Friday, May 01, 2015

Now here's some good advice: "If you want to repeat or continue the experience of the last six years, then vote for the candidate who sounds most like Obama."

I think Jimmy Carter would call what we're experiencing "malaise".  But don't worry: "Climate soldiers and Hillary's coming, you're finally on your own. I can hear the headlines screaming 'economy's dead in O-hi-o!'."

Obama has piled as many new obligations on employers as possible. He has pursued new healthcare mandates, environmental regulations and labor policies that keep big union bosses as fat and happy as they can be in the sunset years of the labor movement. But none of these policies ever held forth the promise of causing a burst of job creation. Not only has national job creation been slow — relying mostly on the booming Texas economy to pad the statistics — but non-farm business wages are actually lower now than they were in 2012.

As the presidential candidates for 2016 begin developing their economic agendas and talking points, Americans should pay close attention. Some of the candidates will talk up a populist-sounding economic agenda consisting of empty platitudes about inequality and proposals (minimum wage, for example) that not only won’t pass but also won’t help.

"How many more (years 'til things don't suck)? How many more?"

I'm sure it's us "racist, homophobic" American's fault.

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