Saturday, May 16, 2015

What black women know about parenting is dwarfed by what they know about victimology

Here's a NYT piece that purports to "school" 'white' upper middle class women who over nurture their children on the "facts of life". And it's probably good advice. The only problem is that given the catastrophic state of black children and the utter inability of these "schooling" marms to reverse or even arrest it, most helicopter mommies will take the advice as a cautionary tale and do the opposite. The establishment has become so besotted with "victims" that they elevate them to faux sages or divines. I say faux because very few people who write or read the NYT will actually pay any attention to any black parenting advice.

This is a classic example of condescending liberal racism. A potion that has done more damage to black Americans than Jim Crow ever could. Because Jim Crow simply argued that blacks were less capable adults who in fact had to be held to higher standards than whites. Liberals behave as if blacks are "children" who can be held to no standards. Until the police sweep through at which point these "children" are brutalized by the cruelest "standards" in the modern world.

The cynicism of the left has as many dimensions as a theoretical model of the universe it poisons.

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