaranteed to get them hated and feared locally and admired by muslim butchers elsewhere. Which is great if your goal is to run a global extortion and terror network. Because that's what they're building.

The Caliphate is a molding rump ruling a largely empty desert with no real economic output or sophisticated population center to base an empire on. They aren't going anywhere.  That it falls to me a - redneck conservative from Oklahoma - to make the President's case shows just how shallow and clueless he and his Ivy league 'brain' trust are.  They don't understand the Middle East and aside from reflexively assuming that the US is the bad guy, don't really care.  Which is how ISIS got it going in the first place.

The real threat to peace and stability in the region and indeed the world is the rise of Iran as a nuclear power and Shiite champion. If Arab Sunnis perceive that Iran is getting the bomb while America continues to sink into Obamite cluelessness then they will act in their rational self interest and get their own nuclear deterrent. And since ISIS (and al Qaeda) are Arab Sunni powers, a Sunni Arab bomb could easily end up in their hands.

So given how much is at stake, is it too much to ask that in the future both parties nominate candidates that 1. Believe in the United States as a responsible and active force for good in the world, 2. Have some grasp of geopolitics so that they won't be stampeded by panicky legislators and pundits every time another medieval reenactment of Saladin comes along? And 3. Has the discernment and stones to stand up to the real threats to global peace and prosperity rather than wah, wah, wahing climate and gender flapdoodle?


Fucking amateurs.

Democrats want to know why middle class plebians have the temerity to run for President.

Marco Rubio and Scott Walker aren't rich. This perhaps comes from not being born rich and then devoting most of their adult lives to public service. But it shocks liberals who seem to be saying "so if you're soooo good at government then why aren't you rich? Here is the NYT's latest shot over the Hoi polloi's bows.

For years, Senator Marco Rubio struggled under the weight of student debt, mortgages and an extra loan against the value of his home totaling hundreds of thousands of dollars. But in 2012, financial salvation seemed to have arrived: A publisher paid him $800,000 to write a book about growing up as the son of Cuban immigrants.

In speeches, Mr. Rubio, a Florida Republican, spoke of his prudent plan for using the cash to finally pay off his law school loans, expressing relief that he no longer owed “a lady named Sallie Mae,” as he once called the lender.
But at the same time, he splurged on an extravagant purchase: $80,000 for a luxury speedboat, state records show. At the time, Mr. Rubio confided to a friend that it was a potentially inadvisable outlay that he could not resist. The 24-foot boat, he said, fulfilled a dream.

I think most of us can relate to that. But how about that “luxury speedboat?” Rubio’s staff quickly pointed out that this isn’t a very apt description. Politico headlines: “Rubio’s ‘luxury speedboat’ is a fishing boat.”

But as politico reported: [W]hile Rubio did indeed spend $80,000 on a boat, the vessel a (rather unimpressive) offshore fishing boat.

Surely there are similarly successful non conservative politicians that have served faithfully without enriching themselves. Reid? No. Hastert? No, Clinton? Ha! Obama? Naw, McCaskill? She was caught dodging more taxes than a Rubio has seen in his life. Ditto for Al Sharpton. Umm help me out here....Joe Biden! Yes Joltin' Joe doesn't have any money. 'Course Joe Biden isn't sharp enough to slice melted butter so that may have something to do with his relative penury. Maybe he should have spent his time counterfeiting cash rather than speeches.

But in fairness to statists of every stripe: if you believe that government is the answer to every problem then surely it's the solution to your desire to be rich. And a government that regulates and oppresses everything is the perfect vehicle for that enrichment.

Unfortunately it leads to an utterly screwed country - one where the leading news journals are mightily suspicious of anyone who has long held political power without dipping down for a "taste". "Why they must be bloody fanatics!".

We are becoming so French.

Tuesday, June 09, 2015

In other words, health insurance is a bad value.

Economic analysis of the Oregon Medicaid experiment where a random sample of eligible people were given Medicaid and others weren't arguess that the value to the recipients was far lower than the cost to the government. Indeed the benefits to others - I assume principally the Healthcare borg - far outweighed the benefits to the poor.

More strong evidence that contra  Obamacare America has far too MUCH health insurance. Sigh.

Efficiency gains to capital equipment for various forms of energy

Naturally the unsubsidized and reviled vastly outperform the subsidized and glorified.  Our Federal Government is on the job.  Hat tip Wattsupwiththat.com

Number of the Week: 500%. Energy researcher Mark Mills estimates efficiency of capital expenditures on various types of energy production. He measures it in terms of energy output per unit of capital cost for the energy-producing hardware, using EIA data. According to his estimates, over the past five years, efficiency gains for shale rigs is 500% per dollar spent on capital improvements; for solar cells about 200%, and for wind turbines about 125%. The US government heavily subsidies solar cells and wind turbines, but not shale rigs. Efficiency gains do not measure two basic problems of solar and wind: the lack of reliability and consistency. See link under: Oil and Natural Gas – the Future or the Past?

Monday, June 08, 2015

Watch as as the blue states that followed the Obamapiper disappear into the maw of Medicaid chaos.

Their Lord and Savior is almost done with his deity gig and is moving on to the fabulous personal enrichment phase that is ex President-hood - well at least for shameless "Men of the People" like Slick and Obama. But the obligation to pay for Healthcare for a vastly expanded Medicaid population remains with the patsies who believed that His Soon to be Greedfulness would be there forever to pass Federal subsidies on to profligate blue states. But he won't and given the current correlation of forces, much less an R President, these states are going to experience the torment of the damned as excess Federal funding dries up.

What a bunch of suckers. Chaotic blue state denouement explained here.

Bernie Sanders: the candidate of looney snobs

Bernie Sanders won 41 to Hillary's 48 percent in a recent Wisconsin survey of the 511 Democrat state convention delegates. Basically he picked up the liberal snob vote. Given that more and more liberal snobs today are refusing to inoculate their children against dread diseases like Rubella and Rheumatic Fever, nominating a self righteous Socialist from the (self righteously Socialist) second poorest state in the Union has a certain perverse logic. And no I am not referring to the "Bern's" penchant for graphic rape fantasies.

I could take a lot more of this kind of Dem flapdoodle lemmetellya.

The real heroes.

The Atlantic tells a less happy tale of D Day. Heroism isn't winning, it's doing your duty even when you know the price is high.

What would you have done?

Saturday, June 06, 2015

This is probably the most encouraging thing I have seen in the Climate wars yet: McKibben and Watts having a friendly beer.

Worth a gander here. If only all of us could relate this way.

If ISIS succeeds in buying a Pakistani bomb and detonating it in the US then every life In ISIS controlled territory is forfeit.

The only question will be how many of the 200 million Pakistani lives will be forfeited as well. Using nukes could mean the end of Islam. Americans will not long linger over the morality of killing those who kill them. And no one should underestimate our nation's exceptional ability to slaughter billions if need be. Pakistanis should pray that ISIS is lying.

Police only report half the civilians they kill every year: Guardian

And they say they kill 400 "justifiably" each year. It could be that the Guardian's numbers are inflated  by fraudulent reports but the simple fact that the police refuse to report all the people they kill puts the burden on our increasingly corrupt and violent "law enforcement" community.

Waco was most likely an attack by the Cop Gang against the other two.

And "gang" is probably the mot juste to described our badged boys in blue. After all they use violence and the threat of violence to extort money from the rest of us. When they can get away with it they steal our property without having to prove a crime. And 97 to 99 percent of the time they frighten and intimidate us into waiving our right to have their charges audited by a jury not on their payroll. Well I guess gang is too mild, really.

Fear the Popo. They're not on your side. The Atlantic shows why.

Friday, June 05, 2015

EPA chokes while admitting fracking is environmentally safe

Andy Cuomo and the New York hysterics continue their scientifically illiterate and ideologically vindictive ban. The curse of New York is: may you be ruled by New York City.

WSJ here

All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others. The Clintons? They're just pigs.

It turns out that the primary "charitable" activity of the Clinton Foundation was the employment of Clinton operatives between campaigns.  Well that and running a roaring market in influence futures.

The scandal of the century at the IRS was that agency’s secret targeting of conservative nonprofits. Perhaps a close second is the scandal of what the IRS hasn’t been investigating: the Clinton Foundation.

The media’s focus is on Hillary Clinton’s time as secretary of state, and whether she took official actions to benefit her family’s global charity. But the mistake is starting from the premise that the Clinton Foundation is a “charity.” What’s clear by now is that this family enterprise was set up as a global shakedown operation, designed to finance and nurture the Clintons’ continued political ambitions. It’s a Hillary super PAC that throws in the occasional good deed.

Letting a party led by such creatures get power is deadly to the Republic. But once the Feds became richer and more powerful than all other institutions combined its criminal capture became inevitable. 

When an institution becomes able to destroy other institutions and the wealth and livelihoods associated with them it becomes imperative to align yourself with that overwhelming locus of power. So the heavies of our nation and globe are scurrying to sew up their insider deals while the people amuse themselves by guessing which cup Bruce Jenner's testicles are under.

Bread and circuses indeed.

Thursday, June 04, 2015

I'll take crony capitalism for $100 Billion, Alex.

Exhibit 1 for why the Ex-Im needs to die now - it's a piggy bank for the Administration's cronies.

MORE EX-IM BANK HANKY PANKY: Timothy Carney at the Washington Examiner reports that the controversial Export-Import Bank funneled $10.3 million in loan guarantees to Solyndra after the company had already manufactured, shipped and installed the solar panels to a solar farm in Belgium. As Carney observes:

So why would Ex-Im agree to subsidize exports that had already been made, shipped, and installed? This seems odd if Ex-Im was trying to support U.S. jobs at Solyndra. It makes sense if Ex-Im was trying to change the financing of an existing export, so as to shore up Solyndra’s financing. In other words, Ex-Im may not have helped Solyndra make a sale (which is what it is supposed to do), but it may have slowed down Solyndra’s cash-flow trainwreck — a crucial objective for the Obama administration, which had stuck out its neck holding up Solyndra as the poster company for the new subsidized green economy.

Hat tip Instapundit.com

Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Imagine if the hundreds of billions of dollars spent on urban rail were spent on telecommuting

We've spent a fortune on light rail systems yet total per capita ridership on mass transit has barely budged and rides per revenue mile have declined.  At the same time the number of people who telecommute has exploded such that in most cities there are twice as many telecommuters as mass transit commuters.  We've spent a fortune trying to drag people back to a collectivist past that they fled for good reason.  Maybe we should skate to where the economic puck is going to be for a change. But to do that you first have to understand what game you're playing.

Working at home, much of it telecommuting, has replaced transit as the principal commuting alternative to the automobile in the United States outside New York. In the balance of the nation, there are more than 1.25 commuters who work at home for each commuter using transit to travel to work, according to data in the American Community Survey for 2013 (one year). When the other six largest transit metropolitan areas are included (Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Washington, Boston and San Francisco), twice as many people commute by working at home than by transit.

Only in seriously retrograde and re-collectivizing New York City do transit users outnumber telecommuters. 

Who would have predicted in 1960 that America's colleges would be the nation's most racist and intolerant institution?

Here's a piece talking about Asian applicants trying to pierce the bamboo ceiling by de-Asianing themselves.

Greenpeace are the "Revolutionary Guards" of the "Climate Apocalypse"

Lord Monkton of Benchley (golly I love typing that) subjects their latest Revolutionary Propaganda to a smell test so you don't have you.

Can you say Climate Apparatchik? I knew you could.

How Gavin got straight As: A tale of grade record normalization.

Our friends the hysterics are once again "normalizing" the temperature record. Every time they do this the past gets cooler and the present gets hotter. Here's how "normalization" would work for school grades.

It turns out Mark Twain was wrong: there are lies, damned lies, statistics and "normalized" statistics.

Watch the satellite record because the government fraudsters haven't been able to justify "normalizing" them.....yet.

Even French socialists think Obama's Iranian deal is nuts.

Or maybe it's just that Obama is. "Fabulous Fabio" Fabius at the link.

Monday, June 01, 2015

The New Progressive ploy: call those that organize to oppose progressive policies "Racketeers" and prosecute them

I'm sure Senator Sheldon Whitehouse believes that progress can only occur if his opponents are cowed into silence either by IRS harassment or Justice Department prosecutions but we still have a constitutional Republic and we still have our liberties.

RICO: A NEW FRONT ON THE WAR ON FREE SPEECH: As preposterous as it sounds, Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) has an oped in the Washington Post arguing that the federal racketeering law, RICO, should be used to prosecute those who deny global warming climate change:

I would have thought that a deranged proposal like criminalizing scientific differences wouldn't have gotten a platform like the Washington Post but I was wrong - it certainly isn't Kay Graham's paper anymore.  The left is frustrated that nothing is working out the way they planned it so they are getting very ugly and intolerant. And in the run up to the election they are likely to get hysterical.  The party of the state cannot abide being out of power.  They have no other reason to live than to oppress and manipulate the rest of us.

Meanwhile the Fascist Senator Whitehouse needs to be replaced.