Tuesday, May 05, 2015

We have the liberty we have because some arch conservative white men set it up that way 225 years ago.

It's inconceivable that today's political and intellectual elite would act with such restraint. With our colleges doing everything they can to ban free expression and stamp out conservative and libertarian ideas. With the government accumulating "metadata" on who we call, where we go and what we say. With the passage of 2000 page "laws" with 25,000 pages of regulations that openly flout the law's plain meaning. With the defacto abolition of Mens Rae and the unleashing of the totalist prosecutor. With law enforcement's naked search for property to confiscate for its own account and with the President openly flouting the nation's immigration and citizenship laws to rig the next election in swing states, it's only our atavistic loyalty to this piece of parchment that keeps the nation from descending into the oh so "progressive" night.

Outstanding commentary from Reynolds, Cooke and Stephenson at the link.

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