Sunday, May 10, 2015

And the first blue state to go belly up is....Puerto Rico.

In PR both parties have followed the Blue playbook: much higher than productivity minimum wages? Check. High tax rates with lots of exemptions for the politically connected? Check. Lavish pensions for government employees? Check. Lots and lots of pettifogging regulation that strangles business but enriches the lawyer class? Check.
The big difference is simply that Puertoriqueños are simply much less productive than mainlanders. So they've burned through their wealth quicker. It'll be fun seeing which US state will become a floating, bloated corpse first. It actually might be West Virginia which is technically a "red" state but who has a legacy of Democrat Party corruption plus the pending extermination (once again by Democrats) of their largest industry: coal mining - to thank for their thankless position. Aside from similarly placed Kentucky, all the rest of the 20 worst off states are blue.

As I said the denouement of state level social democracy will be fun to watch. Meanwhile check out PR for a preview of what no doubt will be a bloody but quite educational era.

In other news the impeccably blue Supreme Court of Illinois is straining itself, waving both hands saying "ooh, ooh let it be us, we want to go first! Please oh please can we?" By ruling arithmetic unconstitutional - at least as it relates to pensions. God this is going to be a hoot.

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