Sunday, May 03, 2015

Do we really want this petty, paranoid woman in charge?

A new book on the domestic side of the White House from the Kennedys to the Obamas looks like fun. It also illustrates why we'd be fools to let the Clintons slither back in.

The White House was under a constant state of panic with the Clintons in charge. Their time was unpredictable, often breaking protocols of the House. What Brower calls their “obsession” with secrecy exasperated the staff. Skip Allen, for many years the White House usher, calls them “about the most paranoid people I’d ever seen”; another longtime staffer, Chris Emery, was fired due to his close relationship with Barbara Bush. The Clintons installed a new phone system to make sure no one could eavesdrop on their phone calls, compromising the security of the phone lines.

Although I wonder if Kennedy's Federally funded in house prostitutes - Fiddle and Faddle - are covered. Doubt it. Our bien pensants will allow no truth to sully the memory of St. John of Camelot.

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