Sunday, May 10, 2015

Journalism: Where facts go to die.

An article describing how "narrative" has replaced facts as the dominant factor in our political discourse. He uses a wide range of examples from Michael Brown to anti-vaxxers. The academy long ago dispensed with the notion of objective facts in favor of "narrative" and "identity" and because our "press" is largely Ivy educated this poisonous "revolutionary" bigotry has seeped into the culture.

And it's hard to see how we can fight the continuing centralization and expansion of dirigisme and the concomitant diminishment of democracy in a nation where facts don't matter.

For the record: I am still very upset about the Ferguson situation - not because Michael Brown was anything but a violent thug but because riots don't occur over the death of one strutting criminal. I know the injustice of our so called criminal "justice" system first hand . And unreformed it will end up alienating so many of us that the country will be ungovernable. And if chaos is the only way justice and respect for truth can be restored then faster please.

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