Monday, April 27, 2015

Boulder loves the poor and homeless. So long as they're someplace else.

Surprise surprise it turns out progressives are more nimby than pro poor. And so called "liberalism" dies a little more.

Similarly I enjoyed this story over the weekend from the Boulder Daily Camera, about opposition to a bill in the state legislature to protect the legal rights of the homeless:

Worried About Local Control, Boulder to Oppose Homeless “Right to Rest” Act

When state legislators resume debate Monday on a bill that would protect the right of homeless people to sleep outside and in their cars, Boulder will be among the groups opposing the legislation.

The “Colorado Right to Rest Act,” supported by many homeless advocates and civil libertarians, explicitly seeks to roll back local ordinances that they believe criminalize homelessness.

Not everybody agrees, however:

Some Boulder homeless advocates are upset that the city has taken a position on the Right to Rest Act without any public debate.

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