Saturday, May 09, 2015

Number of things against the law up by 50% since 1980?

Frankly that sounds low.  Because the number of regs and rules that must be complied with has grown far faster than that and failure to comply with a governmental edict leads to indictments.  There may not be many more offenses but there are vastly more situations, events and circumstances when each of us is exposed to legal jeopardy. An unscrupulous prosecutor can indict almost anyone because everyone is 'guilty'.  It's ironic that Ayn Rand described precisely this outcome in Atlas Shrugged.  The statist bad guys were very frank about wanting to make sure everyone was guilty of something so they'd all live in fear of the hammer coming down on them and would be grateful for the state's forbearance.  It's essentially where we sit now.  And its a God Damned Never Ending Tragedy.

Charles Murray explains here.

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