Thursday, May 14, 2015

Carly Fiorina has always been underestimated. Hillary Clinton has the opposite problem.

7Of course Hillary "married well" from a career standpoint. Carly is the GOP veep nominee barring catastrophe. Hat tip instapundit. Here's an article at Wapo  it's  dawning on the left that she represents a threat. A taste:

What government gets wrong is how accountable business is because customers have choices, stockholders and investors have choices. The power of choice and accountability has a very positive effect,” she says. In her speeches, she likes to say that facts matter in business and that the numbers speak for themselves. “Choices, transparency and accountability are very powerful,” she says. Unlike politicians, CEOs can’t say one thing when the numbers say something else, she observes.

And she turns the "gender gap" into a weapon against the morbidly obese Federal blob.

Why is there a gender wage gap? She identifies a factor few politicians talk about. “I do think with any seniority system women are going to do worse. They come in [to the workforce] later or leave the workplace for a time. If you pay for time and grade women are disadvantaged. It is why I’ve always favored pay for performance.” She says instead of lecturing business, government should set the example by going to a pay-for-performance model. That will work to remove one disadvantage women face.

Is she a feminist? “I think, for me, the definition of a feminist is a woman who gets to choose her own life. If a woman wants to have five kids and home-school, she is a feminist. If a woman wants to be a CEO, she’s a feminist.” She says things got off track when the left started telling women that some choices (e.g. staying home) weren’t acceptable. “That’s not feminism. It’s politics,” she says.

Watch out Hillary: here's a real woman with real accomplishments.

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