Monday, May 11, 2015

The AGW chaps are now modelling the old stock market scam. They're just too stupid to realize that's what they're doing. Which says a lot.

Read this Guardian piece about the the "pause". In it the warmists rationalize the fact that 95% of models missed the pause by in essence arguing 5% got it right so we should just trust those models. Which reminds me of the old stock market scam: send letters to 4000 people predicting the market will go up over the next month and to 4000 predicting it will go down. When it's up send half of the 4000 an up and half a down prediction. When it's down send half of the 2000 an up and half a down. When it goes down send a letter to the 1000 saying: "for each of the past 4 months I've accurately predicted which way the market would go. This is because I am brilliant and have a system. Invest your money with me and get rich."

It turns out AGW is no better than an old fashioned fraud scheme. My God these people are pathetic.

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