Thursday, April 30, 2015

When government does the science funding, you get the science that the Government wants

And governments want science that says that governments are important and should have more money and power.  And guess what climate scientists funded by the government almost invariably say?  Yup, you got that right.  Anthony Watts has more history on the once and now again spoils system in government.

In today’s climate science, merit criteria have been replaced by a spoils system of giving grants to those loyal to the political doctrine of Climate Change caused by anthropogenic carbon dioxide.

The US government claim is that $36B has been spent on climate research. The terms of the resulting grants assured that their recipients would support the entirely political doctrine of anthropogenic origins of climate change.

This has particularly evil implications such as “scientific truth can be sold to the highest bidder.”

$36 Billion will buy a lot of Climate "truth". So how do you know what you know?

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