Wednesday, August 20, 2014

As someone who is pro-Christianity I am really pleased at the way Islam is utterly poisoning its brand

If you wanted to persuade civilized, decent people to avoid Islam and Muslims like the plague  you couldn't do better than the so called "Islamic State" that 'rules' over the empty quarters of Syria and Iraq - well so long as all the money, food and water subsidies that sustain these pathetic backwaters keeps flowing. Mass murder, televised hacking of heads and forced prostitution are so 'hip' such a 'swinging good time'.  I bet the gang back home are just lining up to get them some of that old time Islamic Perversion.

And the thing about the Muslim perverts is they are so brave, such brilliant soldiers. The American having his head sawed off below would probably only be able to beat a dozen of the little Jihadis to death with his bare hands were he free to do so - more if they didn't run away so fast.  The US and Israeli military's experience is that Islamic 'fighters' don't very much.  They mostly either run or die or run and then die or soil themselves and then die.  They certainly don't have any real military skills above hacking heads of the hogtied and rape - they're really good at rape.
Stud muffin hacking head off of hogtied American. Allahu Hackbar!

 And we need to remember to thank Saudi Arabia for all of these wonderful public service messages in support of civilized religions like Christianity.  Without their constant support for the most hateful, retrograde, genocidal maniacs not under the Iranian Mullah's thumbs people might have been fooled like our Presidents always seem to be that "Islam is a religion of peace".  Perhaps they mean the peace of the grave?

Islam is headed for the ash heap of history.  It's murdering minions just don't realize it yet. Faster please.

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