Tuesday, May 05, 2015

So Harvard is a two faced lying Bitch of an institution that applies double standards the way explorers up the Zambezi apply bandaids to their bug bites. Whaddya expect? It's "liberal" and "not for profit".

So it routinely engages in politicized fraud. Like accusing a climate skeptic of conflicts of interest while characterizing  work of politically correct scholars as "independent". Work that fulsomely praises the EPA without dislosing their over $50 million dollars in direct EPA funding.

Or practicing Affirmative Action while claiming to be color blind. Or claiming to promote diversity while refusing to hire or tenure professors with heterodox views. Or claiming a commitment to egalitarianism while running what is effectively a finishing school and match making service for the cognitively super rich.
Face it: Harvard puts the "hip" in hypocrite. And does so proudly.

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