Sunday, May 03, 2015

First Baltimore, now Seattle. Progressive rioting is becoming a trend

And without a war or civil rights crisis (and if you say 'gay marriage' I will slap you silly) and after 50 straight years of jamming trillions in 'Great Society' quackery down our throats liberalism is at its exhausted, ridiculous end. So with hope for a new heaven gone the left wing fun bunch has decided to shoot for a new hell.

"Tin soldiers and Obama's coming, we're finally on our own, I can see the black clad coming, to burn the whole place down."

Couldn't happen to a more ridiculous political movement. I mean calling the corrupt corporatist divvying up of spoils while truncating people's traditional liberties and bankrupting the state "social democracy" is one thing but to call it "liberalism" is just obscene.

More on Seattle's contribution to the negative Eschaton.

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