Monday, August 25, 2014

The real problem with the Ferguson riots: It panics the church ladies

The problem with the Ferguson riots  - I mean aside from the violence and vandalism and looting of course - is that it absolutely terrifies church ladies - both churched and unchurched branches.

And church ladies have a very simple social model: something happening that upsets you? Makeitstop! Someone upsetting you? Hurt them until they stop. There are the lefty " unchurched" church ladies like Hillary and Chuck Schumer and the Right Churchies found in any Baptist or Presbyterian church on Sunday.

Never mind that it is largely church lady moral panic and resultant brutality that has provoked the chaos. They aren't big thinkers. What they are is self centered, prideful authoritarians. And get in their way and they will hurt you in the name of God.

And so Ferguson, rather than highlighting the police and the law's excesses is likely to result in even more brutal state repression. Church ladies dig that.

Makeitstop indeed.

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