Saturday, August 16, 2014

Who pray tell are the Ferguson 'protesters' protesting? And when they yell for 'change' what do they want changed?

Everyone is talking about the Ferguson killing and riots and the 'oppression' and 'abuse' and so on and so forth that provoked them.  But who did all this abusing?  The police?  They report to a city council with a black mayor elected by the 75% of the residents of Ferguson who are black. And blacks have been the dominant race there for years. The St. Louis county police with all of their military equipment?  It's been almost two decades since Republicans controlled the county government and the county executive is a black man. Indeed I seriously doubt if Ferguson has ever had a Republican, conservative or libertarian government as it went directly from working class white to working class black. No, the people who are "oppressing" the good citizens of Ferguson are all progressives running progressive schools and progressive traffic regulations with progressive zoning laws and collecting progressive taxes.

And when Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and all of the other community organizers demand "change" what are they demanding 'change' from?  The same oh so progressive policies put in place by all the people who have run these urban governments as a left monopoly for decades. Yet somehow the pundit class misses the point - they interpret the dissatisfaction and demand for change as a rebellion against Bull Connor 50 years too late. But actually that makes sense because of course Bull Conner was a Democrat National Committeeman in good standing and a solid New Deal Democrat to boot.  In terms of 'with-it-ness' to the existing progressive zeitgeist the Bull looks very much like the 'progressive' Democrats that rule places like....Ferguson today.

Yet the etiquette of progressive accountability demands that someone outside of the charmed circle be blamed for these sins because the progressive God can not make a mistake. When George W. Bush was in the White House it was easy:  the catastrophic failure of (up until that time totally Democrat dominated) New Orleans and Louisiana to prepare for the inevitable was somehow blamed on a guy in Washington who'd never lived in Louisiana.

So no doubt the talking heads will draw up their skirts and let us white male conservative Republican haters have it because despite the fact that none of us were involved at any level it must be our fault.  It just must be.  Because none of this progressive shit works unless there's an enemy to blame.

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