Friday, April 10, 2015

If you knew I was "homophobic" would you make me bake your wedding cake?

The Civil War was fought to free black slaves from being forced to do the work   that someone called their "owner" dictated. The civil rights acts of 64 and 65 were passed to ensure that minorities could vote and have equal access to public accommodations. A hotelier had to take everyone who could pay and otherwise follow the rules. He did not have to cater a White Pride convention in his ballroom or a gay marriage for that matter. But couldn't keep anyone out.

Now LGBT activists are demanding that vendors be forced to do work that they will not do voluntarily or be punished by the state. Notice anything?

John Stossel explains why the Public Accommodations parts of the 65 act were necessary to stifle Jim Crow but in other cases like today's Gay Marriage kerfuffle are obstacles to freedom of association and free speech.

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