Wednesday, April 08, 2015

It is not "conservative" to slavishly support a violent and abusive criminal justice system.

The odds of me or my kids being killed by cops given where we live is probably as high as being killed by non cops. Both are very low but the lack of trust is poisonous. How did this come to pass?

How? Simple. Give the police near-total immunity for their behavior as “public servants,” instruct them to bring in money by just about any means necessary, rely on the conservatives to support almost any excess, enjoy the blessing of the state and federal courts, and provide them with enough weapons — not just guns, but tasers, nightsticks, huge flashlights, etc. — to take down and out anyone who resists. We can sort out guilt or innocence later, possibly posthumously. Joseph K. had a better chance at justice in Kafka’s The Trial.

America 2015: where everything you have, including your life, belongs to the state. Who won the Cold War, again?

The left wants to scream "racist" while the right howls "law and order" when in fact the problem is that we have too many cops enforcing too many laws with too much immunity and too much cowardice "I was scared so I killed you while you were running away from a traffic stop". And it's getting worse.

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