Monday, May 11, 2015

Once again the left ignores the science and misses the boat by several hundred yards. But instead of waiting they begin throwing children into the sea.

In this piece philosopher Adam Swift assumes that reading to one's children gives them a leg up. This flies in the face of quite good research highlighted by Freakonomics that reading to one's children is not correlated with literacy but being born of literate parents whether or not they ever read to you is. Marxists persist in their viciously unscientific belief that the human mind as Stephen Pinker puts it is a "Blank Slate" unaffected by genetic inheritance. They do this at the same time they claim to believe in evolution despite the fact that the only way humans could have evolved is if children inherited their parents increasing mental capacities.
But leftist intellectuals haven't put two consistent, coherent thoughts together for quite some time.  More irrational blather here.

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