Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The panic over 30,000 ISIS with AKs and Scimitars continues apace with Ramadi

So the Radical Sunni champion filled with radical Sunnis from Anbar Province have conquered their homeland where all of their families and friends are. And with the exception of finally taking Sunni Ramadi and being thrown out of a couple other non Sunni towns, have sat on their asses ever since. Big deal.  For ISIS to be a threat it has to overthrow a contending regional force:  it couldn't overthrow the Alawite/Shiite rump of Syria and it doesn't look like the Kurds are going to fold.  And fortified by the Iranians, the Shiite Militias are sourcing from a huge population with every reason to hate and fear ISIS.  The Sunni Gulf states are quasi patrons of ISIS but only so long as they protect the Sunni homeland and don't upset the applecart. This "Caliphate" has the short leash and fearsome nip of a Chihuahua. Although when they yap heads roll and necks spurt. As dog tricks go it beats "sit up", "roll over" and speak.

The ISIS thing is a testament to the impact gruesome images has on public opinion.  We need to get a stiff upper lip or some stones or something.  Conservatives:  quit shrieking like a Gender activist who has to sit next to Rush Limbaugh.  The ISIS boys aren't going anywhere. But aided and abetted by the feckless and deluded Obami the Iranians are. Mark my words.

If this hepcat's the sharpest tool in the Harvard Law shed then someone needs to radically revise those law school rankings.

More hand wringing at the link.

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