Friday, May 08, 2015

The capital strike continues apace - apparently business doesn't trust the President

I am shocked at those racist bigots how dare they withhold their investment from hope 'n change? Don't they know that the invention of Hopium is the greatest example of freestyle hokum extant in the world today?

The significant burdens placed upon business and indeed its outright persecution by a politicized IRS and EPA combined with the quite explocit state cartelization of Finance, Telecoms, Education and Healthcare under Obama have severely damaged business confidence. As a result they are sitting on their money. And without investment there is no productivity gain and so no rise in standards of living.

Sam Fleming reports from the FT:
The economist Andrew Smithers singles out a longer-term decline in investment as a share of GDP as a critical drag, as well as a slowdown in education improvements in recent decades. A report by the Aspen Institute and MAPI Foundation on Wednesday warned of a “significant lag in capital investment” in the US and argued this was a major contributor to low productivity growth. Whereas real GDP was in 2014 some 8.7 per cent above its level at the end of 2007, gross private domestic investment was up just 3.9 per cent in the same period, it said.

The Democrats are apparently willing to tolerate stagnation so long as they get to divvy up ehatever pie is left. Perhaps it's time for a new American establishment - one that actually believes in America.

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