Sunday, April 05, 2015

So it appears that "limiting" nukes in the middle east requires that we expand arms sales in the middle east

Kafka couldn't make this up. Of course Kafka doesn't think like the Obami. More confusion than you can shake an F16 at here.

This rapprochement with Sunni, military-ruled Egypt, comes on the eve of a potential landmark agreement between the U.S. and Shi’a Iran—and just as Egypt has entered into a Sunni coalition attacking Iranian proxies in Yemen. Coincidence? Contradiction? Not hardly.

It looks as if the Obama Administration is now realizing that Sunnis can make life very difficult for their long-sought Iran deal. Simply by threatening to start a nuclear arms race, the Saudis can undermine the arguments for the deal. And since many observers—Sunnis, Iranians, arguably even Americans—see the deal as implicitly ceding regional hegemony to Iran in return for nuclear forbearance, the Sunni pushback also works at cross-purposes to the negotiations. Both the pushback and its destabilizing effects are something that some of our more myopic negotiators should have seen coming, but didn’t—until now.

Instead, the Administration is moving quickly to soothe America’s traditional allies, who are now restless. Combine this decision with the live feeds from U.S. drones and other intelligence help that we are providing the Saudis with in Yemen, and a clear pattern emerges. Don’t worry, we’re saying: deal or no deal, the U.S. will still have your back.

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