Thursday, August 21, 2014

Kirsten Gillibrand believes that coercing colleges to further discriminate against young men is a good cost benefit tradeoff

I guess because she gets the political benefit while young men get the Kangaroo Kourts and warlock hunts. Contempt for our Constitution has always been high on the left but with the inventor of hopium stuck in simultaneous sand traps at Iraqi National, Racial Hills and Stagnant Economy not to mention Obamadontcare TPC, the nation is rapidly sliding into liberal illiberality as the "saviors" flail ever more desperately to save themselves and old statist battlaxes like Gillibrand grimly march toward the new Corporatist dawn.

Don't any of the anti constitutionalists have sons that they love? Or do they just love their daughters? Or actually just their Lesbian daughters.

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