Friday, May 01, 2015

Now here's something the inequality warriors could work on that isn't totally destructive.

To date the two "brilliant" solutions that the neo Marxist class warriors have proposed to "save" us from the horror of  bitterly envying the rich have been double the minimum wage so that there are even more idle young men and raise taxes on the productive so they'll produce less. These two innovations also have the salutary benefit of raising the cost of everything the poor buy and driving out of business many of the small marginal businesses that the poor have historically used to bootstrap themselves out of poverty. But mox nix since the ever increasing cohorts of felonized and unemployed idle will burn them down anyway.

Here's another idea from Vox (I know, I know but blind pigs and acorns dontchaknow):

trolls aren’t the primary problem with the patent system. They’re just the problem Congress is willing to fix. The primary problem with the patent system is, well, the patent system. The system makes it too easy to get broad, vague patents, and the litigation process is tilted too far toward plaintiffs. But because so many big companies make so much money off of this system, few in Congress are willing to consider broader reforms.

A modern example is Microsoft, which has more than 40,000 patents and reportedly earns billions of dollars per year in patent licensing revenues from companies selling Android phones. That’s not because Google was caught copying Microsoft’s Windows Phone software (which has never been very popular with consumers). Rather, it’s because low standards for patents — especially in software — have allowed Microsoft to amass a huge number of patents on routine characteristics of mobile operating systems. Microsoft’s patent arsenal has become so huge that it’s effectively impossible to create a mobile operating system without infringing some of them. And so Microsoft can demand that smaller, more innovative companies pay them off.

But Bill and Warren and little Timmy Appleseed and Larry the Goog and the Fbook guy are all big Obama supporters and who are as we speak preparing to "Give a Hoot for Hillary" or "Love Lizzie 'Chop chop capitalism' Warren". So between the Obamacronies of the left and the corporatist trolls of the "moderate" right there is no way the looting will end. Lest the interests of the zabillionaires be impaired. Better to screw those with less clout and pretend we care about income inequality.
Fraud is so much easier than truth in our ever expanding kleptocracy.

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