Monday, May 25, 2015

Barack Obama looks at the Israeli situation dialectically

And dialectical thinking isn't really interested in facts per se. It's interested in "oppressors" (Jews) and their "victims" (Palestinians). It expects the former to act against their normal interest to survive and excuses the latter of their promotion and celebration of attricities. It treats Israelis as ersatz Americans having all the power of the superstate while treating the Pals as completely separate from the Arab nation all around them. As Eli Lake Points out, this leads him to brand harsh chastizers of o Palestinian militancy like Gold Meir as heroes because they were socialists who approved of kibbutz and collective puppies while hating a Netanyahu who is far more moderate in his relations with the Pals but is an icky capitalist.

It is very hard to lead the free world when your head us filled with such poisonous and irrational concepts. Incidentally, it's the the same thought process that animates the liberation theology that Pope Francis thinks us so swell.

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