Sunday, May 31, 2015

Dershowitz on the Hastert case: "This case just smells"

Like Menendez, FIFA, Tea Party 501c's, coal miners, frackers, big Romney donors and Texans, Hastert is an enemy of the current regime. And if there's one thing that Barack Obama knows how to do it is use corrupt legal machines to flail his enemies. Just ask his primary and general election opponents when he ran for senate.

The degradation of the rule of law over the last six years has been shocking. I almost want the coming Republican Regime to give the progs a taste of their own medicine. I would love to hear them howl.

But that way lies madness: it would endorse the Chicago-Obamist notion of "Le etat c'est moi" and if this nation gets much more criminal anti-constitutionalism it will break into pieces. Because most Americans won't live under Chicago style progressive thuggery. We just won't.

And a note to all you right wing drug warriors out there: it's invasive, liberty sapping drug war laws that he's using to screw people. The drug self righteousness of right wingers like gambling addict Bill Bennett is obscene to behold.

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