Monday, April 27, 2015

Pity the moderate Democrat: trapped between Hillary and the deep blue sea.

It's been a tough 8 years for moderate "good government" democrats. From the extra legal looting of GM creditors to pay off the UAW to fraudulent accounting for Obamacare to politicization of the IRS and the open prosecution of enemies while friends get a pass, not to mention humiliating fiascos like "cash for clunkers" and the Obamacare Website this administration has become a byword for corrupt incompetence even before you get to BeghazIranSyrIraqYemenistanISIS. And with the President increasingly ruling by decree it's not getting any better until he is launched on his new "global celebrity centimillionaire" career. Golly they don't make Democrats like Harry Truman any more do they?

Hillary Clinton was supposed to save the nation (and moderate consciences) from President Obama's left wing lurch by winning the Presidency and guiding the ship of state back to the Clinton Triangle of the 90s. But moderates couldn't have dreamed that once out of office and comfortably well off the Clintons would begin a 16 year orgy of money grubbing (even Chelsea is getting $75k a speech) and influence peddling  culminating in Hillary destroying evidence subpeoned by Congress and Bill palling around with a registered sex offender who has a a penchant for underage girls on his private "fantasy island".

And now it seems that the rank and file are veering even further left, rebelling against Obama's left wing "Chicago style" presidency for being too...rational. With Baltimore rioting against its (black) mayor, (black) chief of police  and (half black) police force and with other Democrat monocultures saying "hey that looks like fun" a sinister, dark blue force is rising from the depths of the east. This monster combines the righteous anger against the system of a half black man raised in an upper class non racist marxist environment with the understandable rage of a deeply committed feminist victimized by the fact that despite saying she's an Indian and putting a (very native) crab dip recipe into a Cherokee cookbook she and her (Indian?) Prince of a husband are only pulling down a crappy $750k a year teaching at Harvard. Thus fortified by "righteous anger" and with "truth, justice and the Anti-American way" on her side this Nemesis of the Naughty threatens to overturn everything the party establishment has rigged for itself in a screech of Chauvistaesqe populism.
What in the hell is a moderate 
Democrat to do? But weep. Or take elephant lessons.

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