Tuesday, April 14, 2015

When Hillary Goes to College to See ‘Everyday Iowans’ Students Get Locked In Their Classrooms

Not Hillary's fault, of course, but emblematic of our steadily expanding police state.  I recall walking with my 5yo son and 2yo in her stroller down to the local college to see the bagpipe corps that led off the graduation ceremonies each year. I would position us in the quadrangle along the path that they took. They made quite a spectacle what with all that Scottish racket and their kilts and huge bearskin hats.  Unbeknownst to me, that year ex President George H. W. Bush was the speaker (I think his brother Bucky - I kid you not, that's what we called him to his face - was a trustee - either that or his cousin - from the side of the family that he got the H W from was. St. Louis is seriously oversubscribed in Bush clansmen.) and there were a handful of secret service types in the quad fiddling with their ear radios and otherwise trying to look important.

So here I come along with stroller, diaper bag and 2 small children in tow and position myself as usual. One of the Federal studs came over "you can't stand here". "Why not". "I'm sorry but you'll have to move". "Why? We stand here every year for the bagpipes." "You need to move. Now!". At that point some if his hench....I mean colleagues started coming over in their shades and lumpy suits so with kids in tow I retreated. 2 minutes later we heard the measured cadence of the drums and the skirling of the pipes but could not see them.

Which raises a question: why was a dad with his little kids a threat while 12 big mean looking men with hats that could hold an Uzi not? Did they get searched? Or how about the hundreds of faculty in their ceremonial finery  - I mean the most conservative prof at that liberal arts college had to have been a liberal Democrat. Did they all get their mummus lifted? Because you could hide an AK 47 in that getup. And how about the students who had been taught and successfully parrotted back that anything that was wrong with their lives was the fault of rich old white men of  which 'ol HW was a prime example?

I guess they were worried that I might  chuck a bio weapon (aka: loaded diaper) at the old feeb as he passed or had Thing 1 and Thing 2 run over and bite his ankles. They were pretty scary creatures back then. Particularly Meems who used to do this toothsome growling routine at people she didn't like.

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